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Ways to Boost the Performance of Your PS5

Sony’s Playstation 5, released in November 2020, rapidly became a fan favorite among gamers. It received much praise for its increased performance, immersive gameplay, and ultra-efficient cooling system that allowed fans to enjoy games during their leisure for longer. Gamers were clamoring to get their hands on the PS5, now considered one of the best gaming consoles in the market.

High speed, performance, and reduced lagging are seen as a must by most gamers to enjoy their gaming experience fully. While your PS5 might already provide these facilities, some steps can still be taken to ensure that one is making maximum usage of all the updated features of the PS5 and to prevent any lagging that may hinder performance.

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If you are looking to improve the performance of your PS5, here are a few tips you can follow:

1.  Having an updated TV or Desktop

A TV or Monitor with HDMI 2.1 features like VRR and 120 Hz will significantly increase the console’s performance, helping with more frequent run rates and smoother gameplay. Suppose one does not possess a new model TV or Desktop. In that case, it is essential to ensure that the console’s resolution in the settings matches the native maximum resolution allowed by the monitor.

2. Regularly Update your software 

Ensure that your PS5 is up to date with recently released program updates by the company. Updates of the PlayStation software by Sony may fix bugs and errors and improve system performance. Updating software regularly is also sometimes necessary to access the latest games and gaming features.

3. Clear Cache

Remember to clear your cache regularly. This helps eliminate unnecessary data and trash that may slow down the program’s performance. While clearing the cache, always ensure the console is turned off. It is recommended to hold the power button for about seven seconds and wait for the sound of the second beep. This turns the console into Safe Mode. Afterward, connect your controller to the console with its USB cable, press the controller’s PS button, and from the available options, select Rebuild Database.
This process may take a little time, but after restart, it can significantly increase speed and performance.

4. Use an HDMI 2.1 cable

The PS5 controller comes with a HDMI Cable of its own. However, if you decide not to use the provided cable or the length of the cable does not suffice for connecting to your Desktop or TV, you can purchase the Ultra High-Speed HDMI 2.1 by Sony Playstation. This cable provides much faster inputs and fewer lags during long gaming sessions.

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5. Change settings to Performance Mode

Your PS5 is usually on auto mode unless changed. On Auto Mode, the PS5 chooses between   Resolution and Performance mode according to the game being played. Resolution mode provides HD and even 4K display according to the native definition of the Desktop but is more prone to lagging. While it significantly reduces the display quality, performance mode ensures that all games provide maximum  FPS (frames per second). The following steps must be followed to switch the mode in the settings.

  1. In Settings, select the Saved Data and Game/App Settings option
  2. Select the option Game Presets in the Menu Bar
  3. Enable Performance Mode under the provided options of Performance and Resolution Mode

6. Clean your controller regularly

Even with careful and repeated use, dust may accumulate in the PS5. One can use a microfiber cloth or soft brushes to clean the surface of the PS5 and the vents if necessary. Cleaning the PS5 is necessary to keep the console in shape, and it is usually recommended to do so at least once every three months. It is important to remember to turn off the console and unplug all the connecting cables of the PS5 before cleaning for safety purposes. It is also necessary to ensure the console is on a clean, flat surface to avoid damage. A fan or small vacuum can be used for larger dust deposits in the vents (here is a guide).

These are a few tips that can help increase the performance of your PS5 controller and ensure optimized performance. Happy Gaming!!


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