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With people switching their attention to technology and software development to make earnings and promote their business, there is a need for efficiency in service delivery. However, there is a lot of competition within the online market. Creating brand awareness might require  lots of time and marketing to reach the targeted market. As a social media manager, freelancer, communication team, and marketing agency, Planable is one of the best software to consider for promoting your business. As a command center for social media campaigns, Plannable brings your content to people in a central place.

The main aim of Plannable is to centralize team members, social content, and clients to foster brand awareness. Whether you are an agency, communication team, freelancer, or marketing body, Plannable is the best place to manage your social media campaigns. The software also allows you to easily manage the content being relayed to your audience and team members. Any information being relayed to the public online has to be organised at each step. The software has various features that will help you reach out to a wider and targeted market within a short period. Keep reading to learn more about Planable, its amazing features, advantages, pricing, and awards.

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Software Overview

In simple terms, Planable is a cloud-based software designed with collaboration and approval solutions that cater to freelancers, media agencies, and marketing teams. Using Planable, you can independently generate content for numerous pages and adapt it to various social media platforms. Users can easily drag and drop media files into their posts and include emojis, page tags, hashtags, and Giphy content integrations. Customer support is accessible via an online help desk or live chat within a short time to improve customers’ confidence. Some of the main functionalities that make Planabe unique include:

Collaboration in Real-time

Your problems are only difficult because you are busy scratching your head trying to resolve them alone. With access to multiple thoughts and different viewpoints, cracking the problems and finding the solutions becomes the easiest thing. Planable is the ideal platform for finding solutions much faster since it helps people work together efficiently. Feedback is offered in real-time in the section adjacent to each post.

Collaboration of Clients and Team Members

Most social media managers, freelancers, and marketers have a hard time collaborating because there is no common ground. If you are facing such difficulties, you might want to consider Planable. The software keeps everyone in the loop with a common space for your client and team members. As a result, it empowers everyone giving them opportunities contribute. No sign-up is required for clients, making it easy to share content with an email invite and approvals clicks.

Feedback in Context

Gathering feedback to improve your services or products is key. Planable makes this easy by keeping the feedback in context since it is attached to the post. Therefore, you can get the full perspective of each piece of content. Muddled communication can be eliminated and replaced with clear feedback by adding attachments to comments, collaborating in real-time, responding to specific feedback, and resolving comments once the feedback is initiated.

Rich Social Media Calendar

Being able to see every small detail of your editorial plans in one place helps you to see the bigger picture. With Planable, it is easier to plan for upcoming content and schedule it as needed. As a result, you can keep your content on schedule. Your calendar gives you the ability to pre-plan everything by clicking on the clock in the lower left corner to choose the desired time and date to schedule your post. You can also schedule Instagram Reels through your Planable calendar. The steps are simple: plan, schedule, and publish your Reels.

Benefits of Using Planable

Swift Collaboration

Difficulties in full-service delivery due to slow or poor connection has become common. The main strength of Panable is how much its users enjoy collaborating on content and projects. Plabable enhances teamwork for large teams or multiple stakeholders. Previously complex processes are made easier and problems are resolved speedily in real-time as they are identified.

Various Timeline Views

Planable has proven to be a unique solution on the market thanks to its timeline views. Notably, it allows the user to work with calendar views. However, you can consider working on views, lists, or grid views to manage content online effectively.

Mobile Application

Since Planable has a mobile application, it is an accessible solution. With the application, it is possible to edit, review and work on any content from your phone in your comfort zone. Additionally, you can provide feedback and approve edits using the app.

Segregation of Client Workspaces

It is significant to separate clients workspaces from team workspaces for easy management of different clients. Planable makes this easy since it is good at providing an interface where all workspaces are elaborate, organised, and accessible.

Guest Sharing

It isn't always easy to share the progress of your work, especially with guests. However, this is a lot easier with Planable. This software allows you to share project progress with various parties, including new team members, guests, and clients, either within or outside your team.

Added Security

Everyone wants to know that their hard work is safe from theft, and this is true for both clients and team members. As a manager, you also need to know that your work is safe and client information is not shared with third parties for various reasons, including advertising. Planable was developed with security features installed for client protection. The software also comes with boosted security features.

Unlimited Posts

Being limited in the amount of content you can offer to clients can be frustrating. One of the main reasons why Planable is so popular is the unlimited space to post media files. Since the software has unlimited space, it takes in millions of files. As a manager, you can also access the files anytime you want to. However, other team members or visitors can only access the files with your authorisation.

Great Customer Support Team

Planable has a skilled and reliable support team ready to address your concerns in real-time as soon as you get in touch. The customer service desk is available anytime with solutions to your concerns.

Team Training and Onboarding

Planable puts in efforts to ensure all its clients are up to date. Enterprises get access to customer onboarding perks and team training to help customers understand their role and how the systems work. Therefore, Planable's services have multiple benefits for the manager and team members. Planable academy also provides users with a slew of video files, quizzes, content, and certification once they've completed training on managing content marketing.

Easy Client Invites

Traffic is key for any project. Therefore, you might need to share project details on various items with some clients. With Planable, this is easy and quick. The software allows you to introduce a third party for workspace assessment.

Publishing Flexibility

Publishing flexibility is one of the amazing features that social media managers are always on the lookout for. With this privilege, you can schedule social media content. The feature also allows you to manage many clients since you can do work in advance.

Product Features

Planable is widely embraced globally due to its unique features. The unique features allow the organization of work, reduce , and create a suitable working environment for your clients and team members. Besides, as a team manager, you can monitor the activities and reduces processes. The main features include;

The content library is where your upcoming projects are queued, ready to be posted. Notably, the content is safe and can’t be shared before and even after posting unless permitted by the manager. With Planable, you can upload content from a common library. This makes it easier to deal with many customers and address issues in real-time. You can easily have all your content pre-arranged, reviewed, and ready to publish.

The content calendar is another important feature, especially given that it has a content library. With a calendar, you know when to unleash certain information to your audience, depending on their engagement with previous posts. The feature is also accompanied by a clock, offering real-time reminders on when a post will be uploaded.

Big companies often have a huge amount of content to be posted. This might be difficult or confusing without planning for various stages. Planable makes things easier for you since it automates content approval processes. Each stage has to be approved before it is approved for publishing by the manager. As a result, errors are minimized and the workflow is smoother. Lastly, the time taken for content approval is also shorter.

Everyone wants their issues to be addressed in real-time, which most managers and their support team fail to do. However, Planable makes you reliable by offering a common platform for your clients and team members to interact on. Social engagement allows your clients’ issues to be addressed as soon as they are posted.

Where you post your content is significant when you want to engage relevant audiences. Sharing your content with the wrong audience can be a waste of time since most of these people will not be interested. Planable is the perfect software for categorising specific posts. As a result, the content is streamlined to the correct social media marketing campaigns, which makes a significant difference in engagement as well as final client numbers.

Planable Pricing

Planable limits some of its features to a certain price point. They also offer a free plan that you can use to test the platform’s effectiveness. The following are the standard packages available:


$ 0 / Month

• Unlimited Workspace • Unlimited Users • Self-service • First 50 posts


$ 33 / Month

• 3 freelancers • 10 pages to schedule • Unlimited Posts • 3 users • One workspace


$ 83 / Month

• 5 workspaces • Unlimited pages • Unlimited Posts

Planable Awards

Planable has won two major awards due to its effectiveness. It was nominated as the best social and influencer lion in 2018. SaaSworthy also gave Planable a high rating for social media management in 2022. 

The Bottom Line

Planable is the way to go as a freelancer, social media manager, marketer, or enterprise. With the software, the efforts and time you would normally put into working on a spreadsheet or paperwork are minimized significantly. Errors are also minimized as a way of improving perfection in service delivery. With Planable, easy approvals for stakeholders are made faster in real-time. Since all the processes are streamlined, the posting is much faster and more effective, saving stakeholders time in refining the appearance of the assets. The key feature of Planable, the feature that makes it a unique tool that teams enjoy using is the collaboration of channels that allows users to channel for help and receive feedback in real-time as soon as they’ve posted content. Lastly, you can access multiple workspaces for different clients or brands, giving everyone (including clients and team members) control of the content.