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Our Benefits

Gain Digital Exposure

Improve the online presence and reputation of your brand locally and globally.

Earn Quality Backlinks

Backlinks represent a vote of confidence for different search engines. With AS Booster, you will get quality backlinks from authority domains.

Attract Investors & Clients

Listing your startup on directories is an ideal way to find business partners and connect to qualified leads.

Get Feedback

Some directories & blogs from our list allow users and customers to give valuable feedback for your project/company.

Save Time

Save more than 30 hours of boring manual submissions.

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Paid Ones


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    Manual submissions to 40+ startup directories. (View full list)
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    Report with screenshots & live listings
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    20+ quality backlinks guaranteed
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    Save 15+ hours of your valuable time
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    Submission to our category-specific directory list




Paid Ones


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    Manual submissions to 80+ startup directories. (View full list)
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    Report with screenshots & live listings
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    40+ quality backlinks guaranteed
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    Save 30+ hours of your valuable time
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    Submission to our category-specific directory list

Our Client Reviews

Daniel Day

CEO at DayOne

“Submitting our startup to AdviceScout was well worth every dollar. Our website traffic shot up significantly just weeks after they completed the process.”

Tanya Shae

Marketing Specialist at DanceOUT

“AdviceScout’s directory listing service is an easy way to boost visits to an e-commerce store. Their AS Booster was also a valuable add-on.”

Steve Hollmann

Steve Hollmann

SEO Pro at TeeOff

“The team at AdviceScout really knows what’s what when it comes to improving listing success. For the price, their services are a worthwhile investment.”

Tony Dianos

Tony Dianos

Social Media Marketer at Pressed

“We’ve submitted our company to other startup directories before but with low listing rates. The SEO experts were able to optimise our information to improve success.”

LeeAnn Prescott

CEO at Tech'd Out

“I would happily pay for the AdviceScout team to do this again. Not only have they saved us time, but they’ve also generated more backlinks than we ever got on our own.”

Cerise Lee

Cerise Lee

Brand Manager at YoYo Ltd.

“The folks over at AdviceScout simplified this process for us so much. All we needed to do was fill a form. They took care of everything. It was also nice to have a report indicating where we had been submitted.”


Yes! Our Directory list is free for anyone to use. You can submit your startup by yourself to our list of directories. However, if you want to save many hours of your valuable time, we can do the manual work for you.

We offer two different submission packages. Under the basic package. we submit you to 40+ startup directories. The Expert package will earn you submissions to each directory in our full list of 80+ directories that aligns with your business.

Some directories publish listings immediately, while those with more strict terms can take up to a month to vet and publish your listing. The more careful you are about meeting the requirements of each directory, the higher your chances of a successful listing and the shorter the process will be. The AdviceScout team is familiar with the requirements for each directory, so paying us to submit your company delivers value for your money.