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Pipeliner Software

Pipeliner is a sales pipeline management software that helps businesses to visualize, track, and manage their sales process. It provides a visual representation of the sales pipeline, allowing users to easily see where each lead is in the process, and what actions need to be taken next. Pipeliner also includes features such as lead tracking, automated email and task reminders, and analytics and reporting tools.
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Software Overview

Pipeliner is designed to help sales teams increase productivity, improve forecasting accuracy, and ultimately close more deals.

Benefits of Using Pipeliner

Improved Sales and Forecasting

Pipeliner allows users to track and analyze sales data, providing accurate forecasting and enabling sales teams to make informed decisions.

Streamlined Sales Processes

Pipeliner simplifies the sales process by providing a centralized platform for tracking leads, opportunities, and deals, reducing the need for multiple tools and systems.

Increased Visibility

Pipeliner provides real-time visibility into the sales pipeline, allowing teams to identify potential issues and make adjustments quickly.

Better Team Collaboration

Pipeliner allows teams to share data and collaborate on deals, improving communication and coordination.

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management

Pipeliner enables users to store and manage customer information in one place, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions and history.

Automated Reporting

Pipeliner offers automated reporting, enabling users to quickly generate reports on sales performance, customer engagement, and other key metrics.

Customisable Dashboards

Pipeliner provides customizable dashboards that allow users to create and view data visualizations that are most relevant to their role and needs.

Mobile Access

Pipeliner is accessible via mobile devices, enabling users to access and update data on-the-go.

Product Features

The following are some of Pipeliner’s incredible features:

Pipeliner allows users to track leads from initial contact to close, with the ability to segment leads based on specific criteria such as industry, location, and buying stage.

Pipeliner provides users with a range of tools to automate sales processes, including automated email campaigns, lead scoring, and opportunity tracking.

Pipeliner offers a range of customizable reports, including sales forecasts, pipeline analysis, and performance metrics, to help users better understand, and optimize their sales performance.

Pipeliner offers a mobile app that allows users to access their sales data and update their sales pipeline on the go.

Pipeliner provides tools to help teams work together, including shared calendars, task assignments, and team communication.

Pipeliner integrates with a wide range of external tools, such as CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and social media tools, to help users streamline their sales process.

Pipeliner allows users to customize the layout and appearance of the software to suit their specific needs.

Pipeliner Pricing

Pipeliner has three plans that are easy to use:


$ 12 / Month

This plan is designed for small businesses. It includes features such as lead management, contact management, and pipeline management.


$ 25 / Month

This plan is designed for mid-sized businesses. It includes additional features such as sales forecasting, advanced analytics, and team collaboration.


This plan is designed for large businesses and is priced on a custom quote basis. It includes all features from the Basic and Professional plans as well as customization options, integration with other systems, and dedicated support.

Pipeliner Awards

Pipeliner has received several awards and recognitions, including:

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation
  • G2 Crowd High Performer for Sales Force Automation
  • CRM Watchlist Winner for Sales Force Automation
  • Capterra Top 20 Most Popular Sales Software

The Bottom Line

Pipeliner software is a sales automation and customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed to help businesses streamline their sales process and improve customer engagement. It provides features such as lead tracking, pipeline management, and forecasting, enabling sales teams to better understand and manage their sales pipeline. Other features may include contact and account management, email and calendar integration, and analytics and reporting.