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Smartlook Software

Smartlook is a behavioral analytics platform for web and mobile apps. Over 2800 organisations, both big and small, rely on Smartlook to answer questions from their users, especially the ‘why.’

Smartlook provides access to data required to understanding user behavior at the micro level. With always-on visitor recording, you can see what each of your visitors do your website or app, while the automatic event tracking lets you know what activities they perform and how often. This allows you to design your web or app in a way that appeals visitors. You can build conversion funnels to see your conversion rate and uncover why people are churning. The heatmap is another feature which shows you where most people click, hover, scroll, and the general interaction with the pages.


Software Overview

Smartlook started in 2016 with web analytics and branched into mobile app analytics in 2018. It was ranked among the top 100 software services. Smartlook can be used in many ways. These include using it as a tool to enhance user experience, improving the quality of the support you intend to give, and complimenting your traditional analytics tool by providing a more qualitative perspective of how users navigate the website and see how best you could help improve what they see.

It can also be a valuable marketing resource for boosting your skills in the sales industry and skyrocketing your conversion rate. It gives you room to improve your user experience, facilitate problem detection on the website, and find out ways in which you can improve your services. Doing this helps you to satisfy customer needs and positively impact your business.

According to many folks, the best feature in Smartlook is the session recording, which is helpful when supporting the site’s users. The feature diagnoses exactly what went wrong and guides users into completing the intended action. It also helps in diagnosing bugs, understanding how users interact with new features, and more. The data analysis with heat maps, funnels, and event trackers helps the user understand the app usage and prioritize the next product steps. The support team is also quick to help any customers who run into problems.

The platform has recently raised $3.6M in a series A funding round led by Airbridge Equity partners. These funds are dedicated to widening the platform’s product offerings and hiring new staff members.   

Benefits of Using Smartlook

Revenue Increase

Businesses can adjust their landing page design based on how users interact and explore websites. These design adjustments reduce customer frustration and provide customers with increased revenue.

Lower Churn Rates

Churn rate is the annual percentage rate of customers who stop paying for a service. In this case, it's the percentage of customers who stop subscribing to Smartlook's payment plan. Smartlook helps you identify points of frustration on your platform, drastically reducing churn.

Consistent Integration

Smartlook reviews note that there are no compatibility issues because the tool integrates with more than 60 third-party software solutions. Thanks to these integrations, businesses can continue using their favorite software tools.

Product Features

The following are some of Smartlook’s incredible features:

  • Always-on visitor recordings
  • In-context recordings
  • Click heat maps
  • Automatic event tracking
  • Conversion funnels
  • Conversion data
  • JS console
  • Filtering and segmentation
  • Integrations
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Event picker
  • Events data
  • Data history
  • Mobile apps

Smartlook Pricing

Smartlook offers a 10-day free trial for new users to get acquainted with the new program. This trial supports both web and mobile app platforms. However, this free trial is only for personal use and not business purposes. This free trial provides access to 1500 sessions per month, a 1 month data retention, 2 events, 1 funnel, and 3 heat maps. 

There is also a variety of paid plans.
The subscription packages start at as little as $19 per month. An alternative package, known as power, costs $79 per month. 

At the enterprise level, you get a custom package. This package offers it has custom sessions/month, data retention, events, funnels, heat maps, session vault, premium, standard integrations, dev tools, and more enterprise features. 

Other start-up plans include a monthly plan of $39 with access to 5,000 sessions, data retention, 4 events, 1 funnel and 10 heat maps that are upgradable to 100. The one recommended for business costs $111 per month. This package offers a little more. It gives access to 15,000 sessions, 3 months of data retention, upgradable to 12 months, 12 events, 4 funnels, 30 heat maps, access to session vault, standard and premium integrations, and dev tools.  

Smartlook Awards

Smartlook was launched in 2016. Despite being a new solution in the business industry, the platform has over 300,000 users all over the globe. The platform is known to serve top leading companies such as Paxful, Sky, Volvo, Vogue, Papa Johns, Miele, and Livestorm. The developers received several awards, including G2 Crowd  Awards for “Top 100 software products.” The platform was named the best product for marketers and ranked among in top 50 Deloitte’s technology solutions in central Europe.        

The Bottom Line

Smartlook allows you to track user behavior across your website and mobile app simultaneously. This app can identify what elements users find interesting as well as points of frustration. Smartlook serves customers like O2, Fiverr, Miele, Hyundai, and Kiwi. It is easy to install Smartlook on your website to track visitor activities and ways of improving the site for more marketing opportunities. You’ll be able to see what your website visitors do, how much time they spend on the website, the pages they click, and the most popular sections of your website.