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Businesses that prefer cloud-based accounting tools can enjoy significant benefits from Sage… Sage. This software comes with incredible features, such as inventory and invoice customization. Additionally, the tool supports limitless users and has android and iOS mobile apps.

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Software Overview

Sage is a cloud-based accounting tool designed for small businesses. With a subscription, you can access the tool from anywhere, provided a strong internet connection. The software is compatible with computers with desktops via browser.

Sage was launched by David Goldman in 1981. The main objective of the founder was to create estimates and basic accounting activities. Sage has been evolving since then, and the current version of the software even boasts automated accounting tasks.

Benefits of Using Sage

Improves Efficiency in Bookkeeping and Financial Management

Sage simplifies accounting processes, improving bookkeeping and financial analysis efficiency. The counter-based software streamlines accounting processes, thus improving productivity. Additionally, this accounting tool allows invoices to be made on time. Moreover, it allows accounts receivable analysis, the determination of cash flow position, and early payments.

Improves Accuracy in Report Preparation

Sage enhances accuracy in financial report preparation. The financial report is a crucial element of bookkeeping. Sage software makes it easier for users to prepare graphs, charts, and other reports that describe the organization's financial state at a particular time.

Tax Payment

Tax payment is an essential accounting activity for a small and large organizations alike. Delays or errors while entering the taxes can lead to significant fines by the tax authority. Sage software features an intuitive tax add-on that helps you avoid fines and penalties due to errors.

Eases Business Planning

Sage eases the preparation of profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. The profit and loss account statements help determine the organization's financial performance during a particular time. The balance sheet, on the other hand, shows the organization's financial performance at a specific period. These statements help the management make strategic business plans and ensure that the organization does sound financial planning.

Helps Prepare Payrolls

Payroll report preparations and salary distribution to employees is yet another crucial financial activity that Sage simplifies. The tool reduces the complex processes involved and ensures that the required amount is debited to the salary accounts.

Product Features

Sage comes with several incredible features, including:

The tool features a cash flow and invoicing system that provides insight into your cash flow. Sage also provides the balances of various cash accounts, as well as the expected inflows and outflows of cash. It provides a clear financial view whenever you need it.

The feature allows you to customize the cash flow setting for a clearer view of your finances.  Additionally, this functionality can change the viewing time frame during a particular period.

Sage features payment and banking functionality, including purchase orders, invoice payments, bank feeds, and account reconciliation. It integrates with the inventory management system. You can eliminate manual activities by automating all these processes. 

Additionally, the feature allows payment management while connecting to your bank feed for a clear financial view. You can also simplify the payment acceptances with auto reconciliation to eliminate manual activities. Additionally, the software comes with an enabled screen reader.

This feature helps you know what is in stock and what orders are pending. Additionally, it provides quantity views and keeps you on top of purchase orders. Sage software features a tracking inventory, which works in three steps. All you need to do is to enter the item details for the sales account, inventory account, and sales account costs.

The tool then automates and tracks costs through item codes daily. It also adjusts inventory whenever users post a purchase or sale.

Job costing functionality gives you a clear view of all your jobs and projects and lets you know your expenses. It also helps you determine the time your jobs and projects will take and calculate an estimate of the money you’ll earn on each project.

Additionally, through this feature, you can create job records, phases, and cost codes with ease. You can also monitor job costs through purchasing, inventory adjustment, payroll, etc.

Sage Pricing

Sage accounting software has a variety of subscription plans designed to cover different use cases:

Sage Cloud Pro

$ 50.58 / Month

This is the first subscription plan providing single-user access for one organization. The package has several incredible features, including:

• Tracking income and managing expenses • Bill payments and invoice customers • Tracking and managing inventory • Automated bank feeds • Integrate with Microsoft office 365 • Auto-delivery updates • Limitless North America-based support

Sage Cloud Premium

$ 78.25 / Month

This plan boasts several incredible features and capabilities, including:

• Tracing transactions and tracking down errors through audit trails • Phase and cost level job costing • Advanced budgeting solutions

Sage Cloud Quantum

$ 131 / Month

This plan includes the following:

• Features to manage multiple organizations • Role-based security • Stock and reporting tools • Workflow automation • Customized dashboard • Quick processing


$ 100 / Month

This plan is ideal for marketing agencies with 10 or more social channels.

Sage Awards

Sage software won numerous awards in 208 and 2019. The following are the awards:

In 2019, Sage was recognized as the winner in the 2019 SABRE Africa 2018 awards. The solution also won two golden awards:

  • Media relations category
  • Gold certificate of excellence for the Sage summit tour

In 2028, Sage won two awards in the International Business Awards:

  • Silver Stevie – technology category
  • Silver Stevie – low budget category under $10,000/€ 7,000

The Bottom Line

Sage software is a cloud-based accounting solution for small organizations. The tool boasts several incredible features and a variety of subscription plans to fit different needs. Sage benefits the organization in several ways through its incredible features.