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Quick Tips for Boosting SEO With a Press Release

Organic traffic influences over 50% of web traffic. With the right SEO strategy, your press releases can reach potential audiences. As a result, you will generate more website traffic thanks to the visibility that your brand has acquired. Without learning to use SEO the right way, you will miss the opportunity to reach potential clients online.

How can your business benefit from an SEO rank boost as a result of a powerful release? We’ve compiled some quick tips for boosting SEO using a powerful press release.

With the insight from this guide, you will be able to effortlessly boost your business site SEO ranking using your press releases. This is an easy enough process that you can manage without professional assistance, though it does help to have experts help you through it.

Achieving a higher ranking has a direct impact on the size of traffic your business receives. Once you’ve understood the important steps, you simply need to implement the strategies and begin generating quality leads.

Benefits of Boosting SEO with a Press Release

Before we get into the detailed steps you need to go through to boost your SEO with a press release let’s have a look at the benefits.

  • Acquire more leads and sales

Boosting your SEO means your site will be more visible. This means you will get more organic traffic from over time. As many people come to your site, you’ll have an opportunity to convert some of them into quality leads. You can then use powerful CTAs to convert them into paying customers. As a result, your ROI will improve.

  • Generate referral traffic

Using press releases to enhance your SEO also means you will also generate more referral traffic. Furthermore, a media outlet may pick your release and share it with their community of readers. As more people access your content and read it, your site benefits from organic traffic. Additionally, Google will recognize the significant traffic you are generating and use that as a ranking factor.

Referral traffic will enhance your brand visibility further by boosting your rank on Google searches. With better SEO, your audience will naturally feel the need to share your content. When your content is shared across different platforms, more readers will start visiting your platform.

  • Gain backlinks

Gaining backlinks is among the major benefits of boosting your SEO ranking using a press release. Backlinks help direct visitors or traffic to your site. Most businesses generate backlinks through guest blogging. The more backlinks you acquire, the more organic traffic your site generates through Google.

According to Google, backlinks are among its major ranking factors. Without a good link building strategy, improving your ranking on the Google search results page becomes hard. On the other hand, if you earn backlinks from a quality site then you can boost your SEO and grow your audience.

  • Boost brand awareness

If your business is invisible to potential clients, then they will never come over to shop. That means you will lose the opportunity to generate sales and earn new investors. When you master how to boost your brand SEO using a press release release, you can improve your visibility online.

With higher visibility, prospects will feel the need to learn about your brand and what it offers. They will stop by your site to uncover your offers. With access to your blogs, they will discover your credibility and expertise.

Furthermore, boosting the visibility of your business online promotes brand recognition and awareness. With every release that you publish, you’ll have an easier time capturing the audience’s attention.

When your brand is top of mind, customers will look for you when they need your services or products. They will remember your press release and business site. Achieving a higher rank from the SEO boost also means your site will be discoverable. Customers will identify it first during their online searches.

How to Use a Press Release to Boost SEO

Now that you know what you stand to gain with a press release SEO strategy, let’s now look at how to use your press releases to boost SEO.

The first step is to search for your target audience. Thereafter, uncover what kind of content they’re interested in from your industry. Afterward, you can use that information to create such content and capture their attention.

Furthermore, you need to take time to research and gather the right keywords. You can look for keywords that your audiences use on Google to search for content. From the list of options, pick one primary keyword. This keyword will guide you on the type of content to create. When you’re using keywords, you should avoid keyword stuffing. Mentioning your chosen keyword too many times will not help you rank higher. If anything, it will ruin your chance of attaining a good rank on Google because Google’s algorithm might penalise you for keyword stuffing. When distributing your primary keyword, make it available in the:

  • URL
  • Meta description
  • Closing and opening paragraphs
  • Image alt text
  • Body text
  • Title of your release

A good rule of thumb is to only mention your primary keyword once every 200 words. If you feel the need to use your keyword more than that, you should consider creating secondary keywords. You can even use synonyms.

Your headline must also be striking and engaging, otherwise people won’t bother reading the rest of your content. If many people abandon your release fast, then it will have a higher bounce rate. A higher bounce rate affects your Google ranking because it means your content is not interesting. As such, your site will struggle to achieve a better SEO rank.

You should also consider adding multimedia to your press release. After all, imagery and other visuals like infographics help you tank higher. Therefore, you should optimize your videos and images to achieve this.


Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your SEO ranking the next time you’re writing a press release. Remember that in order to boost your SEO, your press release needs to be written strategically then optimised. With the tips from this text, you can easily achieve that. The higher your rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs), the more exposure you get online. And the more exposure you get, the higher your traffic and quality lead. The ultimate result is a higher return on investment. With the right press release SEO strategy, you can make sure more people know your brand name. Beyond that, you can make sure your brand remains top of mind and becomes the go-to for people who are looking for the products or services you sell.


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