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Quantum Metric Software

Quantum Metric helps companies develop better digital products with ease. The tool gives IT professionals and business institutions a single version of the truth that is fast, quantified, and based on customer experience. 

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Software Overview

Quantum Metric is a customer management tool that is supported by big data and machine intelligence. The application is deployed as SaaS or on-premise software and provides a clear overview of client behavior through interactive customer experience journey replay. The tool clarifies website visitors’ needs and struggles to enhance quality customer experience. This allows them to win more clients, gain loyalty and maintain their customer base.

Furthermore, Quantum Metric automatically analyses user and website data. Organizations can view real-time statistics and obtain essential information without fine-tuning.

Benefits of Using Quantum Metric

Quantifies your Frustrations

The tool lets you investigate and determine the cause of the client frustration and quantify the effects on revenue with a single click.

Contextualizes VOC Feedback

For each negative customer experience, the tool helps users replay the steps the customer took, quantify the cause of the problem and determine the impacted business segments.

Improves Customer Journey

With Quantum Metric, users can minimize churn and improve customer satisfaction by detecting friction points across the mobile app.

Improves Marketing Campaigns

The platform lets you visualize bounce behavior. It also provides a clear understanding of attribution and instrumentality, optimizes content, and improves retargeting.

Product Features

 Quantum Metric boasts several incredible features, including:

The platform features an incredible session replay feature to help users decode what happened at each step and why. The software captures all the metadata behind each action, including the user platform, API calls, and network details, along with several box events and errors, in addition to custom events that you can set in advance.

Behind the simple notion of “see more like this” is the ability to evaluate aggregate analytics for each client with the same experience in a single click. This gives you instant visibility for errors, and conversation activities.

The software features alerting tools that focus on infrastructure, backend performance, and experience alerts that focus on the client experience.

The system also features emails and chat alerts. With this functionality, you don’t need to drill into numerous systems to understand the event taking place, as you can simply rely on segment analysis, opportunity analysis, and session replays.

Quantum Metric also features an anomaly detection system that utilizes behavioral data and historical benchmarking, ensuring that the alert generates meaningful data.

The tool has a unique capture method. The SDK captures any native application screen or view and translates those elements into easy DOM counterparts to drive them in your replay engine.

The platform also captures and expands the data with a one-time SDK deployment. You don’t need to enter a configuration code. The lightweight SDK deployment also lets the platform capture data out of the box.

The functionality lets you associate page-level engagement with business results and users’ sessions on web and mobile applications. This improves your UX. The platform also features heatmaps and click maps to help you determine customer intent at an aggregate level.  This works with easy pivots into extensive page analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions. Additionally, the platform has an incredible interaction, which lets you break down your page elements and layer business metrics to view the impact of the down funnel. Moreover, Quantum Metric pages help users to identify page-level communication, separate drivers and detractors, and evaluate behaviors by page group.  

This functionality allows you to track performance issues that can impact the business. The feature helps you identify issues and size your business impact. This feature also provides a clear view of the true user experience in a single platform. The platform provides session replays, powerful segmentation, and quantifications to give a clear insight into the business effects of your website optimization activities.

Take advantage of the experience alerts to track page performance, outages, API failures, and more across different segments. Where there is an alert, users can utilize the pre-built webhooks to inform their tracking and incident management system such as Datadog, Pagerduty, and ServiceNow.

The feature automates web, mobile, and kiosk path analysis and visualization. Additionally, top clicks, events, and fictions populate path details, making it easier to focus on deeper errors.

Quantum Metric Pricing

Quantum metric software offers two subscription plans:


$ 5,500 / Month

• Up to 1 million sessions per month • Up to 10 users • Deep analytics • 30-Day Historical Replay Storage • Full machine intelligence • SaaS Deployment


Price based on custom quote.

The plan price is by the quote and includes • Custom sessions • Unlimited users • Deep analysis • As Needed Historical Replay Storage • Full Machine Intelligence • SaaS or On-Premise Deployment

Quantum Metric Awards

 In 2021, Quantum Metric was announced as the winner of the Google Cloud Retail Customer Award.

The Bottom Line

Quantum Metric is a fully featured software designed to help you stream various business processes. Although the tool seems pricey, it is worth even more due to its incredible features.