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Teamdeck Software

Delivering a project within a set budget and sustaining a healthy team can be tricky. Implementing conventional resource management strategies is the perfect way to solve this problem. However, getting the right tool for your need is the main challenge. That’s where project resource management tools come in. Tools such as Teamdeck play an important role in scheduling, tracking, and more.

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Software Overview

Teamdeck is a resource management tool that covers resource scheduling, time tracking, etc. It is a user-friendly tool that can give you perfect control over the resources in your organization. The team behind the software has leveraged their resource management experience to build this solution.

Benefits of Using Teamdeck

Team Visibility

The tool features a calendar grid, allowing users to see which team members are busy and those who have time to handle new tasks. For example, members can enter their availability to allow the organization to cooperate with remote or part-time employees. Through this, the organization can stay on top of everything. The dashboard delivers real time data about those handling project tasks. This allows business owners to identify instances of under-utilisation or overworking.

Work Schedule Management

Teamdeck allows you to assign tasks effortlessly. The tool highlights instances of project overlap, employee vacations, and those overtime. Through its user interface, you can easily edit the tasks in the calendar view. Additionally, Teamdeck supports resource management even when you're running more than one project simultaneously. Thanks to Teamdeck, organizations can also assign tasks to the ideal team members, plan for their recruitment activities, and make the right decisions. Moreover, through Teamdeck's user-friendly dashboard, users can manage requests from staff members. Teamdeck also enables employees to send requests directly to their managers.

Helps in Measuring Billable Time

Teamdeck comes with a time tracker and a downloadable desktop application. The feature converts time entries into a timesheet, making it possible to bill customers, compensate contractors and determine work performance. Additionally, the tool comes with custom fields, allowing admins to add customized resource categories. With this information, it can be easier to search for specific skills or resources based on location.

Leave Management

Project managers must have up-to-date info about the availability of their team members. It can be challenging to track unplanned absences. The tool provides an overview of members' hourly availability, holidays, and time off. The tool allows members to request vacations while allowing managers to manage the vacations at the same time.

Product Features

Teamdeck is an ideal tool for resource management. The software includes resource planning, time management, and vacation management features. Unfortunately, the solution can only serve a maximum of two users.

Many resource management tools are only designed for managers. However, Teamdeck can be accessed by any member of the organization. Members track their time and manage their availability through the app. All these capabilities are supported through various features, including:

Teamdeck’s resource planning provides insight into the available resources in the calendar view. This allows you to assign tasks directly. Members can enter their availability, making the tool ideal for field or part-time employees in your organization.

With Teamdeck, members can record the time spent on each project with a single click. The tool also converts time data into time sheets with accurate records of billable hours. Of course, members can also enter or edit the entries.

You can download timesheets and process them elsewhere. 

The tool makes it easy for members to request vacations and view holidays directly through the app. Managers can also approve vacation requests through the app. Remote and part-time employees can let their supervisors know their exact availability.

The tool lets you integrate projects and members of the organization.

Teamdeck Pricing

Teamdeck comes with a premium subscription plan and paid plan. The paid plan starts at $3.99 per month. The software also offers a free trial, giving you time to decide whether a paid plan is worth it.


$ 0 / Month

Can only serve a maximum of two people.


$ 3 / Month

Includes extra integration and video/phone support.

Teamdeck Awards

Teamdeck is a newly launched tool and has not won any awards recently. However, the tool offers promising functionalities which can benefit any organization in several ways. 

The Bottom Line

Teamdeck helps business owners manage various accounting and project-based processes, thus enhancing business growth. The tool offers everything you need to streamline resource management and increase productivity.