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Squava Software

Squava is an all-inclusive professional service automation program. The tool can run a range of functions including forecasting, accounting, invoicing, management, and time-tracking. It’s the best pick for people who own a professional service firm. It has remarkable features like the smart workflow that lets you speed up daily tasks allowing you to save time. With the help of this tool, you can channel your focus to the critical business operation that earns you revenue.

You will also be able to answer questions like which jobs generate more money? Do you have enough work to generate a specific income? When should you hire? Do you need to hire? 

Squava comes integrated with all the vital business tasks. They are all run by a simple yet powerful, intelligent, and automated digital solution. This tool provides you with financial intelligence during moments when you have to make vital business decisions.

Companies can easily use Squava to adapt management solutions for their business. 

The standard Squava services will help your business grow. With time, Squava becomes a money-saving solution. There’s also free training for all customers to help them avoid training charges. Most importantly, Squava doesn’t force you into long-term legal contracts. The services are billed on a monthly basis, meaning you can leave anytime you want.

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Software Overview

  • A digital solution that’s accessible through all internet-enabled devices
  • No long-term contracts and upfront fees
  • Free training and onboarding
  • Complete and simple accounting
  • Powerful and flexible billing
  • Backlog reports in real-time
  • Profitability and project management in real-time
  • Automated invoicing
  • Fast timesheets
  • All-inclusive business management program

Benefits of Using Squava

Work Faster

This tool turns all essential business processes into one straightforward out-of-the-box program. It improves how you monitor time, invoices, and projects. It also gives you a fresh perspective on how to manage business finances and the projects at hand. Last but not least, you can automate your invoices. This reduces the amount of work you have to deal with. To make a good deal even better, the creation and distribution of invoices is faster and more efficient than it would be otherwise.


This tool arms you with financial insight into your venture or projects. With this piece of information, you can identify ways to increase your revenue and generate more profit.

Visualize the Future

Daily operations in your businesses may make you lose sight of what matters. Luckily, Squava helps you to focus not only on what’s at hand but also on what’s ahead. As such, you gain a better vision and you can make proactive judgments.

Grow your Venture

Are you tired of earning the same amount of revenue every month? Through forecasting and insightful data, Squava helps you reach unprecedented levels of growth.

Product Features

The following are some of Squava’s incredible features:

Squava is fitted with several features that can benefit business growth and expansion. Some of these features are:

  • Invoicing
  • Critical reporting
  • Profit/cost monitoring
  • Mobile access
  • Automated backups
  • Check printing
  • Accounts payable
  • Secure data
  • Bank integration
  • Chart of accounts
  • Accounts receivable
  • Backlog tracking
  • Project management
  • Time tracking
  •  Free trial

Squava Pricing

The Squava offers just one plan with all the features you need. If you want a tool that supports scalability, this solution is right for you. It will help your business grow to the level you desire. Having one package means you don’t have to worry about paying more for premium features as your business grows. No more comparing plans or deciding which package has the features your business needs.


$ 40 / Month

The Bottom Line

Squava makes an excellent tool for business management. It has practical plans and the features are outstanding. This tool comes with a range of benefits. The most noticeable benefits are the time savings. Since Squava handles most of the operations in your business, you are left with enough time to focus on other tasks. That means you can focus less on business management and more on how to scale it.

Squava also offers free training for all their clients. Therefore, you don’t need to waste money on training and onboarding.