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Modern technology is taking up space in various industries. As such, organizations are encountering a significant amount of data that cannot be dumped. That’s where data visualization tools such as tableau come in. The tool allows the organization to obtain data insights to promote business growth. The organization needs to carry out data analysis and visualization to get important data insights and patterns. Tableau makes this process easy as it helps convert unstructured data into an easy-to-understand format.

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Software Overview

Tableau is a data visualization software that allows members to see and understand data. The tool uses advanced technology to help users solve their problems. The main goal of the developers is to make enormous amounts of data accessible. Tableau provides three main tools – Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online. Tableau Desktop is built to help you analyze and understand enormous data. With the software, you can effortlessly create interactive dashboards. Although Tableau Desktop deals with big data, the tool is still faster than most of its alternatives. Tableau Server is built for businesses. This is a browser-based analytics app that delivers all the big data benefits of Tableau Desktop. The tool is designed to provide businesses with organized data. Tableau Online is a hosted version of the tableau server. The tool provides maximum security, allowing the business to share data confidently.

Benefits of Using Tableau

Data Visualization

Tableau promotes data blending and dashboard development to create an awesome visualization. Tableau has captured attention widely due to its dedication to data visualization.

Instant Interactive Visualizations

Tableau has a drag-and-drop feature to help you create an interactive visual within the shortest time possible. The interface handles several variations while preventing you from developing charts against data visualization practices.

Easy Implementation

Tableau has several visualization types to enhance a positive experience. The tool is also easy to use compared to other solutions such as Python, BusinessObjects, and Domo. You don't need any coding knowledge to get started with Tableau.

Handles Enormous Amounts of Data

Tableau can easily handle tons of raw data. Users can create huge amounts of data through various visualization types by tweaking dashboard performance.

Multiple Scripting Languages

To avoid issues with performance and to perform complex table calculations, users can use Python. Python scripts can perform data cleansing tasks with packages, thus taking the load off the software.

Interactive Dashboards and Mobile Support

Tableau dashboard comes with a perfect reporting functionality, allowing you to customize the dashboard for the device you want – a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The tool automatically detects the device you are using to view the report and adjusts it to serve the right report to the right device.

Company Strategies

Tableau has been a leading data visualization tool for six years. With experience in data technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the Tableau team does a good job of keeping the tool updated with modern functionalities and competitive features.

Product Features

Tableau software is designed to make your work easier. The following are the incredible features of the tool:

Tableau connects to multiple data sources, live and in-memory. What’s more important is that it doesn’t need any programming. It is compatible with other platforms like Redshift, Cloudera Hadoop, SQL Server, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, MongoDB, and PDF files.

The tool allows switching between extracted data and live connections. Additionally, you can create automatic refreshes and receive notifications when data connections fail.

Tableau Server and Tableau Online guarantee a secured share and collaboration on main insights.

The drag-and-drop feature allows you to integrate data and develop visuals to detect patterns with a few clicks of a button.

The relationship feature allows the platform to establish relationships between data tables and run queries.

This feature allows you to track your key performance indicator from your device. The metrics can be accessed from multiple dashboards at once. Additionally, users can access real-time data since the metrics are updated in the background.

Data is often located in a menu on the left side. Therefore, you can simply drag a few items into a column and set up a quick pivot to get the summary of your data.

Tableau Pricing

Tableau pricing depends on the user license.

Tableau Creators

$ 70 / Month

Tableau Explorers

$ 35 / Month

Tableau Viewers

$ 12 / Month

Tableau Awards

Tableau has won various awards, including:

Stevie award

The platform won a Stevie award for its free product, Tableau Public. Tableau is designed to help with publishing content and creating interactive visuals.

CODiE award

Tableau was recognized as the best business intelligence tool in CODiE awards.   

The Bottom Line

Tableau is a digital tool designed to help users view and understand data. The tool allows the organization to monitor performance easily and detect deficits.