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Whether you own a startup or a fully-fledged company, you need a robust platform to help your business grow. A powerful business website is the perfect tool for this job. It gives you an avenue where you can promote your products to prospective clients. But how do you create such a platform? Well, here is where Squarespace comes in handy. It’s a fully managed hosting environment for website development and maintenance.

Squarespace has a complex user interface that’s easy to navigate through. It also comes with reliable tools that bloggers, creative professionals, web developers, and businesses can use to build a quality site.

Whether you’re developing an e-commerce store, blog, or portfolio, you can use a Squarespace website to showcase your idea. 

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Software Overview

Squarespace targets e-commerce stores, designers, and individuals that want to create a digital presence for their business. The tool provides resourceful solutions that help create new standards for digital publishing. It allows businesses and individuals to develop and maintain virtual stores, blogs, and websites.  Here’s what makes Squarespace stand out from other similar platforms:

  • Latest templates designed by top designers
  • Every design comes with a distinct mobile experience
  • Tons of custom settings including page configurations, colors, and fonts
  • Designed to suit every business need including individual needs
  • Supports installation and testing of different templates

Benefits of Using Squarespace

SEO Tools

The tool comes integrated with search engine optimization features. Thanks to these tools, you can reach more audiences across the web and social platforms. With the help of SEO, you can enhance the visibility of your business. Ultimately, this functionality helps your store, blog, or website rank well on the search engine results pages.

SSL Security

E-commerce stores are major targets when it comes to cyber theft and hacking. However, this shouldn't be a concern if you're using Squarespace. The tool is fitted with SSL encryption. Using this security feature, you can protect both your business data and customer details.

Payment Options

Squarespace supports different forms of payment, including PayPal and credit card. As a result, your clients can use whatever payment method they are most comfortable with.

Easy to Add Product Page

Are you ready to sell your goods and begin earning money? Well, Squarespace ensures that you can easily add pages for your products and begin selling. These pages support both tangible goods and downloaded services. Additionally, you can incorporate a shopping cart and checkout point for your clients.

Intuitive Website Builder

All websites developed by Squarespace are striking visual and highly responsive. Squarespace is an intuitive building solution that allows you to provide your visitors with a rich virtual experience. With Squarespace, website development is easy and enjoyable thanks to multiple features and program integrations. There are also constant updates to ensure your platform can keep up with the latest technological trends.

Style Editor

Styling is a vital part of building a website. Using the style editor from Squarespace, you can add logos, switch templates, alter colors, and change fonts. Furthermore, you can customize the header, link, and button color. Integration with a resourceful tool like Aviary improves the virtual editing experience. As a user, you can directly search, preview, and buy images and their licenses from Getty Images.

Product Features

The following are some of the incredible features from Squarespace:

This is a powerful website-building solution for all types of businesses and individual needs. It makes it easy to create a website for whatever reason even when you have poor coding skills.

This is a web-based solution. As such, it supports a wide range of browsers.

Multiple platforms can work alongside this builder. The most common integrations include Wufoo, Aweber, Shopify, PayPal, and Stripe. 

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace offers two plans to choose from:


$ 12 / Month

• Transaction fee – 3% • Unlimited product sales • Ecommerce is fully integrated • 24/7 support • SSL security • Free personalized domain • Powerful site analytics • Mobile-optimized site • 20 blogs, galleries, and pages with unmetered bandwidth


$ 18 / Month

• Promotional Pop-ups • $100 Google ad credit • Professional emails • Transaction fee- 2% • E-commerce is fully integrated • Unlimited product sale • 24/7 support • SSL security • Free personalized domain • Powerful website analytics • Mobile-optimized sites • Unlimited blogs, galleries, and pages

Squarespace Awards

  • Quality Choice
  • Trusted Vendor
  • Happiest User
  • 2017 leading eCommerce Solution
  • 2020 leading Website Builder
  • 2021 Easy Website Builder
  • 2021 leading eCommerce solution
  • 2022 Easy Website Builder
  • 2022 leading e-commerce solution

The Bottom Line

Squarespace is a useful tool for every business or individual that wants to create a site to showcase their goods. What’s even better is that you can do this without having to deal with coding. As such, it’s the right choice for tech novice users.