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When sales are more consistent, and the implementation department is hassling to keep up, you need a project resource management tool. These tools are guaranteed to deliver incredible project resource management features. Runn is among the project resource management tools that is recommended for businesses of all sizes. This tool, enables you to manage intricate projects with the right resources.

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Software Overview

Runn is a resource management and forecasting solution that connects remote team within the organization. The tool is designed to help organizations get wide visibility across sales, ongoing projects, as well as the teams required to deliver them.

Runn was established in 2018 by seasoned entrepreneurs and an ex-agency employee who had to put up with burdensome spreadsheets, complex resource planning meetings, and a lack of visibility of the capacity of the teams.

The tool is designed with centralized and built-in features, allowing visibility of project portfolios and allocating resources quickly and effectively. Organizations can handle the most profitable projects and match resourcing requirements with ideal skills for the best results.

Benefits of Using Runn

Lower Costs

The platform offers free plans with all capabilities for a maximum of five users. It offers two versions with different price points and features.Runn offers a flat-rate as well as special pricing. For example, it's currently offering 100% free products for users in Ukraine for the next five years. It's also offering 50% off for businesses in developing countries and 50% off for non-profit organizations.

Eases Billing Calculations

The tool gives clear billing month-to-month for professional services.

Improved Resource Scheduling

With Runn, you can access a drag-and-drop interface to ease the allocation work with options to extend, shorten, or split work depending on the overall needs of the project and team members. The tool also allows team members to see resource clashes instantly and identify whether team members are overbooked or underbooked.

Eases Project Planning

The tool improves KPIs, helping you view the project budget information and other analytics. Additionally, it gives you a view of all projects in a single visual graph. After setting the budget, users can see the effects of their potential projects on the overall budget.

Product Features

Runn software comes with a wide range of features, including:

The tool centralizes all resource data in one place, giving users a real-time view of the employee resource pool. It also gives a clear view of employee availability and utilization rate. Moreover, it allows the optimization of the capacity of the available resources. On top of this, users can match the right skills to the ideal project for better results. 

The tool has a resource scheduling feature, allowing users to assign projects and create assignments effortlessly. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to allocate work to the employees effortlessly. The feature also provides the ability to extend, shorten or transfer work.

Like other resource and capacity planning solutions, Runn provides an easy-to-understand cost, revenue, and profitability forecast. This helps you identify problems with ease. Additionally, it helps you track the financial direction of your business.

The project performance report also provides an instant view of your budget. The tool also helps you swipe between hours and financial details to analyze your project progress in-depth.

Runn has a different approach when it comes to timesheet management. The timesheet feature helps you keep track of business and project plans. Thanks to this functionality, your team members only need to make necessary adjustments when there are changes in plans.

Runn software plays an important role in decision making at different levels. The tool features superb reporting and analytic features to ease your reporting. 

If you want to deliver informative reporting for your management team or main stakeholders, you can use the project or people’s explorer to create a professional report. You can also use variance and utilization reports to generate your report.  

Additionally, this feature allows you to customize your data by searching, filtering, and choosing from a collection of performance metrics, then printing the data.

Runn software integrates with other platforms, including Harvest, Clockify, and WorkflowMax. You can import your project and client data and sync your time entries through the integration. The tool integrates with project management tools such as Jira, Asana, and Trello. While these project management tools efficiently manage task-level information, Runn software provides a clear view, helping users align resources, teams, projects, and time across the organization.

Runn Pricing

Runn offers a 14-day free trial. This trial grants you access to all the features and limitless access to the support resource team. Additionally, the software comes with a free on-boarding walk-through.       


$ 0 / Month


$ 10 / Month

Runn Awards

Runn has an overall score of 82/100 in the project management category. The tool has been awarded the Quality Choice Award.

The Bottom Line

Runn is a flexible resource management tool. The software comes with several incredible features and affordable plans.