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Many Android launchers, but these 7 will remain the most popular in 2023. They’ll all have pros and cons, so let’s look closely. If you want to fix the messages app which keeps on crashing, then you can do it with the help of AMTricks. While some may have the edge over others, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each to help you make the right choice. Hopefully, we’ll know which one we recommend most!


AIO Launcher is a specialized home screen application for the Nexus 4. Its UI allows you to personalize the grid of your home screen and add as many pages as you like. This application offers many customization options, including a scrollable dock that can hold up to five pages of content. You can even change your subject colors and signal directions using custom symbol packs. This app also offers backup and restores your data to its archive. You can even get a premium version of this app for $8.99.

Looking for a high-quality Android launcher, look no further than Apex. It offers a modern and sleek design while supporting standard launcher features. Its innovative location feature is awe-inspiring – it intelligently detects your location and adapts its appearance to fit your lifestyle. It also lets you create custom shortcuts for your favorite apps. Apex is one of the 7 best Android launchers in 2023.

Despite its premium price, it’s worth downloading its free version to experience its full functionality. Many of the features of the paid version are available without any ads. Also, the free version is ad-free and does not require special permissions from your device. Apex Launcher is one of the 7 best Android launchers in 2023, and we recommend it for everyone. There’s a reason it’s ranked as one of the top 7 best Android launchers.

This iOS-style Launcher is one of the best Android launchers of 2023! It mimics the iPhone experience with the iPhone’s long-press menu and widget section, supports the iOS control panel and assistive touch, and has a customizable home screen. Overall, Apex Launcher is one of the 7 best Android launchers in 2023, and you should try it and decide which one suits your needs the most.


There is a handful of options for customizing your Launcher, including color themes, icon packs, and scrollable docks. It also lets you control frequently used functions with gestures. Its interface mimics the default Android interface, and it is highly customizable. You can apply custom icons, create folders in the app drawer, and even use gestures to adjust your desktop grid. Then, you can move your favorite apps between devices.

The best Android launcher can completely change your home screen, let you customize widgets and apps, and give your mobile a new and fresh new look. It offers an intuitive interface, allows you to customize your home screen, and can even hide the status bar. Whether you want a more minimal home screen or one packed with advanced features, a launcher is right for you.

Another good option is Google’s Pixel launcher. This application offers a slick interface, custom shortcuts, and a dark and light mode. It also features voice search capabilities and supports all Pixel devices, including the Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel 4 XL. Another great feature of this Launcher is its support for 3D effects. The Pixel launcher also has a design display and live wallpaper.

The right choice is Nova if you want to customize your home screen. This Launcher offers over a thousand wallpapers and themes for your Android device, and you can also use custom wallpapers and other features. Its unique design also supports many icon packs and gesture controls. Its other outstanding features include a memory booster, app locker, eye protector, and a multi-dock page.


Olauncher is a powerful, customizable Android launcher for smartphones. It supports customizing folder looks, themes, and animation. The Google Play Store description hints at the features, including custom feeds and adoptive icon shaping options. You can download this app for free, but you can unlock advanced features by purchasing a premium version. There are numerous reasons why this application is one of the best Android launchers in 2023.

It is an open-source launcher for Android TV. It has a clean interface but also allows for minimal customization. It limits the use of the notification shade and includes basic stuff like music controls and icon pack support. The latest stable version was released in February 2021 and includes bug fixes and minor design changes. Many users love Olauncher for its simplicity and clean design, but you may be looking for something a bit different.

Action Launcher is a highly customizable Android launcher that offers all of the basic features of a great mobile experience. Its customization features include app shortcuts, Google Discover integration, and adaptive icons. Users can customize the color palette and icon styles to create a unique look. It also supports live wallpapers. Aside from being an excellent option for navigating large screens, Action Launcher is fast, light, and smooth.

Nova Launcher is another popular Android launcher, as it lets users see important information and control frequently used functions quickly. It displays information such as the current weather and the weather forecast for the next ten days. It is also highly customizable, with settings, gestures, custom icon packs, and even customization of the desktop grid. The premium version lets users apply custom icons and even add custom widgets.

Rootless Launcher

The Rootless Android Launcher is a Pixel launcher for non-Pixel devices, though it does need a companion app called the “Rootless Pixel Bridge.” This app can be downloaded separately or from the Play Store. Rootless Launcher is identical to Pixel’s Launcher but lacks the app-sliced shortcuts. The app’s developers are working to bring these features to the Launcher in a future version.

The Launcher has a dark theme and supports many icon packs. This feature is only available in the latest version of Android, so users of older versions of the OS will be unable to get it. There are also some basic customization options, including changing icon sizes and shapes. You can also choose between static and live wallpapers. The app offers five themes and supports customization. You can also use custom gestures to perform actions.

While Rootless Android Launcher doesn’t have the power of Nova Launcher or Action Launcher, it is still quite capable. It only uses 81MB of RAM and is free in the Play Store and on APK Mirror. Be sure to note the configuration options of your home screen when installing Rootless. You can get updates through the app’s repository. And since it is free, it’s an easy download, as long as you know where to find it.

You can download Rootless Launcher from the Google Play store. It uses the Pixel Bridge app to track changes to Google’s APIs. Rootless Launcher developers only need to change the Launcher to make API tweaks possible. It requires Android 5 or higher. However, it’s still worth a try. The developer behind Rootless is a very talented Android developer, and he’s working on making the next version of the rootless Android Launcher.

Smart Launcher

This is probably the most popular Android Launcher. Many users praise it for its simplicity and its high-contrast look. It’s free, but it also has in-app purchases and widget support. You can unlock the icon of your most-used apps, customize the UI with custom skins, and more. One of the best launchers in 2023 is Smart Launcher.

It comes with an intelligent search bar to quickly find contacts and apps. It also supports new icon formats – adaptive icons. This means you can make the icons bigger or smaller – depending on your preference. It’s easy to customize to make it look exactly how you want. It even has a gesture system that lets you show an alarm or the next event. You can customize the search bar to show more widgets on the home screen.

The main advantages of Smart Launcher 5 include its lightweight design and speed. It displays items in alphabetical order so you can efficiently perform daily tasks. It packs several customization features, including customization of the UI, widgets, and app drawer. The theme color will also change based on the wallpaper you use. And finally, you can set gestures to customize the app drawer. With this Android launcher, you can customize your phone’s interface and make it look the way you want it.

This app supports many features, including the new “Pie” feature. You can hide apps, change colors, and even change the icons on your home screen. It has icon pack support, gesture controls, and many other features that make it one of the best Android launchers. And it’s free! Download it for your phone today! You’ll be happy you did!

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