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    General directory list

    AddonBizThe best way to find & discover local businesses.32No-FollowAverageVery High (New)Showcase your business or your service to the public.31Do-FollowAverageVery High
    BetafyBrand new startups explored and discovered.32Do-FollowAverageVery High
    BigStartupsA global networking platform for startups, members and startup communities.29Do-FollowAverageVery High
    BizToBizFinding businesses is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated professionals.08Do-FollowAverageVery High
    G2Business software and services reviews.92No-FollowVery HighVery High
    CapterraBest software reviews platform.91No-FollowLowAverage
    ArsTechnicaServing the technologist for more than a decade with IT news, reviews and analysis.90No-FollowVery HighAverage
    Reddit/programmingProducts that help programmers.95No-FollowAverageVery High
    CrunchbaseHome to the hottest startups and tech newcomers.90No-FollowHighAverage
    Y CombinatorApply for funding and get yuour early-stage startup listed.90Do-FollowVery HighVery High
    Product HuntA community of friendly folks discovering and sharing the latest products in tech.90No-FollowExcellentVery High
    Your StoryThe platform that is home to stories from startups and changemakers around the world.86No-FollowVery HighVery High
    GeekWireCoverage of some of the most widely followed and innovative tech companies in the world.86No-FollowHighHigh
    TrustRadiusSoftware reviews you can trust.82Do-FollowHighHigh
    F6SGrow your Startup in the #1 global community.82No-FollowHighHigh
    AlternativeToCrowdsourced software recommendations.79No-FollowVery HighAverage
    BrownBookThe global business listing database.79Do-FollowLowHigh
    stackshareA tech stack intelligence platform.79Do-FollowHighLow
    Active Search ResultsList your startup on an independent internet search engine driven by Active Search Results Page Ranking Technology. 78No-FollowHighHigh
    OnToplistDiscover top businesses and service providers.77Do-FollowLowVery High
    ezlocalLocal search made easy.77No-FollowLowVery High
    WebwikiIncrease the findability and the popularity of your website76No-FollowHighHigh
    StoreboardSearch businesses, products and media in your community.75Do-FollowAverageAverage
    SpringwiseDelivering solutions for positive and sustainable change across all sectors.75Do-FollowHighAverage
    KillerStartupsIntroduce your startup to the world.74Do-FollowHighHigh
    Exact SeekHome to more than 500 million free, featured and paid inclusion site listings.74No-FollowLowHigh
    Find-Us-HereThe internet's largest free global directory of businesses, organizations, clubs, and communities.73Do-FollowAverageVery High
    CallupContactBusiness listing and local marketing service.73No-FollowAverageVery High
    SpokeBe seen, heard and recognized for your expertise.73No-FollowAverage Low
    BetalistDiscover tomorrow's startups, today.73Do-FollowHighHigh
    Apollo.ioThe best avenue to reach every buyer on earth with your product.72Do-FollowVery HighAverage
    YellowplaceSubmit free business listings.72Do-FollowLowVery High
    AlternativeFind better software alternatives.72No-FollowHighVery High
    sitelikeFind similar websites or alternative business solutions.71No-FollowVery HighVery High
    FeedoughPut your startup in front of 800,000 monthly visitors.71No-FollowHighAverage
    AllMyFavesA visual logo directory that is home to crowdsourced favorite websites and apps.71Do-FollowHigh Very High
    TracxnTechnology + human-in-the-loop for deal discovery.70No-FollowVery HighHigh
    AngelListA platform for startups, angels investors and job-seekers.70No-FollowExcellentHigh
    OpendiDraw attention to your business.67Do-FollowLowVery High
    SaaSHubSubmit & verify a software product.67Do-FollowHighHigh
    StartupResourcesShare your startup resource with the world.67No-FollowHighAverage
    SuberbcrewDiscover the most innovative tech companies.66No-FollowAverageLow
    StartupBlinkJoin the global startup ecosystem map.65No-FollowHighHigh
    Startup StashThe world's largest directory of tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs.64Do-FollowHighHigh
    SideProjectorsSell, buy and show off your side projects.64Do-FollowHighAverage
    MAGNiTTThe startup data platform for emerging venture markets.64Do-FollowLow Average
    StartupRankingDiscover, rank and prospect startups worldwide.60No-FollowHighVery High
    CataloxyA free advertising space.60Do-FollowVery LowVery High
    SaaSGeniusA comprehensive best review website that creates business app directories and software reviews.60No-FollowAverageAverage
    startupguysStart and grow your small business from inception to success.59No-FollowAverageLow
    BizBangBoomA network where you can connect with potential clients.58Do-followLowVery High
    SnapMunkHome to all things interesting, exciting and entertaining in the world of tech news and startup culture.58Do-FollowHighLow
    BetaPageCommunity of tech lovers and early adopters.58Do-FollowHighHigh
    Topio Networks AI Platform tracks more than 40 thousand topics and companies across the economy of things.57No-FollowHighAverage
    NearFinderAn online phone book service that helps you find the best companies near you easily and quickly.56No-FollowLowVery High
    StartupBaseA community of makers and early adopters.52Do-FollowAverageAverage
    Open The NewsA collection of inspiring stories from startups around the world.50No-FollowLowAverage
    betaboundFind great Beta testers.50No-FollowHighAverage
    Launching NextThe newest, trending tech startups and projects48No-FollowLowHigh
    TechplutoThe latest news and events from the world of startups and tech.47Do-FollowHighAverage
    CusperaShowcase uniqueness of your software to be discovered by business teams.45No-FollowAverageHigh
    TechFasterGiving you tech…faster.42Do-FollowLowAverage
    Startup TrackerThe first company search engine built for and by the startup community.40Do-FollowHighAverage
    Launched!A community where makers can showcase their products/startups and get feedback from early adopters.40Do-FollowLowHigh
    Startup BufferA premium startup directory where you can promote your startup or discover new startups.38No-FollowLowAverage
    BizMaker A trusted network of top-rated business listings.35Do-FollowVery LowExcellent
    WebAppRaterPublish your website and mobile apps for review.34Do-FollowLowLow
    Crazy About StartupsAn innovative platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.33No-FollowLowExcellent
    OnemilliondirectoryConnecting 232,442 quality reviewed businesses with interested people since 2005.32Do-FollowLowExcellent
    StartupListerDiscover and share new startups.32Do-FollowLowExcellent
    TrustRadiusSoftware reviews you can trust.80No-FollowHighAverage
    9sites.netWeb directory for all.36Do-FollowLow Excellent
    1AbcDirectory16-year-old, trusted web directory.61Do-FollowLowExcellent
    A1WebDirectoryRespected web directory across all industries.42Do-FollowLowExcellent
    A List SitesPremium web directory.46Do-FollowLowExcellent
    AnanarBringing you valuable information about businesses, products, and services.26Do-FollowLowExcellent
    CipinetHome to quality sites since 2002.43Do-FollowLowExcellent
    SEO DirectoryQuality web directory for sites across industries.43No-FollowLowExcellent
    Top Rank DirectoryTop ranking web promotion directory.32Do-FollowLowExcellent
    Gain WebCurated directory of vetted websites.31Do-FollowLowExcellent
    h-logSEO-friendly directory resources.34Do-FollowLowHigh
    HighRankDirectoryNo. 1 marketing directory.60Do-FollowAverageHigh
    Info-ListingsYour free information index.34Do-FollowLowExcellent
    Information CrawlerIncrease your ranking with a human-edited, spam-free directory.10Do-FollowLowHigh
    JewanaWeb directory connecting businesses with clients.50Do-FollowLowExcellent
    LinkpediaYour business encyclopaedia.53Do-FollowLowHigh
    LivepopularThe most popular web directory.45No-FollowLowHigh
    MarketingWebDirectoryMarketing web directory for website listings white and yellow pages.23Do-FollowLowHigh
    Pegasus DirectoryHelp people find you when they need you.53No-FollowLowExcellent
    PiktuA collection of business information, contacts, products, and services from around the world.43Do-FollowLowHigh
    PlazooBoost your online presence and get closer to your next customer.57No-FollowLowAverage
    ProLinkDirectoryQuality links.51Do-FollowLowHigh
    PromoteBusinessPut your business in front of paying customers.56Do-FollowLowExcellent
    Site Promotion DirectoryAn SEO directory for marketing.58Do-FollowAverageHigh
    SUBMISSION WebHelping buyers and sellers find each other.64Do-FollowLowExcellent
    SoMuch.comThe best human-edited links sorted by category.65Do-FollowLowAverage
    WorldWebDirectorySubmit your site for review and listing.27No-FollowLowHigh
    Elly's DirectoryThe starting point for custom searches on the web.56Do-FollowLowHigh
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    We will also submit your startup to our category-specific directory list if it meets the condition:
    A-Zbusinessfinder.com70Do-FollowAverageVery HighOnly for startups/companies from the United States, Canada,
    United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand.
    Akama52No-FollowAverageVery HighOnly for startups/ companies from the United States.
    B2bco57No-FollowExcellentVery HighOnly for B2B startups/ companies.
    Biz of IT49Do-FollowAverageVery HighOnly for technology solutions.
    Business Listingu38No-FollowAverageVery HighOnly for startups from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India,
    Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and UK HighOnly for Australian startups/companies.
    Canadian Planet51No-FollowAverageVery HighOnly for Canadian startups/companies.
    Cataloxy41No-FollowAverageVery HighOnly for startups/companies from the United States, Australia,
    Canada & United Kingdom.
    ChamberOfCommerce.com81No-FollowGoodVery HighOnly for startups/companies from the United States.
    CreativeCityBerlin56Do-FollowAverageVery HighOnly for startups/companies from Berlin.
    Inc4280No-FollowHighAverageOnly for Indian startups/companies.
    e2779Do-FollowHighAverageOnly for startups/investors from Southeast Asia.
    BetaKit78No-FollowHighLowOnly for Canadian startup news and tech innovation from Canada.
    Changelog77Do-FollowAverageLowOnly for news and podcasts for developers.
    EU-Startups75No-FollowHighAverageOnly for startups in Europe.
    Designer News73Do-FollowHighHighOnly for startups in the design community.
    Cylex72No-FollowHighHighOnly for local businesses in the US.
    NextBigWhat69No-FollowHighAverageOnly for technology entrepreneurs in India.
    Startupxplore68No-FollowHighHighOnly for the startup community in Europe.
    Web Design Inspiration67No-FollowHighHighOnly for web designers.
    Land-book67No-FollowAverageHighOnly for web designers and creatives.
    Webdesigner News64Do-FollowLowHighOnly for web designers.
    Appiod43Do-FollowLowHighOnly for apps.
    Techboard34Do-FollowAverageHighOnly for Australian startups and tech companies.
    Blogarama75Do-FollowAverageExcellent Only for blogs.
    Blogs Collection60Do-FollowLowExcellentOnly for blogs.
    Bloggernity60No-FollowLowExcellentOnly for blogs.
    Blog Hub52No-FollowAverageExcellentOnly for blogs.
    BloggerNow39No-FollowLowExcellentOnly for blogs.
    Blog-Search43No-FollowLow ExcellentOnly for blogs.
    Blogville46Do-FollowLowExcellentOnly for blogs.
    Blogflux72No-FollowLowExcellentOnly for blogs.
    Wil's Domain27Do-FollowLow HighOnly for blogs.

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