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Qlik Software

We are currently living in a data-driven world. With this in mind, organizations must find creative ways to read and understand data. After all, there is a constant increase in demand for data each year across different organizations across the globe. Moreover, specific teams at any organization need to be able to make sense of business data in order to calculate the impact of specific decisions. This is where digital tools such as Qlik come in. 

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Software Overview

Qlik is a data visualization tool designed to help people understand data and improve decision-making. The platform provides real-time data integration and analytics to bridge the gap between data, insights, and action. Qlik helps organisations of all sizes to convert data into actionable intelligence. This improves decisions, revenue, and profitability. Additionally, the tool works to improve customer relations and satisfaction. The platform serves over 38,000 active clients in more than 100 countries.

Benefits of Using Qlik

A Robust BI Environment

The platform delivers a robust business intelligent environment.

Quick Data Interpretation

Qlik software has visual and superb dashboards and applications to help organizations perform efficient and quick data interpretation.

Sharing of Data

Qlik allows different teams to cooperate and make swift decisions based on data-driven information and interpretations. This process is enhanced by the platform's social analysis and real-time data-sharing abilities.


Qlik software is a self-service tool that allows you to work independently without relying on your IT department. You don't need to be an expert to modify the dashboard and script the application.

Easy to Maintain

Qlik software is easy to use, and the tool needs little maintenance.

Secured Data

The tool provides robust data security. Additionally, the developers are committed to the safety of crucial corporate data.


Qlik software guarantees users quick data deliver, even when processing multiple data requests. It has an in-memory system designed to serve as many clients as possible.

The in-memory Feature

During data calculation or aggregation, the tool performs the calculation through its in-memory technology while the data is transferred from the back to the front. This saves a lot of space since no data is stored beforehand.

Compression of Data

During data analysis, the system only takes important data and eliminates non-essential data. The software compresses the data to 10% of the original size. The process leaves you with the most important data.

Data Visualization

Qlik software provides many superb data visualization alternatives. Through analytical reports, users can easily digest complex information.

QIX Engine

The functionality delivers quick responses to user clicks and highlights data related to the selected field with specific color hues. This makes it easy to focus on specific data and translate it into business impact.

Direct and Indirect Data Searches

The platform allows both direct and indirect data searches. With direct data search, you can get information by simply inputting the data or get the associated data results by inputting something related to the relevant data.


Qlik is a cost-effective tool. The developers offer a free trial. Additionally, the hardware required is affordable.

Product Features

To understand the overall functioning of the software, it’s worth taking time to evaluate the features it offers:

Qlik delivers smart visualizations to help users analyze data better. The platform offers very interactive visualizations, which respond to user selections. The tool also provides high-quality graphics and flexible visualization.

The software allows you to share reports and applications with other users working independently through a unified hub.

Data reporting ability is one of the most important features of Qlik software. Thanks to this feature, the software delivers smart commentary for the displayed data. By doing so, the software creates a comprehensive data story to build a picture and give an overview on the presented data. This also helps draw exclusive insights from the data. 

Qlik software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. The tool can also be accessed through mobile devices. The tool features a gesture-based touch interface that eases data manipulation and management. 

Analytic applications deliver a standard API where users can create custom-guided applications. You can also use extensions for analysis. Additionally, Qlik analytics can be embedded in other applications.

The data that is loaded into Qlik software must undergo multiple checkpoints before it can be used. This data is cleansed, transformed, and integrated with other sets of uploaded data. The drag-and0-drop feature makes data association easy.

Qlik Pricing

Qlik software comes with premium subscriptions under a selection paid plans. The payments start from $25 per month. In addition to the paid plans, Qlik offers a free plan that you can use forever. 

The free plan includes:

  • Interactive apps
  • Sharing with a maximum of 5 people

Free access to Qlik DataMarket 

Qlik Awards

Qlik software has been awarded by TrustRadius as:

  • Solution provider of the year
  • New partner of the year
  • Best enabled partner of the year
  • OEM partner of the year

The Bottom Line

Qlik is a digital tool designed to ease data visualization. The tool guarantees real-time data and contributes to overall business growth.