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What Are the Different Types of Press Releases?

If you want to share business news with your target audience, you’ll be happy to hear that there are over 5 different types of press releases that you can use. Each of these press releases serves a unique purpose. For instance, you can use a press release to make a launch announcement, share important business news, or even for general publicity. Whichever type you decide to work with, you can use it to obtain positive media coverage, as long as you use it correctly.

Most new business owners confuse the different types of press releases, and this is normal when you’re just starting to use PR tools for your business. We’ve put together this guide to make your life easier and help you choose the best press release format for your business.

Before we talk about the different types of press releases, let’s talk about the benefits you can get from well-written press releases.

Benefits of Press Releases

While it’s true that the press release has been around for ages, we are in an age where press releases are still an essential tool for businesses making a formal announcement. They are also helpful when running marketing and public relations strategies. Press releases are also effective tools for gaining media coverage without spending much.

A press release can help you:

  • Engage media outlets and get your story in front of potential clients
  • Manage crisis in your business
  • Make a business announcement
  • Build relationships with the media

Types of Press Releases

General news release

This is the most common type of press release. A general news press release helps you to obtain coverage in both offline and online media. While all press releases need to be newsworthy, this is even more crucial for a general news press release. Make sure you’re sharing news that your audience will find exciting, not just news that you find exciting. For example, your recent office expansion might sound like the best news to you, but external audiences are unlikely to be interested in this as it doesn’t affect them. Failure to share news that your target audience is interested in will only lead to your press release being rejected or overlooked by a journalist.

Employee release

Change of staff at the top leadership positions in the company qualifies as newsworthy content. You might be retiring or firing current executives. With the help of an employee, staff, or executive release, you can let the public know about it.

This type of release will provide a complete biography of the new staff or executive. This is all important information because the stakeholders will want to know whether the company’s future is in capable hands. A new hire is even more interesting news for the public if the person you’re hiring is well-known in the industry. You will also need to provide at least one photo of the new staff.

Event release

Most releases target reporters, journalists, and media outlets as the primary audience. On the other hand, an event press release is written with the goal of sharing exact details of a particular event with the general public.  An event press release needs to be extremely well structured otherwise you risk leaving people confused about the details, and this could affect attendance.

The last thing you want is to have the pertinent details about the event disappearing in the story. Oftentimes, the best way to lay out the information in an event release is using bullet points, an outline, or a list. This writing format will make the details of the event more digestible.

Launch release

As the name suggests, a launch release announces the upcoming unveiling of a new product, venture, or business site. The format of this press release is no different from that of a general press release. The only difference is that a launch release needs to create a sense of urgency to serve its purpose.

If you are considering writing a launch press release, it doesn’t have to address something tangible. You can actually use it to annoucne the launch of a groundbreaking idea. Thus, if your business has a new concept to share with the audience, you can use this release.

Product release

This release is specific to tangible products, unlike the launch release that can also apply to ideas or services. This press release will help you announce the upcoming launch of a new product to the general public. The format of this press release  is no different from that of a launch release. The only contrast is the availability of product specs. At the start of a product release, the information can be general. Later into the press release, you should share information about noteworthy features of the product in question.

Besides the new product, you can also talk about your business and its existing products. However, before you end the release, you must provide a detailed description of the product. For instance, you can specify the color, material, design, technology, size, and weight among other important details.

Business rebranding release

If you are rebranding your existing business or launching a new one, you will need to announce this. Such major changes in a company are worth mentioning to the public, especially if you’ve already got a customer base. Beyond keeping your audience updated, this is a chance to market your brand.

The media can help spread the word about the latest developments in your business. As such, this press release can give you quick publicity. In the current economic climate, many businesses are remodelling to better serve the needs of their customers.

If your business is among those rebranding, a rebranding press release will help you share your fresh image with the world.

Good deeds release

Are you running a charity event, starting a non-profit organization, or simply donating to a good cause? Well, such community involvement can help boost the awareness of your business. By sharing news about the good deeds your business sis taking part in, you can break through the shroud of negative news and create an appealing brand image.

Types of press releases: Which ones are relevant to your business?

Having read through the list above, you now know which press releases can be useful for your business. Regardless of the press release you decide to use to obtain media coverage, there are fundamental rules to follow. These rules dictate the effectiveness of your release when it comes to gaining media attention. For instance, your release must have an engaging headline. It should also provide accurate and straightforward information. Most importantly, you must prepare it professionally according to the media guidelines on press releases.

Mastering the right press release technique while running your business is not a simple affair. However, professionals like the ones at Pressfarm are available to assist you if you need assistance. These PR experts have skilled press release writers who can create an attention-grabbing press release for your brand.


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