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Sticky is a flexible recurring and subscription billing solution for e-commerce platforms. It offers billing freedom, actionable metrics, and a multi-channel campaign system. Stick has been designed for e-commerce brands that are still scaling. 

Let’s face it, developing an e-commerce platform in the modern day is not simple.

It’s an intricate process with lots of technicalities. It requires you to understand various customer segments, offer custom plans to meet their needs, and consistently rely on data to refine your techniques. logo

Software Overview

Using Sticky, you can build the subscriptions that your clients desire. You can also launch and manage campaigns on countless customer touchpoints. The integrated revenue optimization program enables you to boost ROI while reducing customer churn. The predictive capabilities and latest analytical functionalities help you leverage your data to deliver better results in no time.

Benefits of Using Sticky

Powerful Features

The tool comes with powerful features that let you maximize your subscription. It does more than just make sure that your campaigns are successful. It helps you build a strong customer relationship. Sticky also handles security compliance and your billing needs. Since Sticky is an all-inclusive tool, most of your business needs will be catered to.

Better Customer Relationships

To make sure your customers stick around, you have to provide them with a better customer experience. Sticky comes with CRM tools to help you learn more about your clients and how to convert leads to sales. It also helps you monitor your audience and keep track of vital information that can help you create successful campaigns.

Improve Sales Revenue

Sales revenue is bound to scale thanks to features like billing optimization and marketing automation. By keeping track of every process or transaction that takes place in your business you can determine its performance. With these functionalities, you can monitor your channels, networks, and campaigns.

Product Features

Sticky comes with many intuitive features for businesses. Some of the ways it can help boost operations in your business include:

To ensure you are getting the most from this platform, Sticky supports countless third-party integrations. For instance, you can enjoy flawless communication with your clients thanks to Mailchimp, and ExactTarget, and more. Furthermore, you can boost your security with the help of tools like SecureBuy and FraudShield.

With this feature, you can rest assured that your business is safe from external threats. Additionally, it protects your customers’ data and transactions. While using this feature, other benefits include Kount support and lower chargeback rates. The Kount feature helps you keep fraudsters at bay. Other benefits include personalizing risk profiles and keeping fraud rules updated.

The shopping cart applies to both API and WordPress. If your site is based on WordPress, you can begin accessing the benefits it comes with. For instance, lead collection and one-click checkout, among others. Using API, you can personalize the entire shopping experience.

Thanks to the predictive analytics and flexibility of this platform, you can boost the revenue of your sales. This means you will be able to cluster your clients based on their value. You’ll also be able to identify the products and campaigns that have had the most success. As a result, you can channel your efforts towards projects with a higher chance of success..

This tool offers an interface that makes it easy to view user data. You can even apply filters based on elements like particular campaigns, traffic sources, and channels. Once Sticky has performed the data analysis, you can have your data represented in charts and graphics. With this option, you can easily digest the information and get a clear picture of how your business is faring.

With this feature, you’ll also benefit from various types of dashboards. It lets you know how well your business is performing. You can also export your data into a secure file where you can refer to it in the future.

Sticky Pricing

Sticky offers custom plans, so you need to contact the vendor for a quote.

Sticky Awards

  • Happiest User
  • Top Subscription Management Program 2022
  • Trusted Vendor Award
  • Top Subscription Management Program 2021
  • A Leading Subscription Management Program 2020
  • Quality Choice

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you are looking for an all-inclusive e-commerce tool, then you should consider using Sticky. It’s a powerful tool that provides you with everything you need in one place. It has powerful features that you can leverage to boost your business and customer relationships. Some companies also use Sticky to maximize their business value.

Furthermore, with the help of features like transaction risk assessment and analytics, you can minimize potential risks. Since you are dealing with multiple client accounts, this platform helps you keep their details updated.

When there is a change in a customer’s card details, the system will identify this in advance and help capture their new details. With this option, your revenue stream is secured. It also helps regain the lost revenue and reduces the chances of clients abandoning your product.

Other benefits include anti-fraud capabilities, a flawless payment system, and a gateway to great customer experience. Every transaction is secured with bank-level security and guarantees safe checkouts.