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Paymo Software

Project managers are now turning to digital tools that are designed to help organizations with collaboration. Tools such as Paymo play a pivotal role in managing timesheets and project accounting. Paymo is ideal whether you are handling multiple clients or pay-based projects.

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Software Overview

Paymo is a software or application that helps with project management, work time tracking, sending client invoices, and measuring the profitability of a business. It is designed mainly for small and medium enterprises. However, big companies can also use this software. Paymo is easy to use and provides an affordable service for up to 4 projects. This software is beneficial since one saves money that one would spend paying for the services separately. Paymo is available in 22 languages. Therefore, people from different parts of the world can benefit from its services.

Benefits of Using Paymo

Promoting a Productive and Organized Enterprise

It may be difficult for an organization to keep the staff updated and involved. Paymo has made it easy to include everyone in the organization or enterprise through discussions and in-built tools used for client collaboration.

Automatic Time Tracker

Paymo has an automatic time tracker highlighting the time spent on a certain website. The timer starts when you log onto the website and stops when you leave. Paymo will then generate a timesheet at the end of the day, depending on your activities.

Fast Workflow

Paymo is seamless software. Therefore, users can maintain a fast workflow, minimizing the possibility of error migration.

Product Features

Paymo software comes with several incredible features, including:

Paymo software can help track the profit of a company or organization. The software provides its users with a clear way of tracking their projects’ costs and income to weigh their profits. Through profitability tracking, paymo can also help identify and measure the employee’s performance and the client’s profitability.

By tracking the employee’s performance, the company can minimize the workload, if any. Also, the organization can evaluate the employee lagging on a project or the work assigned. With the employees’ performance track, the organization can easily determine the correct staff for a critical project. The company can also use the tracking feature to group the staff into a team of novices and the best workers.

An organization can keep track of its projects using the software. Paymo enables users to evaluate their projects by assigning work to their staff. Also, it can be used to monitor the progress made by the employees. Paymo provides a Gantt chart that the user can use to scheme the project’s progress. The chart also enables one to set a date for tasks to start and the estimated end date. This will enable the company or organization to finish the projects within budget and without delay. The Gantt chart also lets one know the team member responsible for a specific task and those not assigned any work.

Paymo can be used for resource management to determine the workload available, the employees who are presently working on the projects, and those who are not. Keeping track of the employee’s presence will help in the easier distribution of projects.

Time tracking lets an organization know if an employee is working and what they are working on. The time tracking can generate a timesheet that is based on the activity done on the computer. This can be done while on the go. Companies or organizations can use paymo services to track the time spent working on a project and how to improve the performance.

Clients can get to access their invoices easily and pay them. Clients can pay directly in the invoices sent to them. This minimizes data errors and eliminates the manual typing of invoices. The various languages that paymo software offers can come in handy to deal with clients who speak different languages.  

Users can add an external person to the account as a guest to update them on how the projects are progressing. This can improve collaboration with a client.

This section is in the form of a chat room where the employees or participants of the account. They can get to give one-on-one information on the progress of the projects.

Paymo Pricing

Paymo software has a one-off pricing plan. The pricing model is suited for only one user. Therefore, only one company or organization can use the paid software. If you are a new user, you can take advantage of the 15-day trial. If, after the 15 days are over, you want to continue using the software, you can pay the subscription fee.

The price you pay for your subscription is based on the package you choose. Furthermore, you don’t need a credit card to make the purchase. The subscriptions are billed on an annual or monthly basis. 

Paymo Awards

Paymo has been recognized and ranked among the best in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa by the G2 review platform.

The Bottom Line

Paymo is a worthwhile investment for businesses of all sizes. The tool has several features to support project management and gauge business performance.