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Omnisend Software

Establishing good communication is one of the most important factors that contributes to business growth. The more you interact with customers, the more you establish a successful bond that can lead to more opportunities in the future. Today, there are several automation tools on the market to make it easier for businesses to connect with customers. Tools such as Omnisend make this achievable by allowing you to reach clients on specific schedules. 

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Software Overview

Omnisend is a market automation tool with features for eCommerce businesses. The tool tracks the audience’s buying intent across multiple touch points. Omnisend also provides users with everything they need to convert traffic into sales. The software can combine clients’ experiences from various communication channels such as emails, SMS, web push notification, and messenger into a uniform workflow. Additionally, Omnisend makes it easier to create emails as it comes with customizable templates.

Additionally, Omnisend delivers the ultimate SMS marketing toolkit to allow the organization to reach its clients and optimize their interactions.

Benefits of Using Omnisend

Free Plan

The free plan comes with signup forms, email campaigns, and reports. It allows businesses to send promotional email campaigns to their clients. Additionally, the plan comes with a campaign booster for higher open and click rates.

Click Map

Omnisend features a click map that works like a heat map. This functionality gives insight into a customer's location on a page and the product they're viewing.

Customer Feedback Functionality

Organizations often gather post-sales customer feedback to determine customer sentiment. Omnisend makes this possible through a single click.

SMS Messages

Companies can improve their reach via integrated SMS automation, which works alongside email automation. The system works with all SMS codes across all countries.

Email Marketing

Omnisend comes with actionable email marketing reports. This functionality allows organizations to track the performance of automation workflow, email marketing, and signup forms. Additionally, organizations can track metrics for daily, weekly, or monthly performance. They can also determine the products with the highest click-through and bounce rates.

Organized Processes

Thanks to Omnisend's marketing automation workflows, organizations can reduce manual activities. Omnisend also delivers smart triggers and automated communication.

Customer Loyalty

Omnisend tools allow organizations to deliver cross-selling offers and follow-up messages. This is a foolproof way to boost customer engagement and customer loyalty.

Real-time Updates

Omnisend provides consistent shipping and order confirmation updates, ensuring that customers stay updated. This is all delivered through WhatsApp mobile messaging.

Product Features

Omnisend has several incredible features to deliver an unforgettable experience. The following are the most impressive features.

This feature allows users to send out different subject lines or different emails altogether to a small group audience to see which content works best. Through this, users can boost their marketing efforts.

The marketing booster further optimizes the interaction rates. It does this by allowing the organization to resend a campaign with a new subject line to recipients who are most likely to purchase but didn’t read the first email.

The tool comes with several template alternatives to ease the process of email customization.

Thanks to the abandoned cart feature, the organization can monitor the customers who abandoned their carts so they can send follow-up emails to bring them back and increase revenue. Omnisend simplifies this process by showing the abandoned carts at various stages.

This features allow the organization to design newsletters with a special discount code for every customer. Additionally, the feature provides an automatic product recommendation.

Audience segmentation links marketers and subscribers. There are several criteria for building segments. Organizations can build segments using customer tastes. Alternatively, they can categorise subscribers based on their demographic information.

The tool features one-click integrations with e-commerce applications such as Shopify, ShopifyPlus, and WooCommerce. The one-click integrations are also compatible with Zapier and Magento.

Push notification allow businesses to interact with leads and customers. The push notification feature allows them to confirm flash promotions and orders.

There is a signup box widget at the bottom of each web page. The signup form allows the organization to collect subscribers by offering them the chance to win prizes or discounts. Visitors can also hide the widget to browse without any distractions.

Omnisend Pricing

The tool comes with three pricing plans, including:


$ 0 / Month

The free plan is not a free trial. Instead, omnisend provides users with a free basic plan for 365 days. The plan only allows 60 messages to be sent daily and 500 emails each month. The plan is ideal for beginners, especially those who don't wish to invest more in a marketing platform.

The free plan comes with several features, including:

• Drag-and-drop email editor • Sales reporting • Ability to publish a maximum of three signup forms • Free email templates


$ 16 / Month

This is the first paid-for plan and comes with several benefits, including:

• Automation report • Workflow automation • SMS marketing campaigns • Limitless number of signup forms • Registration of multiple users to your account.


$ 59 / Month

The professional plan provides you with everything in the free and standard plans, plus:

• A maximum of 50 email segments • Access to the website tracking • Third-party plugins • Limitless push notifications • Delivery reports

Omnisend Awards

Omnisend has won several awards. The tool was awarded:

  • The quality choice award
  • The trusted vendor
  • The happiest user award

The Bottom Line

Omnisend is one of the top leading eCommerce software solutions. Several reputable companies rely on Omnisend and have recognised the software’s significant contributions to their business growth.