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Relationship management plays an important role in marketing and overall business growth. This marketing technique focuses on establishing a strong relationship between customers and the business to improve customer satisfaction. According to the American Marketing Association, relationship management is a market discipline that combines computer knowledge with marketing communication and customer services. Relationship management gives you new customers and helps you maintain their loyalty. While there are numerous marketing tools to help you achieve this, Sendinblue is one of the best.

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Software Overview

Sendinblue is a marketing automation tool that helps build customer and business relationships. The platform allow you to communicate with your customers and business through emails and social messaging platforms. 

Sendinblue was launched in 2010. The company is located in Paris, France, with over 184 million employees. This intuitive platform serves over 100,000 customers across the world. The relationship management tool lets you send as many emails as possible. The tool also supports SMS, CRM, and more. 

Benefits of Using Sendinblue

Improved Customer Journey

Sendinblue improves the customer journey. Without this marketing automation tool, you'd have to follow each step of each marketing lead to respond with the selected content. The tool allows you to set up automations by simply entering the sales funnel without manual efforts from staff members.

Cross-channel Marketing

One of the important benefits of Sendinblue is the cross-channel marketing campaigns, which keep you in touch with potential customers across multiple channels. Marketing automation tools include live charts, SMS marketing, email marketing, and more., making it easy for you to create a custom-cross channel marketing workflow and maintain good communication with your customers.

Easy Attribution

Sendinblue makes it easy to assess how previous successful marketing campaigns have achieved the desired results. When it comes to multi-channeling marketing, attribution is the only way to gauge the performance of individual marketing channels. Marketing attribution can be quite challenging, especially without an automation tool.

Bold Personalization

Bold personalization entails customizing the content users see based on their online behavior. When over 70% of people expect organizations to deliver individualized interactions, email personalization delivers a boost of up to 15% in revenue.

High and Quality Leads

Close to 80% of organizations experience high lead generation after embracing marketing automation. With the tool, you only need to create a lead magnet, put it where you are likely to get your next potential customer and leave the tool to do the rest. With Sendinblue, you can also create a lead generation chatbot to identify potential clients through their behaviour.

Product Features

To understand how this digital automation tool works, it is important to evaluate its key features and how they contribute to the effectiveness of the software:

Email marketing is the main feature of the software. This feature allows you to send as many emails as possible in one month. With the basic free version of the software, you can send up to 9000 emails. Various plans allow you to send 40,000 to 60,000 emails per month. With the premium version, you can send up to 120,000 emails per month.

The tool has an in-built email creator that can help you create customized emails. You can also customize your emails using the drag-and-drop feature. You can choose email templates if you don’t want to spend time creating emails from scratch. Additionally, you can customize your template by adding the organization’s name, contact address, phone number, and image.  

This feature can be useful in many businesses or organizations. With the steady increase in smartphones and other digital devices, you can be guaranteed that your messages will be delivered to your target audience.       

Sendinblue Pricing

The following is the general pricing plan for Sendinblue:


$ 0 / Month

The free plan is for email marketing beginners. The plan has limited features, allowing only 300 emails daily. Through this plan, you'll receive Sendinblue branding through the mail. The plan also includes a free template library, allowing you to create the best emails for your business. It also includes a live chat feature to connect your business with the audience.


The Lite plan has more features than the free plan. The plan is also for beginners and features A/B testing. The feature allows you to send 2 different emails to the same audience group and determine the email that suits your audience. The following is the pricing breakdown for the lite plan per month:

• 10,000 emails - $25 • 20,000 emails - $39 • 40,000 emails - $54 • 60,000 emails - $69 • 100,000 emails - $99


The Premium plan provides you with many emails and several incredible features. The plan includes 10 user inboxes and a sales CRM to help you manage customer interactions. The following is the pricing breakdown for the premium plan per month:

• 20,000 emails - $65 • 40,000 emails - $79 • 60,000 emails - $94 • 100,000 emails -$124 • 150,000 emails - $169 • 250,000 emails - $229 • 350,000 emails - $289 • 500,000 emails - $379 • 750,000 emails - $499 • 1,000,000 emails - $599


This is the most comprehensive plan, as it includes all the features from the previous plans. It comes with custom pricing, and is perfect if you want to send 1,000,000+ emails. You can contact the billing team for a custom quote.

Sendinblue Awards

On August 2021, Sendinblue was announced as the best marketing automation platform for SMBs.

The Bottom Line

Sendinblue is one of the top leading marketing automation tools. The platform provides you with several incredible features to grow your business. The pricing plans are also affordable to ensure you get everything you need to automate your email marketing.