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Woopra Software

Woopra is used by many businesses to track the customer journey and enhance growth. In fact, based on recent records, 7,353 organizations use Woopra. Woopra serves a large number of US-based companies. The tool is also most often used in the computer software industry. The software is built to serve companies with 10 to 50 employees.

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Software Overview

Woopra is a client journey analytic software that delivers end-to-end journey metrics effectively. The services are trusted by top leading reputable companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Redhat, Wordstream, Applovin, etc. The tool has several functionalities to help users analyze and obtain important information. This helps users to unify analysis across variable items and marketing requirements while analyzing customer journeys, trends, and retention rates with ease.

Additionally, the tool lets businesses take real-time tasks based on users’ behavior and improve their services to engage with valuable customers. Furthermore, the tool helps businesses sync their current data from other SaaS services to access all the information in one place and get instant views for improvement.

Moreover, Woopra helps carry out informative individual-based analyses that provide a real-time view of users’ buying patterns, transaction history, web interactions, etc.

Benefits of Using Woopra

Improves Web Analytics

The platform improves web analytics by gathering and consolidating visitor traffic across all aspects to deliver a comprehensive view. This allows the business to track and understand the customer journey without lowering the focus to the analog evaluation stage in the buyer's journey. Woopra software helps you answer any query regarding a single customer or a whole section with a single click. The tool interprets your data volumes and converts them into views regarding users and behaviors.

Inclusive Customer Profile

Woopra software plays a significant role in creating a comprehensive profile. It lets you sync your customer data and monitor activities across different points, such as live chat, help desk, email, mobile apps, and websites. The tool helps you achieve all of this in real-time.

Data Consolidation

Woopra software helps you consolidate data from all platforms, including support, social, marketing automation, mobile, and CRM platforms. This ability eliminates integration tasks and added development and helps you orchestra your marketing campaigns with ease.

Effective Tools

Woopra helps you accomplish all digital aspects of your CRM to understand consumer behavior, eliminate guesswork, and upgrade from opinion-based to data-based strategies.

Product Features

Woopra software has several tools and functionalities, including:

The live chat feature helps you chat with your visitors in real-time. This improves your responses and helps you establish a good relationship with your clients. With this feature, you can easily start a chat with visitors at any time. Also, you can have a click button that visitors can click at any time to start a chat. This helps you provide proactive and retroactive chat. Proactive chats can help with closing deals.

Real-time web analytics is one of the important benefits of Woopra software. The software helps you know where visitors are coming from and the pages they are visiting. Therefore in case of a rapid spike in traffic, you’ll know the cause. This important information helps you respond to customer needs in real time rather than after the fact.

With Woopra, users can access detailed information regarding visitors. For example, you’ll be able to see the pages they’re visiting, their countries, referring page, OS, screen resolution, browser, etc.

User analytic data is another important feature of Woopra software. Through these features, users can search for IP addresses, visitor paths, user information, etc. This is something you won’t find in other solutions like Google Analytics.

Woopra Pricing

Woopra provides four pricing plans, including:


$ 0 / Month

The core plan is free and lets you establish a better customer experience. Through this free plan, you can experiment and get 50,000 actions per month, data retention valid for 90 days, core analytics, and more than 30 integrations with other marketing solutions and apps.


$ 349 / Month

The Startup plan provides 1 million actions per month. The plan also gives you data retention valid for 2 years and advanced analytics.


$ 999 / Month

The Pro plan comes with 5 million actions per month. The plan also includes automation and premium support. Additionally, the plan provides you with metrics and formulas and a data loader, a new feature designed to help users import data directly from their databases.


Prices available on the website.

The plan includes 50 million actions per month, data warehouse sync, and custom objects. Lastly, the plan includes dedicated support.

Woopra Awards

Woopra software won 8 awards in 2017, 2020, and 2021. The awards were in the following categories:

  • Marketing analytics software awards: 2021
  • Web analytics software awards: 2021
  • Web analytic software awards: 2020
  • Analytic software awards: 2020
  • Marketing analytic software awards: 2020
  • Analytic software awards: 2017
  • Quality choice awards
  • Trusted vendor awards

The Bottom Line

Woopra software is a dedicated tool designed to ease the client journey by helping you deliver exactly what each customer is looking for when they need it. Using Woopra, users can establish a good relationship with website visitors and increase sales.