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Toucan Toco Software

Toucan Toco is an analytics software that enables you to eliminate the complexity and complications that affect your customers. With Toucan Toco, you can navigate the website easily, organising business deals with efficient analytics.

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Software Overview

Toucan Toco is a BI analytics software. This tool will help you gather the right data to evaluate what has been happening or is currently happening in the business. Toucan Toco has several benefits and features that will help you reach your business goals.

Benefits of Using Toucan Toco

Save on HR Costs

By tracking market rates, Toucan Toco helps you cut down on HR expenses.

Save in Restitution

You can save up to a month annually in restitution.

Build a Winning Team

You can retain your best talent while still attracting quality hires.

Grant Permissions

Toucan Toco will enable you to grant permissions, enhancing the confidentiality and security of your data.

Product Features

Toucan Toco has several features that will help you improve your customer service and business. They include:

Toucan Toco helps you connect to any data or information source. The connection is simple and just a matter of clicks with zero-code. Both stored and live data are handled with ease. Toucan Toco enables you to blend data from multiple sources in just a few clicks. You can efficiently connect to any API data source and analyze the data.

You do not need to write or run any code for the integration of data using Toucan Toco. You can easily transform your data using visual tools, such as filters, query builder, aggregate, suppress, and calculate. With this feature, you can seamlessly integrate the stored and live data and efficiently edit the data and switch between data sources. Toucan Toco enables you to manage vital functions using in-built computations.

This feature helps you create pixel-perfect information and reports efficiently with zero-code. You will enjoy in-built applications that will help you feed in the records efficiently and quickly. Moreover, you will be able to visualize your application with ease for quick check-ups. This will ensure your data is valuable and highly impactful. You can also improve the customer experience by providing step-by-step insights. Charts, filters, and drill-downs will give your customers great insight into your services or goods. You can also add hypothetical information to the dashboard to simulate production.

You can easily embed this software into your workflow using iFrames. Use perfect and simplified pixel charts to match your guidelines. You can also create an application once and get access to or view it on any platform or device of your choice. This is possible without additional maintenance, installation, or development. You can sync your data and information on all the platforms. Additionally, you can easily adjust the platform’s design to suit your liking. The platform looks great on both phones and tablets.

This feature will help you collaborate with the in-built software using annotate and share, glossary, and live chat tools. This software is specially designed to suit your collaboration and incorporates Microsoft teams features. This creates a platform for you to discuss the various charts easily. Toucan Toco has built-in tutorials that will enhance your meetings effectively and ensure autonomy. You can easily collaborate with anyone you and share your data insights with them.

With Toucan Toco, you can get insight into why certain things are happening. Artificial intelligence will help you understand why certain patterns are occurring and identify ways to tackle the issues. You can easily navigate the platform in a few clicks. Your work is also simplified through the in-built calls to action. You can control your messages based on the role, user, or chart type. With smart alerts and notifications, you can push notifications to your customers or base the notifications on emails. You can customize your notifications based on the language, user preferences, or event in a few clocks.

Toucan Toco enables you to secure and govern your business using enterprise and high-grade security. You can also read and access your permissions from the cloud data. Additionally, you can enhance data security through role permissions. The permissions can be easily managed by configuring the homepage dashboards based on the role or user.

Toucan Toco Pricing

Toucan Toco analytic software does not display its pricing on its website. However, you can send your business details to the vendor for a quotation.

Toucan Toco Awards

Dresner Advisory Services awarded Toucan Toco analytic software with the 2022 Industry Excellence Award in the Business Intelligence category. 

The Bottom Line

With the above information, it is clear that Toucan Toco analytics software is ideal for business intelligence. Companies of all sizes rely on it to analyze business revenue, as well as track other pertinent growth metrics.