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Putler Software

Are you tired of lousy analytics and scattered data with inaccurate reporting? Are you fed up with having to wade through a maze of critical business information across shopping carts? Are you tired of duplicate data that results in lost opportunities due to trial and error? Look no more. Putler cleans, combines, and enriches your data.

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Software Overview

Putler is a mobile channel and e-commerce analytics tool designed to help users connect with multiple data sources, including PayPal, stripe, WooCommerce, and Shopify. The tool allows businesses to run multiple stores from a single dashboard.

Putler features an inclusive dashboard, which displays both daily and monthly sales. With Putler, online stores can quickly change from daily to monthly or even yearly and vice versa. The dashboard also highlights the top products and provides insights into all activities, refunds, and transactions. For instance, the tool provides data and other essential information regarding your online store for the last two months.  Through this, the company can bring in more products and attract more clients.

Benefits of Using Putler


Pulter software provides essential data regarding products, orders, and customers. This enhances accuracy in planning business growth. In other words, the tool provides all essential stats at a glance. The software also helps businesses create custom reports, drill down into specific details, and segment easily. The platform eliminates guesswork, which may hinder business growth.

Quick Services

Pulter software runs smoothly. The tool helps you get the job done within the time set. It is also easier to navigate and pull out data from a particular transaction. This saves you time and resources, which are crucial for business growth.


Putler centralizes everything. This centralization helps the business answer everyday questions regarding clients, sales, products, and the period required to grow. The tool consolidates data from PayPal, stripe, WooCommerce, Google analytics - taking into account multiple currencies, stores, and teams - into sensible metrics. This automates currency exchange and time zone conversion.


With Putler, users can download, analyze and account for PayPal transactions securely from a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.

Product Features

The following are the best of Putler’s features:

Through this feature, businesses can combine data sources.  For example, users can merge PayPal, Stripe, Google, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Additionally, this functionality helps businesses use custom settings to connect data sources of their choice for the growth of the business.

The platform features a sales dashboard, which provides sales and customer data. With this data, businesses can gauge on which days and times they made higher sales. This allows online stores to focus their resources on their businesses’ peak hours and days.

Through this feature, business owners can identify products with high sales. Additionally, business owners can identify products with the highest and lowest revenue. The feature also provides highlights the top-performing products along with sales percentages. Thanks to this feature, businesses can focus on other lower-performance percentages and work to improve their performance.

The customer dashboard displays essential information, including the number of customers the business gets and the number of returning customers compared to the total number of visitors. The software also calculates the amount of money your business loses in form of refunds.

When the business connects Google analytics data, it is easier to tell how many new customers they get and how many are return customers. This feature helps categorize customers into loyal customers and new customers. This provides gives you a good idea of the areas to work on.

This feature breaks data down into customers’ locations, what kind of products they buy, and the individual transactions for each product.

This functionality helps determine the monthly recurring products as it gives information on the number of new and canceled subscriptions every month, as well as the total number of subscriptions at a particular period.

Time machine is one of the essential features that gives businesses a growth focus. It helps business owners determine the number of customers it needs to achieve various business goals. Additionally, it provides a view of the business’s health after it’s achieved its targets.

Putler Pricing

Putler has two subscription plans:


$ 29 / Month

Up to 2 data sources


$ 79 / Month

Up to 7 data sources

Putler Awards

Putler is a newly launched software. As such, it has yet to win any awards. However, the tool maintains an average score of 86/100 in the analytic software category. The score is based on client satisfaction (92/100), press buzz (44/100), recent user trends (rising), and scores calculated in other categories.

The Bottom Line

Putler is an inclusive tool that gives you everything you need to grow your business. The software is an incredible solution that lets users download, search and account for sales, transactions, customers, and products. The tool also offers two affordable subscription plans, saving you from expensive alternatives.