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Nomisma Software

Bookkeeping and accounting software helps you manage your staff and activities with ease. Additionally, these tools help you manage your deadlines and scale your processes. Nomisma helps you carry out bookkeeping, payroll, final accounts, company, secretarial, and personal tasks.  

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Software Overview

Nomisma is cloud-based accounting software designed to streamline payroll-related activities, invoicing, etc. The solution provides android and iOS mobile applications, making it easier to track expenses and submit receipts.

Nomisma features a CRM module, which helps capture and manage leads, maintain records of potential customers, and launch marketing campaigns. The tool also helps track employee working hours and manage construction industry scheme (CIS) tax deductions. The tool lets accountants create sales invoices and uniformly automate bank reconciliation activities.  The software also integrates with third-party platforms such as PayPal, Stripe, SignEasy, etc.   

Benefits of Using Nomisma

Provides an Overall View of the Business

Nomisma software provides you with a clear financial view and other crucial tools for business decisions. The software helps you eliminate paperwork and helps you create reports in a single click.

It can be Accessed at Any Time and Anywhere

You can access your data from anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection. You'll be able to access everything, whether it has to do with tracking expenses, bookkeeping or sending out new sales invoices. The solution also enhances collaboration to ensure members have access to the same data.

Eliminates Paperwork

Keeping paper records up to date is challenging for any business owner. However, with Nomisma, you can take a photo of each receipt and upload it automatically through your app. The software solution also makes it easy to enter receipts and invoices.

Secures your Data

Data security is crucial for every small business. It can be challenging for these organizations to secure data against hacking or loss. Nomisma stores your data on a cloud-based encrypted server with several backups to ensure your data is safe. If your computer crashes for whatever reason, you'll still be able to access your data in the cloud accounting system.

Manages your Backups

If you want an accurate backup, you’ll have to back up your data on several devices and multiple locations to ensure that you're covered for all scenarios. With Nomisma, scenarios such as theft, natural disaster, corruption, or computer breakdown should no longer worry you. You don't need to back up your files repeatedly since your data is fully stored in the cloud.

Saves you Time

Many small businesses are still handling various processes manually. Nomisma helps you post and chase invoices and track debtors with ease. The solution also lets you request debtor payments to boost your cash flow without lifting a finger.

Simplifies your Accounting Processes

Nomisma eases the accounting process and makes it more manageable for small business owners. Nomisma is designed for small businesses and comes with guides and tutorials to walk you through the process.

Helps you Collaborate with your Accountant

Small business owners have to contact their accountants once a year to complete their end-of-year accounts. Nowadays, cloud-based tools such as Nomisma have made everything easier. Nomisma lets you share your accounts with your accountants to collaborate with them throughout the year. Through this system, you’ll get more meaningful advice from the accountants, leading to business success.

Improves Efficiency

With small businesses, efficiency primarily depends on how effectively they work. Nomisma software stores bank transactions automatically, making them ready for reconciliation. Additionally, the software helps you set bank rules to allow code allocation to various transactions.

Product Features

Nomisma is a cloud-based solution that enhances business growth and gets owners on top of their finances. The tool plays an important role in financial decisions and enhances collaboration between small business owners and their accountants. The following are the features that Nomisma comes with:

Mobile applications let you operate your business from your pocket. This feature helps you generate invoices and snap receipt photos.

With bank feeds, you can connect your bank account and automatically get all your daily transactions in one place. On top of this, the bank rules make it easy to perform bank reconciliations, saving you time.  

The software is MTD compliant, allowing you to easily submit VAT returns to HMRC without needing to exit the software. All you need to do is do the bookkeeping, review the VAT return and select “submit.”

All receipt pictures captured using the mobile app are processed through the optical character recognition (OCR) platform and uploaded to Nomisma, preparing them for bookkeeping.    

Nomisma Pricing
Nomisma pricing depends on what your accounting needs are:

Compliance tools for an accountant

$ 5 / Month

The package includes bookkeeping, payroll, self-assessment, year-end accounts, and corporation tax.

Practice management tools for an accountant

$ 4 / Month

The package includes CRM and practices management, onboarding, quotes & proposals, company secretarial, and company secretary.

Full suite for an accountant

$ 8 / Month

The package includes all features from compliance and practice management combined.

Single business bookkeeping

$ 5 / Month

The package includes bookkeeping, full access, unlimited users, unlimited bank feeds, no limitations, and free mobile receipt capture app.

Single business payroll

$ 20 / Month

The package includes payroll access, HMCR, pension provider integration, unlimited employee payslip portals, and an employee mobile app.

Nomisma Awards

In 2021, Nomisma was recognized with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers booking software of the year award.

The Bottom Line

Nomisma is a tool designed to help small business owners streamline their accounting processes. The software has several features and capabilities, making it an ideal digital tool for small businesses.