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Creating a social media account for your business is a vital step. But that’s not enough. If you really want to tap into this potential marketplace, you must create a visible online presence. After all, clients won’t go digging for information. That’s why you need virtual tools like Sprinklr. It’s a powerful social automation tool that will grant your brand the attention it deserves.

With this tool by your side, you can run your digital channels effectively. You can also ensure the posts are on-schedule. Most importantly, you can track customer conversations that mention your brand.


Software Overview

  • Message scheduling across brands and channels
  • Ensures consistent campaigns across your channels
  • Campaign deployment across different channels demographics, and markets

Benefits of Using Sprinklr

Generate Revenue

These days, social media channels are the favorite shopping platforms for consumers. Many customers purchase items from various brands using these channels. As such, creating a presence for your businesses on some of these channels is vital. That’s not all - you need resourceful programs like Sprinklr to help you maximize the potential of these platforms as marketplaces. This tool helps you to enhance customer engagement across all your channels. It also creates an opportunity for generating leads and converting some into sales.

Secure the Reputation of your Brand

Reputation is a vital aspect of a brand. It influences everything from marketing to sales. Therefore, when you have a positive brand reputation, the chances of engaging prospective customers are higher. Even the clients will be willing to reach out to you. Sprinklr can help you manage your brand reputation. It can filter the type of engagement that can take place on all your social media platforms. This is all possible through moderation, rules, and approval processes that filter out irrelevant content.

Optimize Team Productivity

Sprinklr publishing, planning, and reporting features are all based on AI. The AI feature categorizes all the messages automatically, channeling them to the right teams to promote relevant responses every time.

Product Features

Sprinklr facilitates important marketing campaigns on social media. That includes campaign management, reporting, publishing, and planning. Let’s have a look at each briefly:

  • This tool helps you organize your content well on various social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others.
  • Sprinklr also allows you to run all your social events, campaigns, and posts from the same platform. You don’t have to switch from one network to another updating each independently.
  • With the help of the Sprinklr editorial calendar that runs globally, you can ensure your posts are reaching the target audience.
  • The tool allows you to identify brand content that is performing well. With insight from the data collected, you can launch a campaign that’s more powerful than before.
  • Furthermore, this tool grants you access to a well-organized platform where every single feature that you need is within reach. Not to mention, you can quickly analyze the influence of your content.
  • It lets you sustain a constant brand voice across all your social media accounts.
  • Furthermore, the platform lets you auto-tag, schedule, approve, and draft content across different networks
  • The integrations that this tool comes with can make your experience far better. For instance, the calendar assist can help you track your campaign efforts and determine their effects on your brand.


Does Sprinklr offer a demo?

If you are using Sprinklr for the first time, you’ll be happy to hear that you can request a demo. This demo will guide you on what to do to get started.

Sprinklr Pricing

Sprinklr offers a free trial so you can explore the functionalities before you choose a paid plan .Pricing for the paid plans not indicated on the platform. Reach out to the vendor directly for a quote.

Sprinklr Awards

  • Top Trusted Vendor
  • Quality Choice Award
  • 2017 Top Social Media Program

The Bottom Line

Today’s consumers expect all companies to have an established presence on social media channels. That’s not all – they expect every brand to be actively engaging. Due to the availability of the many networks that businesses need to exist in, it becomes hard to remain active on every one of them. It’s even harder to display brand consistency across these channels.

For this reason, you need Sprinklr, a social media planning, scheduling, posting, and publishing tool. It automates this entire process making it less labor-intensive. Thanks to Sprinklr, a brand manager can run several social networks simultaneously and create a positive brand experience.