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If you are searching for the easiest way to boost productivity in your business while cutting costs, then Yaara will do perfectly. With a tool that is powered by artificial intelligence, you don’t need human intervention to create projects and schedule tasks. Logo

Software Overview

Yaara promotes collaboration among team members. With Yaara, they can chat with each other efficiently. They also get all the resources they need to attain their goals, meet deadlines, and work in sync.

Benefits of Using Yaara


The tool supports different languages.

Smoother Workflow

Complete your work drafts several times faster. No more time crunch - Yaara gives you the easiest way to manage workloads. This tool grants you a chance to complete projects on time and deliver on your promises. Overall, it makes it easier to meet project deadlines.

Driven by AI

Relies on AI technology to boost efficiency.

Project Management

Manage all your projects from a centralized location.

Product Features

While rival platforms are offering similar functions, Yaara remains a favorite among many users. This is for the following reasons:

If you don’t know how to speak English or any other internationally recognized language, you don’t need to worry. This platform allows you to use your local language. Simply navigate to the settings where you can change the language type and input yours. It’s that simple.

With this tool by your side, you can empower your business significantly. This tool is the perfect solution for businesses that function in a hybrid environment, with a combination of on-site and remote workers.

When you have digital automations on hand, you can ensure that your business is operational 24/7.

You can use several languages to communicate with Yaara. You can also create projects and manage them from the same space. With the help of this tool, you can turn your ideas into reality faster. Furthermore, you can increase conversions. Thanks to the following features, this tool enhances the communication and engagement of employees:

  • Task Monitor

Delegate and meet task deadlines with real-time comments. Task Monitor ensures all priority tasks are completed on time by your team. Therefore, you will not lag behind with your project delivery.

  • Virtual Human

The tool relies on the power of AI technology. This also means you’ll be automating some of the business processes while increasing efficiency.

  • Speech-to-Text

Using the speech-to-text function, you can save the time of your team members. This function supports quick actions that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The best part is that the platform recognizes voice commands from various languages.

  • Project Monitor

While leveraging voice commands, you can start new projects and manage them within seconds. Using the projector monitor you can get reports on the project’s progress. All these functions are accessible through the dashboard.

  • Notifications

Immediately get notifications for things like new teammates, messages, and task assignments. You can even set reminders for projects whose deadline is around the corner.

  • Call and Chat

You can retrieve vital messages faster by organizing your conversations. Furthermore, you can use task-based chats to enhance employee engagement. You can also do this through voice messages, Zoom video calls, and work calls.

  • Board and Calendar View

This gives project managers an easy way to visualize and manage their workloads. The calendar makes all of this easy. Furthermore, project managers can streamline their tasks with the help of the board view. Easily monitor your tasks and streamline them using Board and Calendar View.

  • To-Do-List

Do you want your staff to handle all their tasks independently? Then, consider using the To-Do-List, one of the powerful features on Yaara. It will help you monitor all your projects with the workload of each.

Yaara Pricing

Yaara offers several plans to cater to your specific needs whether they are feature-related or budget-related. The freemium package offers the most basic features. However, if you want to access premium services, then you should consider the most basic plan – the Essential Package. In addition, there are Professional and Premium packages. Their rates are as follows:


$ 10 / Month


$ 45 / Month


$ 99 / Month

Yaara Awards

Yaara is highly rated by companies in different industries. The platform comes highly recommended by Yaara clients, who cite the platform’s contribution to a more efficient workforce at a lower cost.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to experience productivity in your place of work at a reduced cost? Yaara is the best tool for this use case. Based on AI, the platform prevents unsustainable working environments by reducing cases of work overload. As such, employee efforts paired with powerful AI services guarantee higher productivity. Thanks to the engagement of 24/7 virtual employees, Yaara also reduces HR costs.