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Smartsheet Software

Project management software makes running a business easier by streamlining workflows. With many businesses being run digitally, software solutions like Smartsheet are gaining recognition for their efficiency, productivity and potential to boost business growth.

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Software Overview

Smartsheet is a project management software that is ideal for businesses that manage several projects. It has powerful and effective features that help an organization plan its work, efficiently deliver projects, and improve productivity of team members. One of the main reasons Smartsheet has gained such a huge client base is because of its user-friendly interface. Smartsheet also comes with several useful features, including enterprise-grade security features.

Smartsheet offers a 30-day trial to new users. It also comes in various packages with varying prices. Each package comes with powerful capabilities. Smartsheet has won several awards that make it a leading project management software.

Benefits of Using Smartsheet

User-friendly Interface

Using Smartsheet is as easy as using a spreadsheet. You can build applications that can be accessed with zero-code requirements. The Smartsheet interface is user-friendly and can be easily accessed. Additionally, one can navigate the software with ease.

Improves Collaboration

Smartsheet enables organizations to collaborate easily, both internally and externally. This enhances efficiency.

Manages Workflows

Smartsheet can help one automate and manage workflows based on user preferences and needs.

Facilitates Business Growth

Smartsheet gives a business a flexible solution to help improve the quality of project deliverables. Users can respond promptly to any change in the organization.

Enhances Integration

Smartsheet allows the integration of people, technology, and processes to enable efficiency. Integration can help an organization align its goals by connecting team members and the projects done using a zero-code platform.

Product Features

Smartsheet software has several features that can help with project management. These include:

This feature will help you keep track of your work and visualize ongoing projects through various platforms and with tools such as Gantt charts.

Smartsheet software has enterprise-grade security that enables you to protect your data. You can easily encrypt or mask your data. Therefore, one will need a code to access the information. This will help you avoid unnecessary changes to your projects.

The drag-and-drop feature helps you to automatically move tasks or work from one place to another. You can easily automate and integrate various parts of your projects without the fear of losing data.

This feature helps gives you the capability to track your projects and check on their progress. You can also identify issues that may hinder the progress of your projects and tackle them on time.

Forms and sheets are used to keep your data in check. This feature will help you collect data with zero errors. You can customise these forms and sheets with brand assets like logos.

Automate your workflows and tasks with simple and powerful tools. This will ease your work and promote efficiency.

Smartsheet Pricing

Smartsheet offers various plans with varying prices. The platform accepts payment via credit card, Visa, or Mastercard. These payments can be done annually or monthly. The software offers a free 30-day trial for new customers.


$ 0 / Month

Free trial of 30 days for new customers.


$ 7 / Month

Accessible for a maximum of ten users with unlimited viewers.


$ 25 / Month

Most recommended plan. Supports a minimum of three users with unlimited editors


To access Enterprise charges, you must contact the sales team. The enterprise plan is ideal for larger organizations. The enterprise plan has the added benefits of managing processes at scale, retaining data policies, and customization of encryption keys. Smartsheet has special discounts for non-profit organizations.

Smartsheet Awards

Smartsheet software is a leading work and project management software that has received acclaim for its benefits to users. It has earned several awards, including;

  • TrustRadius has recognized Smartsheet as the top-rated and most loved software in 2021 and 2022.
  • Comparably has also awarded Smartsheet for various accomplishments, including Best Company for Diversity 2021, Best Women CEOs 2021, Best Company Work-Life Balance, Best HR Team 2021, Best Company Compensation, Best Company for Women 2021, Best Sales Team 2021, Best Company Culture 2021, Best Places to Work in Seattle 2021 and Best Company Outlook 2021.

In 2020, Comparably recognized smartsheet in four categories: happiest employees, best companies for compensation, best companies for perks and benefits, and the best companies for work life.

The Bottom Line

Smartsheet is a leading project management software. It has earned various awards. In addition to being ideal for internal project management, it can also be the go-to software for collaborations with external customers. Additionally, the tool has a dedicated number of brand advocates across the world. The tool is highly rated and has several positive reviews from satisfied clients.