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Software Reviews

What real people have to say about the software in our database, from real-world use cases.

Software Reviews



Xero has completely transformed the way we manage our accounts and made our team 10x more productive than it was before. I’m glad we made the switch!

Shawn James, GetUp Co.



Thanks to Buffer, we don’t waste hours a day queueing up content for publishing anymore. The analytics have also helped us craft content that is more valuable to our audiences.

Tanya Milzewski, Deepdive



Shopify continues to deliver all the tools we need to keep the advertising, product updates and payments on our online store running seamlessly. Would highly recommend!

Ben Dillon, JustKicks
Wave Accounting tool

We’re so grateful we found Wave when we did. It’s simplified our bookkeeping and made us look like pros to boot. The perfect tool for small businesses on a budget.

Leon Lee, Teetime

Smartlook has done wonders for our website traffic. With this tool get a deep dive into the right analytics to help you figure out exactly how to optimise your website and increase dwell time.

Jasper Quinn, Globetrotter
Freshbooks Accounting Software

Having used Freshbooks for over a year now, I can confidently say that it is a perfect accounting tool for businesses that want efficiency without breaking the bank.

Fiona Hunt, The Wave