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Unatrix Software

Unatrix is the ultimate tool for engineering and recruitment agencies. The platform provides SaaS solutions for human resource services. Unatrix is a resourceful solution for engineering and recruitment agencies. With the help of this tool, recruiters can develop a job description in the system from scratch or by using a template. Thereafter, they can post the job offer on various channels including job boards, the career page of the company, and social channels. Similarly, the employer can accept job applications through the same platform. 

When some candidates see the offer and apply for it, the system automatically generates a profile for each one of them. It uses their qualifications and personal details to manage this. Thereafter, recruiters can shortlist the qualified applicants and then transfer their details to the hiring team for review. They can also follow up on the hiring process through the system.

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Software Overview

Unatrix is the perfect tool for recruiters since the services it covers include staffing and recruitment. Furthermore, it offers the latest technology to cover every step of the process while fostering collaboration and total flexibility. Through constant functionality development and support, customer support is well guaranteed.

Benefits of Using Unatrix

All-in-One Tool

Sales and recruitment on the same platform.

Extra ERP features

Lets you manage your projects, orders, and upcoming assignments.

CRM Extension

Administer company structure and customer contacts to control and showcase the sales processes.

Product Features

Here are the key features from Unatrix:

Grants you access to real-time statistics. Your project will also experience about 25% higher project placement monthly. You can also expect a 40 and 30 percent reduction in time-per-hire and cost-per-hire respectively.

Unatrix allows you to manage company structures and customer contacts. Furthermore, it helps you control and showcase the sales processes.

With Unatrix, you can leverage the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to issue job advertisements on various channels. It’s a powerful tool that follows up on the application process while helping businesses to reach qualified candidates.

Thanks to this module, you can easily manage assignments and projects.

Unatrix provides a simple and clear representation of the recruitment process. Thanks to this feature, you can visualize the entire process.

Unatrix gives you allocated space to publish every detail about the job vacancy following the corporate style on your site homepage. You can also do this on your social platform or external job portal.

Client requests are recorded quickly on this platform. With Unatrix, you can easily shortlist the right candidates for the job with predetermined conditions. As such, the hiring team ends up with a list of a few individuals who are most qualified for the role.

Service providers working on client tasks can process corresponding data like orders and assignments in a structured manner. Thus, you will access all the information you need at a glance.

It’s easy to store keywords as tags. This works for both the need and the candidate. What’s more, you can further refine the search results by including weighting factors.

It’s easy to identify the right talent thanks to Unatrix. By leveraging various search algorithms, you can easily identify the skills you need for a specific role. By combining different search algorithms, you can ensure the outcome is accurate.

The platform covers the entire chain of processes from uploading job advertisements to reaching out to clients for project allocation. Using the CRM module, your staffing team can handle customer relations. The addition of process inputs is easy and this can then be showcased to everyone on the team.

To simplify communication between you and the applicants, configurable e-mail can be very resourceful. Furthermore, calendar entries and follow-ups can be created when needed.

This feature inspires the users to be more collaborative and involved.

You can create a wide range of options when it comes to searches. This makes it easy to find the right piece of information during a search. With that in mind, you can combine different filters for precise results during a search.

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Who are the primary users of Unatrix?

The major users of this platform include engineering agencies, recruitment agencies, and HR services.

Does Unatrix support any other platforms?

Yes, Unatrix can work with other platforms such as human resource management systems (HRMs).

Does it have multi-user capabilities?

Yes, this platform can support over 3 users at any given time.

Unatrix Pricing

Unatrix hasn’t shared any pricing details publicly, but you can reach out to the vendor for a custom quote.

Unatrix Awards

Unatrix hasn’t won any official awards but is highly rated among HR professionals. Clients from many different industries rely on this software to streamline their hiring and HRM processes.

The Bottom Line

If you want to bring on board new staff and you don’t know where to start, consider using Unatrix. This is an all-inclusive recruitment solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers remarkable capabilities such as interview management, job board integration, and candidate management, among others. The software also comes with resourceful features including CRM, ATS, ERP, and Recruitment, among others.