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Moz Analytics Software

SEO analytics can benefit businesses in several ways. Understanding SEO analytics helps business owners make informed decisions on resource allocation and how to set the price of their goods and services. Additionally, through SEO and analytics, businesses can identify trends and understand their customer base. Determining organic traffic can be quite challenging, especially when done manually. The good news is that technology has supported the development of digital tools to help business owners create workable reports and dashboards. Moz Analytics is one of these tools.

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Software Overview

Moz Analytics is web-based analytics software that centralizes marketing data. It’s a SaaS-based platform that helps business owners gauge and improve organic traffic, keyword ranking, and visibility. The tool helps audit sites, monitors ranking and link metrics, and shows users’ what their competitors are doing.

The software features an actionable data visualization system to provide clear competitive insights and perfect recommendations for improved performance.

Benefits of Using Moz Analytics

Understand your Clients

Knowing the keywords that are being used and the questions being asked helps you create genuine content.

Monitor your Ranking

It’s worth tracking how you are ranking for specific keywords. Moz analytics software helps you track trends in your industry and keep up with your competition.

Easily Audit your Site

It is often not easy to spot website issues. The platform features an intuitive crawler that evaluates aspects of your site to provide workable recommendations for improvement.

Optimizes your Pages

The platform ensures you have maximum abilities to rank for your target keywords.

Product Features

Moz Analytics features several functionalities, including:

The keyword explorer feature helps you discover and prioritize the best keywords for your business. You can identify the right phrases depending on various metrics like competition ranking in organic search, monthly search volume, and the number of searches per month. The tool also offers a custom priority score that combines these elements and determines the score that shows the opportunity for a specific keyword. Additionally, the platform highlights high-ranking sites in the search engine for a specific keyword. 

Additionally, there are several other essential features within the keyword explorer tool. For example, with root domain search, you can search a particular domain name and discover the keywords that can rank in the search engine. This feature can also analyze competitors and discover new phrases to target.

The platform offers link analysis as a way to provide information regarding the quality of each website, with a backlink that points back to their domain and page authorities services.  From these two metrics, users can understand the authority level the page displaying the backlink has. This can be essential when evaluating your competitor’s backlinks and finding the quality results to duplicate for your backlink profile.

The tool also features a spam score, which helps determine how likely it is that the originating domain may be categorized as spam by search engines.

With banklink analysis, you’ll also discover the sites linked to your website. Naturally, by reaching out to these websites and establishing relationships, you’ll be able to build a portfolio of genuine backlinks for your site.

Managing local business listings can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if your address, phone number, or other business details need to be changed.  Websites are often ranked by Google and other search engines depending on the consistency of their name, address, and phone number. These details may negatively affect your position in search engines if they become inconsistent. Therefore, it’s worth having as many local business listings, with each citation having authentic and updated data on your business.

The software helps manage your local US business listings to let you track down listings you may have long forgotten.

The feature provides actionable optimization strategies for those producing new content for their website. The platform looks for many criteria and assigns a letter grade depending on the number of criteria your page meets.

The feature also ensures that search engines can easily access the site. If your criteria are not satisfied, you’ll understand the reason and have actionable insights for improvement.

After making adjustments to your website or creating links, you’ll need to monitor the reactions of the search engines.  Through the rank tracker, users can track changes to their ranking. All you need to do is enter keywords and corresponding pages and track your ranking for specific keywords daily. 

Moz Analytics Pricing

Moz Analytics offers four paid plans:


$ 99 / Month

You can run 3 campaigns, get a maximum ranking of 300 keywords, crawl up to 100k per week and do a maximum of 5 demand crawls per month.

The plan includes the following:

• 150 keywords queries per month • 10, 0000 rows per query • 1 link tracking list • 5000 backlink queries per month • 10,000 rows per query • 100 links per list • 200 rank checker queries per day • Limitless on-page Grader reports and other scheduled reports


$ 179 / Month

This plan can serve up to two users. With the plan, you can run up to 10 campaigns.

It includes:

• 1,500 keyword rankings • 500,000 pages crawled • 30 crawls on demand • And more


$ 299 / Month

This plan can serve a maximum of 3 users.

The plan includes:

• 3000 keyword rankings • 1.2 million Pages crawled • 60 crawls on demand • 15,000 keyword queries • 50,000 rows • 60 keyword lists • 750 keywords • And more


$ 100 / Month

This plan can serve a maximum of 5 users.

The plan includes the following:

• 50 campaigns • 4500 keyword rankings • 2 million crawled pages • 100 on-demand crawls • And more

Moz Analytics Awards

Moz Analytics has not won any official awards recently. However, the tool has an overall score of 90/100 in the SEO&SEM category.

The Bottom Line

Moz Analytics helps you rank high in Google and other search engines. The tool offers everything you need to maintain a high ranking in Google.