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AS Score is a number between 0 and 100,000. It reflects the importance of a startup on the internet and its social influence. It is calculated based on AS Web and AS Social

AS Web is a metric system designed to rank the online authority of each listed website. The higher your AS Web score, the more visible your software will be to the public and the more credibility it will have.

The AS Social ranking system evaluates your online presence and assigns you a score based on how prominent your website is across various social media platforms.

Both your AS Web and AS Social score factor into calculating your final AS score that is displayed next to your startup name on our platform. The higher your AS score, the higher your visibility in the AS community. Likewise, the higher your score, the higher your credibility among competing software solutions.

Rank is simply the standing of your website relative to competing software solutions. Our platform ranks you in several categories, including country and state rank.

Country rank measures how well your software ranks in your country.

State rank measures how well your software ranks in your state.

AdviceScout serves businesses across different categories. The platform offers curated services for all these categories including mobile and B2B startups.