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Marketing automation tools are designed to automate marketing activities and organize the marketing workflow. In other words, these tools are designed to make your marketing campaigns easier and gauge your performance. Marketing automation tools such as Zapier deliver several features across different areas of marketing. Zapier can connect to over 1000 web services. Additionally, it can connect multiple apps to automate marketing activities without the need to build integrations.

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Software Overview

Zapier is a marketing tool that allows workflow automation by linking your apps and services. This allows task automation without the need to build integrations.

For example, Zapier can automatically release a custom tweet after a post has been published. With more than 2000 destinations in addition to Twitter, Zapier can perform several automated tasks for different platforms.

It accomplishes all of this by allowing you to create Zaps. A Zap is an automatic workflow consisting of a trigger and more actions. When you create and activate a new Zap, it will perform its assigned action whenever the trigger event occurs.

Benefits of Using Zapier

Perfect Automation

With Zapier, experts can create A Zap, a task blueprint that automates the activities done by web apps. Through Zaps, apps can perform repetitive tasks without users having to open separate apps. Each Zap opens the application for the user and performs the task it was assigned. It also provides in-depth system automation as it provides the granularity level that the user needs. The tool allows you to choose a particular field on the trigger service and fix it on the action service for automation. You’ll also be able to access custom fields and static text. Users can also access ready-made integrations that they can effortlessly implement, so they'll no longer have to perform complex installations to get started on the platform.

Promotes Convenience

The tool features an uncluttered but effective dashboard where users can seamlessly manage their applications. With the system, you no longer need intern services. You no longer need to wait for the developers to build integrations. The software is developed based on modern technology, which helps you avoid complex tasks.

Saves Time

Working throughout is not sustainable if you want to earn higher revenue. However, you can still increase your revenue without the need to work throughout. Zapier allows you to increase your income by automating various business functions within your organization. Transferring data manually from one app to another is not efficient. The platform links these apps in seconds and transfers data from one to another. This improves efficiency and saves time.

Replaces Manual Work

Zapier software is designed to automate various tasks. For example, if you are entering data manually from one spreadsheet to another, Zapier can help you to automate this process.

You’ll Work Smarter

You can easily get overwhelmed when you decide to do everything on your own. Feelings of overwhelm also lower your productivity. However, when you sign up for Zapier, you can work smarter and more efficiently. Any entrepreneur needs an automation tool to complete complex processes and save time. As a reminder, in business, time is everything.

Product Features

Zapier helps experts automate repetitive tasks. The tool is flexible and works through the following features:

Zapier allows you to create automated actions – Zaps. For example, you can create a Zap to automatically post new blog posts to your social media platforms.

You can integrate Zapier with several other applications to automate various tasks.

This functionality allows you to create multi-step Zaps to act as chain reactions rather than creating individual tasks. 

The transfer feature allows you to transfer a massive dataset to different applications. This helps you avoid copy-pasting or using complex methods to download this data.      

The feature displays important metrics regarding how visitors interact with documents, sheets, slides, etc. In this way, the platform ensures efficient collaboration.

Zapier Pricing

Zapier has multiple pricing plans. The subscription plan ranges from free to enterprise deployment. The free plan offers limited app integrations. The premium plan offers around 60 apps. Here are the standard subscription plans:


$ 0 / Month

The free plan is for those with modest needs. The plan includes five single-step Zaps that can handle 100 tasks. You can't access premium services or apps with the free plan.


$ 19.99 / Month

The starter plan lets you access no more than 20 zaps and a maximum of 750 tasks. Additionally, with this plan, you can set up multi-step Zaps and use some premium apps.


$ 49 / Month

With the professional plan, you can access unlimited Zaps. The plan can handle 2000 tasks per month. However, users can pay more ($189) to upgrade to 20,000 tasks per month.


$ 299 / Month

Users of this plan can access unlimited Zaps and perform up to 50,000 tasks. The plan comes with extra features, such as shared workspaces for member collaboration.


$ 599 / Month

Users of this plan can perform up to 100,000 tasks. However, you can pay more ($3,599) to upgrade to 2,000,000 tasks per month.

Zapier Awards

On 20th May 2021, Zapier was awarded and ranked first place in early stage software solutions.

The Bottom Line

Zapier is a marketing automation tool designed to ensure your marketing campaigns run smoothly. The tool guarantees a reduction in paperwork and other manual activities to save time and increase efficiency.