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You might be venturing into data visualization for the first time, or maybe you are interested in how various tools could serve your business. In either case, Looker might just be the right software for your business. Looker provides you with more than just a business intelligence (BI) tool. The platform provides modern data stack, analytics, integrations, app development features, inclusive professional services, and massive support.     

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Software Overview

Looker is robust business intelligence software designed to help businesses develop intuitive visualization. This browser-based tool delivers a user-friendly workflow. As it is browser-based, you don’t need desktop software. The tool enhances dashboard collaboration, which is important in modern business.    

Looker uses LookML, a simple modeling language that defines the relationships in various databases. This allows the data team to explore, save and download data without the need to know SQL.

The tool is also proficient in web-based data and is compatible with over 20 variations, including BigQuery, Vertica, Hive, and Spark. As such, Looker can be used in complex and large projects to process the needed terabytes of data per month. Looker also delivers a single, fully-responsive version of multiple devices and powerful APIs that can be used to integrate it with different third-party applications and systems.    

Benefits of Using Looker

Advanced BI and Analytics

The tool serves up real-time dashboards for consistent data. Additionally, Looker allows you to access consistent data, enabling staff members to collect fresh reports.

Integrated Insights

Looker software boosts the efficiency of your tools by incorporating new data. Additionally, it can unify and empower staff members, allowing them to make data-informed decisions.

Data-driven Workflow

Looker software provides you with reliable and fresh data to improve your workflow. The tool provides team members uniform access to the answers required for successful results.

Custom Apps

Looker software allows you to create custom applications to deliver data experiences for your unique business. The tool also has embedded analytics solutions (retail to healthcare) to deliver custom data needed to get the job done.

Select your Database

As mentioned before, Looker supports BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, and many other platforms. This allows you to link several databases simultaneously, evade database lock-in, and maintain a multi-cloud data environment.

Allows you to Choose your Cloud

The developers understand the importance of having technological freedom. Therefore, the software allows you to host on public clouds like the Google cloud platform and AWS. You'll also be able to host in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Pick the Right Workflow

The software allows you to supply your teams with the important tools for success. This is achievable through Looker blocks and embedded visualizations.

One Platform

Enjoy a perfect data experience to meet various departmental needs. The tool also allows you to give your team a clear view of what is happening.

Product Features

Looker software has several incredible features to benefit your business. The following are some of the notable features:

Blocks and actions are codes that speed up the analytic and workflow development. The blocks include optimized SQL patterns, data source connections, pre-modeled external data, customized analytics, interactive visualizations, and embedding capabilities. Actions add capabilities from third-party tools like Slack and Marketo to the software.

Looker extension and framework is a hosted development system that allows developers to set up data-powered applications, workflow, or tools in Looker to do away with the necessity to spin up and host infrastructure. The extension framework saves time, especially during the steps involved in developing web applications.

Alerts are actions that can be configured to automatically check particular data at a given time frequency. Let’s assume the data meets the conditions authorized by the administrator, including a given value, change percentage, or time value. In that case, the software will automatically send an alert through the email or Slack notification to specific people.

The security features give authentication, access controls, and data governance and data governance abilities that help with GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. AES 256-bit encryption secures database connection accreditations and cached data stored at rest. TLS 1.2 encrypts network traffic between the user’s browser and the software. Administrators monitor the access of data to databases, rows, and columns.     

Components are interface codes that developers use to build intuitive apps and extensions. With the filter components, developers can include Looker filter controls such as a slider, tag list, and radio buttons in the app and embedded dashboards. 

Looker Pricing

Looker software may have a similar price as the industry average. Compared with other software, on a scale of 1 to 10, the software is rated 6. Looker has provided a few flexible plans to their clients. The plan includes basic license costs, starting from $3,000 per month. 

The price of the software depends on various factors, including the size of the organization, the number of users who may access and more. The prices can range from $300 to $500 monthly per user – for a maximum of ten users. What makes this software even more valuable is the fact that there are packages for both small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses.          

Looker Awards

Looker software was recognized in 2019 in the G2 crowd’s software awards. The award provides an ultimate ranking of the best software developers across the world. With numerous contenders on G2, Lookers was ranked among the top 50 prestigious mid-market tools. Looker was also ranked among the top fastest growing products.

The Bottom Line

Looker software is highly rated and has numerous positive reviews. Although it seems highly-priced, the benefits of using Looker software are unquestionable. The best part of the deal is that there are no additional charges once you’ve signed up for a specific plan. Sign up today and achieve professional results for your business.