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Pecan Software

Pecan is an analytics software that helps businesses analyze their data and identify patterns using artificial intelligence and data science. Pecan helps marketing teams, sales, operations, and business intelligence specialists to notice critical trends without having to rely on data scientists.

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Software Overview

Pecan offers low-code analytics software that provides real and reliable predictions using data science. The low-code methods enable you to address issues in your business using artificial intelligence at a low cost. Pecan is ideal for small and mid-size businesses as well as larger enterprises. Pecan analytics software can be integrated into various databases using zero code. Some of the software solutions that Pecan integrates with include Oracle.

Benefits of Using Pecan

Helps your Business Grow

Boosts growth by predicting the customer’s value, churn, and subscription or conversion of the upsell.

Predictive Models

Picture outcomes in a matter of weeks.


Optimize your marketing operations across the channels.

Intuitive User Interface

Connect various databases using a zero-code integration.

Product Features

The features of Pecan are categorized by use case and industry. These features enable you to optimize your goals using artificial intelligence. The following are the features of Pecan:

This feature enables you to predict the value of the projections and gauge whether the changes you’ve made are likely to drive revenue to the business. With predictive modelling, you can promote your audience segmentation through creative strategies. This will help you enhance proficient customer acquisition. You can also perform lead scoring that will help you know the platforms that most likely bring revenue and improve the sales cycle.

Thanks to the predictive lead scoring feature, you can take note of profitable website visitors early on. As a result, you can recover their acquisition cost quickly. Pecan also offers seamless integrations. You do not require many spreadsheets and complicated rules. This low-code platform enables you to quickly determine how to close the deal.

You can reduce customer churn using this artificial intelligence-powered analytics software. Businesses lose around #1.6 trillion annually due to customer churn. Some companies experience up to roughly a quarter of customer churn every year. Increasing the chances of customer retention may help industries improve their profits with a margin of 70%. Pecan provides AI software that detects and predicts customer churn of up to 85%. This software analyzes several databases to detect the factors that may affect the customer behavior. This software will help you improve customer retention through predictive churn models.

Pecan has a customer-level prediction that enables you to identify the warning signs of churn. You can notify your support and sales team to communicate and develop modified campaigns on new offers, services, and products. The artificial intelligence software will help you build a transparent solution and evaluate the reason behind customer churn. 

Empower your customer support team using Pecan’s artificial intelligence. You can build predictive models to detect churn, improve efficiency, turn customer data into accurate models, and enhance customer service. You can also use automated workflows to feed the predictions directly into the systems. This will be cost-friendly and effective.

This feature enables you to predict your customer’s needs to improve upsell and shorten the sales cycle. You can improve your services and products to ensure you grow your customer’s value. Improve the conversion rate and grow your revenue quickly. Predicting customer needs will improve your marketing strategies.

With this feature, you can identify your most profitable and reliable customers. You can also predict and notice your customer’s value as early as when they first come into contact with your services or products. You can improve your services and put in place strategies that will help with upselling and the retention of your customers. This will help you increase your revenue margins.

You can efficiently reengage your inactive or lost customers and regain lost revenue. With the reengagement campaign strategy, this software will enable you to engage with the right audience and make the inactive customers gain interest again in your product or service. You can segment inactive customers’ preferences and interests by engaging them with the needs and offers that best suit them.

Pecan will help you predict what your customer may need. This will help you plan product or service availability in the long term. You will be able to meet your customer’s needs and satisfy their expectations. You can also improve your turnover rates and reduce overstock.

This feature will help you improve your marketing performance using artificial intelligence. You can eliminate manual data analysis and replace it with artificial intelligence tools that will save you time and money.

Pecan Pricing

Pecan offers custom pricing to fit a variety of needs. Reach out to the vendor for a custom quote.

Pecan Awards

Pecan has several awards in its name, including;

  • The top 3 data and AI startup editors’ choice awards of 2022.
  • A perfect score holder of 81/100 in the Predictive Analytics Category.

The Bottom Line

Improve your business using this top-tier analytics software. When you sign up for Pecan, you can use artificial intelligence to boost your revenue. You can also regain lost revenue by re-engaging inactive customers.