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Planergy Software

Planergy helps you to better understand your expenditures and identify where to adjust when overspending to maximize profit and avoid losses. The main mission of Planergy is to help mid-market organizations increase their profits by saving money. The software is mainly used for businesses across various industries including hospitality & leisure, logistics and freight, construction and facilities management, education, cities, and law enforcement. In this day and age, there are small businesses that still rely on Excel to track their expenditure. This might not be efficient since it might result in leakages of profits. Creating a Planergy helps you improve your savings to over 10%.

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Software Overview

Business growth is the aim of every individual investing their money in any sector. However, growing a business is nearly impossible without a plan to help you spend confidently. Planergy helps you spend confidently and save for convenient purchasing or profits. The software is designed to improve expenditure management, giving businesses more control of their finances. The software was developed in 2009 to replace Excel and automate global purchasing and payable accounts for clients. Some of the key roles of Planergy in a business include:

Automate and Simplify Approvals

In most businesses, it takes a lot of time for a company director or finance department to approve payments. It is even more complicated when the person to approve the payments is not around because this means you have to wait. Planergy offers you a solution to this problem. With just a tap, you can approve payments from anywhere at any time. This saves the company money and time. The software eradicates manual work, minimizes maverick spending, and gives valuable insight into your expenditure. When using Planergy, you can increase efficiency and speed by up to 90%, limit fraud and errors, and improve performance by cutting down on manual work.

Real-Time Spend Visibility

In business, every cent counts towards your success or failure. Therefore, it is important to always have an insight into who spent what, when and on what. Planergy helps you build a detailed budget and compare it against spending so that you can make informed decisions in the future. This helps you always stay on high alert when employees exceed the budget.

Easy Order Tracking

With paperwork, you will need a lot of time and workforce to track down certain orders and make sure everything is in line. Planergy allows you to eliminate paperwork and avoid worrying about tracking down everything since this is done in one go by the software. As a result, it will save time for you and your team, improving your focus on more strategic projects that will improve your business. With Planergy, you can track every order and relay information swiftly from one team to another. 

Deploy Best Practices

As your business expands, you might require more delegation to keep things running smoothly. You can improve internal processes and practices with automation compliance using Planergy. The software is configured to address the needs of your entire business.

Optimization of Cash Flow

The last thing you would want in a business is to make late payments since this comes with penalties. Planergy keeps track of recurring payments such as business loans to help you avoid these penalties. Processing invoices faster and automating payments enhances early payments and reduces payable balances, optimizing cash flow.

Improving Supplier Relations

Fast and clear communications between your business and suppliers helps to avoid confusion in the supply chain and keep it flowing with optimum workflow. As a result, your suppliers will always be happy working with you. This improves their delivery speed and creates opportunities for discounts.

Risk Mitigation

There are multiple risks in business that might require mitigation. With Planergy, you will have a centralized AP management and procurement to reduce errors, mitigate fraud, and enhance supplier relationship management. The software also minimizes compliance risk, financial risk, and supply risk.

Benefits of Using Planergy

Cost Savings

Planergy helps improve savings by cutting down unnecessary costs, reducing fraud and errors, and cutting down workforce expenditure using the aid of eProcurement. Some of the key ways Planergy allows cost savings include; 1) Streamlining the Procurement Cycle: It requires a lot of time and workforce to keep everything in line, from purchase creation requisition to the final payment. To reduce the funds and time spent on the procurement process, Planergy ensures the entire cycle flows smoothly until the payments are done. This improves efficiency and helps you keep a record of both entries for accounting purposes. 2) Expenditure Transparency and Optimization: Improving inventory management requires process optimization and expenditure transparency. Planergy helps access real-time accurate and complete data expenditure alongside inventory management data. Therefore, duplication of orders is reduced.

Data Analytics

Before signing new contracts or renewing old ones, you need to analyze expenditure data. As a result, you need to determine your economies of scale. Beyond helping you with this, Planergy offers a platform to renegotiate with the supplier for the best terms and prices possible to help you maximize profits.

A Strong, Strategic Supply Chain

Maximum reliance on the supply chain can be enhanced by bringing together supplier relationship management with advanced procurement software and management tools. Planergy allows procurement teams to have a collaborative and consultative approach toward supplier relationships.

Better Operational Performance

Procurement solutions might require an adequate workforce to keep the business moving and avoid errors. With Planergy, you can minimize workforce inefficiencies and errors. The software offers solutions allowing in-house process automation, including purchase order tracking and supply chain evaluation. As a result, the company becomes more efficient and effective in its operations. Planergy also reduces the chances of costly errors.

Standardized Workflow

Planergy produces a standardized system that improves workflow, making the entire process more efficient. Planergy also allows quick access and reference to data when needed; either a contract, vendor contact info, supplier quote, or an order. All business transactions are rooted in the correct channel, and the right approvals are made. As a result, orders are placed with the correct vendors within the contract terms, ensuring that no purchases are made off-contact for personal benefit.

Internal Integration

Since most businesses have shifted to electronic purchasing systems, various departments can effectively collaborate where and when they need to and minimize or eliminate symmetrical data. Integration improves workflow and allows each transaction to be managed at various authorization levels. As a result, everyone gets what they need, whenever they need it, without having to undergo a lengthy procurement process.

Global Procurement

Anyone doing business would want to capture the biggest marketshare. Planergy's procurement tools support multiple languages, currencies, and logistic choices. Therefore, your business can source or make sales globally. Planergy connects you with suppliers across the globe, offering various products, supplier choice lists, and services.

Product Features

Planergy has amazing features that make it widely considered compared to other software. The software was developed to help you put all your business financial records in line. Some of Planable’s key features include:

Having a business with loopholes where not all expenditures are captured might put your business at risk. Planergy captures all the expenditure within the business. As a result, it minimizes fraud among the staff. All expenditure is captured in real-time and tagged with the location and the person carrying spending the money. This feature minimizes paperwork as well as the time taken to identify specific expenditures. The software can be accessed at any given point globally at any time. Therefore, it can also help you monitor your business even while away.

In any procurement sector, the AP department is accountable for invoice management. Although procure-to-pay automation sounds like a minor part, it is vital for the whole process and useful in optimization strategy. Planergy helps you streamline and automate invoice processing for various reasons, including savings, profitability, and competitive performance. Automated invoices help you to:

  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Perform invoice matching automatically
  • Route invoices to the correct channel for approval
  • Centralize the Records
  • Measure Performance

Automating invoices through Planergy is simple and quick. Simply follow these steps to automate every invoice for your business:

  1. Use a pre-built template or formulate your form
  2. Customize your invoice for approval of workflow
  3. Integrate with the business accounting system

Having your bills covered in time is helpful when you’re trying to avoid extra charges or delays in the supply chain. Planergy allows you to keep track of every payment required before it is due. It keeps you on track and notifies you when the bills are due. You can customize specific and urgent bills and payments that need to be addressed. These can be customized a week or two before the deadline. You can also automate payments to avoid delays. Planergy issues alerts after the automation of payments for reporting and analytics. The information is relayed directly to you to avoid payment loopholes.

You can integrate various accounting software solutions to improve the effectiveness of Planergy. With these integrations, Planergy can further improve the delivery of services, accountability, and transparency of services and expenditures. Notably, the information relayed to the software is safe and not relayed to third parties for marketing purposes. Therefore, you can be confident about the security of your sensitive financial details.  

Planergy Pricing

As is now evident, you can save a lot of money simply by signing up for Planergy. Most people who have used this tool have made significant savings, in some cases over $10 000  per month. Although you can use free trials, Planergy does not offer a free version. The software also doesn’t offer flat rates since business needs vary. The rates are calculated depending on the size of your business and the preferred duration for using the software. Considering the work covered and the software rates, you can save a lot. It minimizes expenditures and time spent in the procurement chain. It minimizes errors and possible fraud since you can account for every transaction with specific details.

Planergy Awards

Planergy software has proven to be efficient and accommodating, with minimal or zero errors within procurement. It is one of the most efficient and convenient e-procurement software solutions out there. As a result, it has gained popularity globally and received various awards, including the best Cloud Based Procurement software. The software is efficient enough to give you real-time or immediate reports on the dashboard.

The Bottom Line

Planergy was developed to reduce or do away with paperwork that normally requires lots of manpower and time. The software features are designed to be effective and minimise opportunities for errors. For accountability and transparency, Planergy has a dashboard showing every transaction in real-time. The main aim of developing this software was to enhance savings in every business and improve accountability to boost success. If you are facing challenges in the procurement system and there are a lot of missing links that would suggest bribery in tendering, Planergy might be exactly what you need. The software speeds up performance since it can be integrated at various levels of payment approval. With Planergy, you can shorten the procurement chain. Planergy helps you monitor and continue conducting business operations anywhere in the globe at any time. The software also helps you address urgent payments that are about to be due so as to avoid any penalty charges. Notifications and automation of invoice payments also improve the supplier relationship.