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Wrike Software

With the growth of digital systems, more companies are running to software to help them with their businesses. Digitalization has made it easier to maneuver through tasks and projects, eliminating manual work. Subscribing to software also reduces human error and promotes efficiency.


Software Overview

Wrike is a versatile project management software that enables you to run your business with full visibility and control. It also supports collaboration with other team members. This software is ideal for businesses ranging from small to large enterprises. The software can be accessed through a phone or desktop. Wrike software offers a 14-day trial to new users and has several benefits, including project and task management.

Benefits of Using Wrike

Project and Task Management

With the Wrike platform, you can seamlessly run your projects and meet your expectations by tracking time and checking on the budget spent on the projects. Wrike software can speed up your projects with real-time visibility and customizable reports. You can also ensure that your business meets its goals by tracking, scheduling, and delegating tasks.

Team Collaboration

Your team can also harness the organization's productivity by working together and centralizing the projects being worked on. You can also share files online and review them.

Professional Services

Wrike software enables you to quickly grow your revenue and increase client satisfaction and retention. You can increase your revenue by maximizing billable work delivery through the services offered by Wrike. You can also increase customer satisfaction with transparency. With Wrike, you can maintain customer loyalty since you can deliver your services quickly and on time.

Customization and Integration

Wrike enables you to streamline your management processes and customize your workflows. Your team will be able to handle the tasks and projects with ease. The Gantt charts and Kanban boards can also come in handy when planning your projects. You can also reduce workload or check on your team's tasks to know to whom you can assign work, minimizing burn-out.

Product Features

Wrike is a project management software that can help you grow your business and enhance a better customer experience. The following are the extensive features that Wrike software offers:

Wrike software has a personalized dashboard that can help you monitor the growth and progress of your projects. You can check how your team is progressing on the tasks and projects. The Wrike dashboard also helps you prioritize your tasks and projects.

This feature allows you to gain visibility into the various projects and tasks of the organization. Moreover, the tasks and projects cannot be duplicated. Therefore, you will spend less time managing the documents and more time growing your business.

With this feature, you can integrate your workflows and applications with other applications. This will help you sync your data and automate your workflows. Wrike does not restrict you to the number of applications. The integration can be done by prebuilt connectors that will not require you to write or run any code.

With Wrike’s proofing feature, you can organize your files, documents, and approvals. This feature can also help you automatically send the documents to the stakeholders for proofing. You can also get external feedback through reviews. Wrike’s proofing feature also enables you to seamlessly integrate with other proofing software and maintain your creativity.

The Gantt feature gives you a bird’s eye view of your project progress. You can also control various projects from one platform. You can also adjust your projects using the drag-and-drop feature. The Gantt chart also helps one create dependencies for a certain task. The tasks can also be easily and quickly shared with the team members. If adjustments are made to the tasks, project duration, or assignees, the team members can be notified quickly.  

This feature enables you to plan and allocate resources for easy delivery. The team members can easily access the resource when in need to complete projects. The resource planning feature also enables you to optimize the organization’s performance by highlighting each team member’s capabilities and assigning work or projects to the right people. 

This feature helps you have effective approvals by keeping track of your documents and sending out pending approvals before they mess with projects.

This feature helps you customise your content according to your style and reduce complexity. It can also increase efficiency and boost the visibility of your files and documents.

Wrike’s dynamic request forms enable you to eliminate delays by making it easy for your team to deal with work requests automatically.

This feature enables you to navigate through the workspace from wherever you are. Wrike has a robust application experience.

You can easily view your tasks and project progress using this feature.

Wrike has an automation feature that helps you automate your workflows by eliminating the manual handling of accounts.

Wrike Pricing

Wrike offers a 14-day trial to users who want to try it out. After the free trial, users can decide on the package they want. The pricing of this software starts at $9.80 per month.

Wrike Awards

Wrike software has won some awards, including;

  • TrustRated awarded Wrike as the top-rated in project management in 2022
  • G2 awarded Wrike 3 best of software in 2021

The Bottom Line

Enhance your project management with the services of Wrike software. This project management software enables you to run your business with ease and efficiency.