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Oktopost is among the top social media management tools in the virtual space. The platform is designed by and for B2B marketers. With the help of this tool, B2B marketers can share, evaluate, and schedule social media campaign efforts. This is all with the goal of boosting ROI and generating leads through social media.

As mentioned earlier, this platform is specifically designed for B2B marketing. As such, all efforts on social media can be tracked and synced with related social media marketing platforms. The goal is to establish a return on investment for each social network.

Oktopost monitors user-generated leads and provides metrics indicating the impact of each social media campaign. With this approach, the user can identify the posts generating the majority of the leads. What’s more, they can also recognize the campaign approach with the highest ROI.

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Software Overview

  • Social monitoring
  • CRM integration
  • Campaign analytics
  • Campaign calendar
  • Insights through LinkedIn group
  • Bookmarklet
  • Schedule a Tweet or single post several times
  • Engaging potential leads through a unified inbox

Benefits of Using Oktopost

Custom Messages

Personalised experience tends to have more of impact on audiences than any other approach. Oktopost allows you to provide personalised experience to your target clients. Through custom messages, you can target potential customers individually. The best part is that this feature applies to all social channels.

The Separation Between the Message and Subject Line

To enhance organic traffic, the tool separates the message from the subject line. As such, the target audience is more likely to read your content.

Lead Monitoring

With this feature, you can easily identify your primary sources of traffic. Most importantly, you can track client actions during the customer journey. By understanding your clients better, you can create a campaign strategy that targets their interests.

Detailed Scheduling

One of the key reasons for getting this tool is the proper management of your social media channels. Thanks to Oktopost's detailed scheduling, you can manage your online image with less hassle. The tool offers remarkable flexibility you won’t find on other platforms.

Efficient Management of Several Social Accounts

The moment you set up more than two social media channels for your business, managing them can be overwhelming. Thankfully, with the help of Oktopost, this shouldn’t be a huge burden. With this platform, you can grow your presence on as many social networks as you want. The tool allows you to manage all your social accounts from the same place. You don’t need to log in multiple times to access your accounts. Most importantly, you don’t have to switch from one site to another over and over again. In addition, Oktopost comes with business features designed to improve your experience and that of your audience.

Product Features

The following are some of Oktopost’s incredible features:

  • API
  • Data Export
  • Calendar management
  • Marketing Automation
  • External Integration
  • Third-Party Add-Ons/ Plugins
  • Scheduling
  • Social Media Integration

Should you expect an API on Oktopost?

Yes, the platform provides an API.

Does it have tutorials or a guide?

Since it’s a bit of a technical tool, Oktopost offers tutorials and demos to all its users. Therefore, if you are using Oktopost for the first time, demos will come in handy. Pre-built demos will enlighten you on the basic functions and how to leverage the tool for business benefits

What’s the main purpose of this tool?

It’s worth noting that Oktopost is primarily designed to be a social media network management solution. More specifically, Oktopost is designed with features for B2B outreach.

On which platform is Oktopost based?

This tool is web-based. As such, you can use various browsers to access it. If you prefer to do your social media work on mobile, you’ll be happy to hear that there are both iOS and Android versions of this tool.

Does it support integration?

Yes, Oktopost supports integration with other tools. More specifically, Oktopost can integrate with Oracle, Eloqua, Salesfusion, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Pardot, WordPress, HubSpot, SalesForce, Eloqua, and Marketo.

Does it come with multi-user capability?

This is one of the primary features of most social media management solutions, and we’re happy to report that Oktopost is no exception. The exact number of users allowed depends on the plan you choose.

Oktopost Pricing

To find out the exact pricing for each plan, reach out to the vendor.

Oktopost Awards

  • Happiest Users
  • Trusted Vendor
  • Quality Choice
  • Leading social media Tool – 2020
  • Leading social media tool – 2021
  • Leading social media tool – 2022

The Bottom Line

Are you interested in growing your business through social media networks? Well, Oktoplast has the right features for this. It’s a powerful solution that is perfect for ambitious social media managers. With Oktopost, not only can you manage multiple social channels from the same place, but also boost your ROI.

This platform is specifically designed for B2B social media outreach. It includes features for detailed scheduling, activity tracking, lead generation, and detailed analytics, among others.