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Trello Software

The main objective of Trello is to empower team members to manage projects, workflow, and task tracking. With this tool, you can easily add files and checklists and customize the workflow to ensure your team performs optimally. 

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Software Overview

Trello is a simple and user-friendly project management solution that can be integrated into several software. It has a drag-and-drop Kanban board that helps users manage tasks and visualize the progress throughout the workflow. Trello comes highly recommended due to its simple interface and an easy learning curve for people who are not tech savvy. Moreover, it has several intelligent features, such as the Butler feature, which helps users automate commands like due date and checklist. It also comes with various pricing plans that consumers can choose from depending on their projects and teams.

Benefits of Using Trello

Easy to Use

Trello has an intuitive interface that is easy to use, even for beginners. Everything from starting and editing to completing a new project is straightforward.

Workflow Automation

Trello has several work automation features, such as Butler, that make work easier and reduce the margin of error.


Trello has a system designed to comply with the highest security standards to protect the data shared across the platform. The team's admin sets permissions and decides whether to privatize boards.


Trello is compatible with third-party platforms or extensions, making it easy to integrate with other software.

Smooth Editing

Trello is a project management tool that ensures the organization of tasks. As a result, it is easy to edit tasks using a simple drag-and-drop mechanism.

Extended Functionality Options

Trello has numerous features that one can use to extend the platform's functionality. Features such as Butler and power-ups integrate with tools such as Google Drive, Zoom, and Microsoft teams to create workflow automation.

Product Features

Trello comes with several incredible features, including:

Power-ups are Trello’s third-party integrations and extensions for extra functionality. Some of the Power-ups in Trello include Butler for task automation, timeline views, Gantt charts, Google calendar, and Google drive.

Trello has a highly rated board system that allows users to seamlessly navigate the steps of a project for all to see. From the ideation stage to the completed task, one can drag and drop tasks in the timeline to keep track of the project’s progress.

Each user on a Trello board signs up to the board with their email address. This enables them to send emails, add new tasks, or forward emails that are automatically converted to tasks. Interestingly, for each email, the subject line becomes the card name, the written contents of the email become the task description, and any attachments are also included on the task card in the Trello board.

Kanban boards are easy to use, and users can easily add team members. All team members can then track how each team member is doing. This allows teams to delegate tasks accordingly. Additionally, this board is crucial for scheduling and prioritizing tasks.

Trello allows users to create cards for projects. Furthermore, one can turn a Trello card into a template for future use if the project recurs. Moreover, every card in Trello includes an attachment button that allows one to upload files and images and connect with other services, such as Google Drive.

Trello can is compatible with mobile devices that run on Android or iOS. Therefore, one can easily access data and track projects with a mobile phone.

Trello Pricing

Trello has several price plans that consumers can choose from. Each plan offers different services:


$ 0 / Month

• Unlimited personal boards that can only be viewed by a single person • 10 project boards per workspace • Unlimited cards/tasks that one can add to the Kanban board • 10 MB per file on task cards • Unlimited power-ups


$ 5 / Month

• Access to unlimited project boards and advanced checklists • Addition of guests and custom fields • All other services offered in the free plan


$ 10 / Month

• Unlimited personal boards, cards, lists, and a timeline view. • A Gantt chart to track project progress • Preset charts for visualizing data and milestones • A spreadsheet-style view • Integration of more advanced calendars and timelines for the organization


$ 17.50 / Month

It offers all the services mentioned in the other plans, plus unlimited command runs, attachment restrictions, and personalized onboarding.

Trello Awards

Trello is an award-winning project management software. It has won awards such as:

  • Kanban software award 2020
  • Leader in project management software 2021
  • Leader in task management software 2020

The Bottom Line

Trello is a popular project management application with a visually appealing Kanban-style design. It is ideal for teams that need to collaborate within strict timelines, easily share files, and stay on top of workloads. Additionally, it has no learning curve, and its features are simple. If you need help with project management, Trello is the best tool to make work easier and ensure the efficient completion of projects.