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SocialPilot Software

Based in the cloud, SocialPilot is a campaign tool and an analytic solution for social media. It accommodates the needs of all businesses regardless of size. Some of the features it comes with include branding, calendar management, client management, scheduling, and reporting functions.

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Software Overview

For quick access wherever you are, SocialPilot comes with a mobile application available on iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, this tool integrates with all major social channels including Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. It can handle bulk scheduling, which is an important feature if you’re dealing with several social media profiles.

It has a calendar feature that helps users to monitor their posts monthly, weekly, or daily. For specific monitoring of your posts, you can use the filters. These will help you look at posts on specific days. The calendar has a drag and drop function for easy management of content.

This tool also allows you to keep tabs on your performance metrics, especially your campaigns. You’ll get insights on rivals, influencers, demographics, audience growth, and engagement.

Benefits of Using SocialPilot

Cost Benefit

When you compare the SocialPilot small team package to other companies at its level, it’s the most cost-effective solution. It allows you to access premium features at an affordable rate. Therefore, if you’re looking to get value for money, don’t think twice about trying this tool.


SocialPilot is a universal software when it comes to social media management. Besides accommodating major networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it also supports other platforms. With the Agency package, it can host more than 50 different accounts, which is plenty for an agency managing client social media accounts.

Bulk Posts

This tool is capable of handling bulk posts. This is one of the key features that makes it a great option for businesses.

Enhanced Collaboration

This application is well suited for collaborative tasks within the company. Depending on the plan you’re using, you can invite other users onboard and use it simultaneously to handle different tasks. For example, you can share a file, communicate, or discover a new idea together.


You can discover the health of your business or marketing campaigns through analytics. With analytical insights, you can improve your campaign strategies. The amount of content that you can analyze using this tool is also unlimited.

Customer Relationship Management

Each client is unique, and they often expect to be treated as such. For starters, they expect custom services to be tailored to their needs or preferences. With this tool, you can avoid sending generic messages that discourage clients from engaging with you. It keeps tabs on your customer profile, enabling you to personalize their experiences.

Manage Several Social Profiles

Today's businesses need to have a social media presence on different channels. While that’s great for media outreach, it also creates more of a burden when you need to handle many profiles. SocialPilot solves this problem by helping you manage all of your brand's social profiles from the same place.

Client Management

If you are running a marketing agency, then you must have access to client social media profiles. With the client management function, you can manage all the accounts without a hassle.

Product Features
There are tons of features to expect when you choose this tool as your social media software. Some of them are:

  • Browser extension
  • RSS feeds automation
  • Content curation
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Social media calendar
  • Social media scheduling
  • Team management
  • Client management
  • White label solutions
  • Analytics
  • Facebook ads
  • Social inbox

SocialPilot Pricing

SocialPilot has four different pricing plans that you can leverage. They include:


$ 106.25 / Month

If you are running a large enterprise, company, or agency, then you will need a plan with powerful tools. This plan will accommodate all your needs. It covers all the features in other plans and much more. The exclusive features include:

• White label tools • Unlimited clients • 9 users • 50 social media profiles


The studio package is the most popular of their plans. The plan includes features that are suitable for both growing and established businesses, companies or enterprises. Like the Agency plan, it accommodates a sizeable number of social accounts and users. The exclusive features include:

• Unlimited clients • 6 users • 30 social media profiles

Small Team

$ 42.50 / Month

When you have a team of managers for your social media account, you’ll need a plan that accommodates them. If yours is a bigger team, then you’ll need the Studio and Agency package. However, if you have a small team of about three users, then the small team package will accommodate your needs. Some of its features include:

• Unlimited clients • 3 users • 20 social media profiles


A professional plan is a starter pack with basic features and an affordable rate. If you are just launching your startup, then this plan should meet your needs. It will give your accounts the boost they need. Even better, the Professional plan is custom-built to fit within a budget that your business can afford comfortably. Some of its features include:

• 1 user • 10 social media profiles

SocialPilot Awards

SocialPilot awards are as follows:

  • Trusted Vendor
  • Quality Choice
  • 2017 top social media software
  • 2020 top social media software
  • 2021 top social media software
  • 2022 top social media software

The Bottom Line

Where do you stand when it comes to social media management tools? Well, we recommend SocialPilot because of the remarkable plans it has. This software comes with plans that fit all your business needs. It also has great features for scheduling, outreach campaigns, and engagement. It’s a powerful tool you can use to communicate vital information to clients. Similarly, you can use it to manage all your incoming messages.

This software has no limitations on the type of audience it can help you connect with. For example, you can use it for the general public, stakeholders, consumers, and clients. It’s also a resourceful software tool when you need to learn about your existing clients or acquire new ones.