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Wix Software

Wix stands out as the biggest website builder in the digital space. It’s a flexible tool that supports design flexibility and multiple advanced capacities. The main advantage of this tool over others is its ability to develop stunning and interactive sites. What’s even better, you don’t need coding experience to create a site.

Wix Logo

Software Overview

Wix allows you to create visually attractive layouts fit for small ventures, artists, online stores, and restaurants. You can even optimize your site and make it mobile-responsive. Speaking of mobile devices, you can create both iOS and Android-based applications using this tool. 

The Wix interface is easy to use, and has earned the software recognition from clients with varying backgrounds. Wix is an ideal choice for businesses and site owners looking for a simple solution. As a SaaS tool, as such, you can use Wix on any browser or device.

Benefits of Using Wix

Mobile Responsive

A significant number of online users use their mobile devices to browse. To ensure you don’t lose out on these potential audiences, Wix-based sites are mobile responsive. Wix supports both Android and iOS-based applications. There’s even a web-based version.

For the Novice

If you don’t have web development skills, worry no more. Wix makes it possible for almost anyone to develop a site without these skills. From development to design, you can easily navigate these steps and end up with a responsive and beautiful site.


If you don’t like the color, font, or page layout after designing your site, you can always change it. The platform allows you to tweak individual elements without affecting the entire design. For instance, you can change the images on the pages without affecting any other part of your site.

Total Control Over your Site

Unlike some web builders, Wix grants you complete control over your site once you are through designing it. Therefore, you get to own your site after developing it.

Multiple Tools

Creating a website is no easy task. You need various tools to help you accomplish this. Wix provides you with many resourceful tools for this. Some of them help you with coding while others are entirely built for web design. From page editing to uploading products for sale, you’ve got features for every need. This tool combines functionality and freedom to grant you a chance to create your site independently.

Product Features

The following are some of the incredible features you can enjoy from Wix:

Wix allows you to try out the premium package for free for up to 14 days before subscribing to it. After this period, you can decide whether  to continue with the plan or cancel it. It’s that simple.

eCommerce sites built using Wix can accept major payment options like debit cards, credit cards, Mastercard, Visa, Diners, JCB, and Discover, among others. Wix can also support additional options based on your geographical location.

Having a custom domain means your business can be found easily. As such, it’s an effective way to build visibility for your business. Simply swap your free domain with a custom domain from Wix.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers three packages to address different needs:

Business Basic

$ 17 / Month

• Supports online payment • Unlimited bandwidth • 20GB storage space • 5-hour allowance for videos • 24/7 technical support

Business Unlimited

$ 25 / Month

• Unlimited bandwidth • 24/7 technical support • 10-hour allowance for videos • 35 GB storage • Perfect for scaling your venture

Business VIP

Reach out to the Wix team for a custom quote

• Unlimited bandwidth • Dedicated customer support • Unlimited video hours • 50 GB storage space • Customizable reports • Complete suite

Wix Awards

  • Trusted Vendor
  • Quality Choice
  • Easy Site Builder 2020
  • Easy Site Builder 2021
  • Top e-commerce solution 2021
  • Easy Site Builder 2022
  • Top e-commerce solution 2022

The Bottom Line

Wix is a dynamic website-building solution that’s highly flexible and easy to use. It’s suitable for individual users, growing corporations, and freelancers. One of the reasons Wix is so popular is because you don’ need coding skills to produce a beautiful website.

You don’t need web developers or professionals to assist you. Thanks to this user-friendly website builder, you can save on your budget. Once you are done building your site, the platform grants you total control over it. Wix is the best pick for anyone who wants to explore their web designing skills on a budget.