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LiveSession Software

LiveSession is an intuitive analytics software that will enable you to monitor your visitors’ sessions and improve their experience.

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Software Overview

LiveSession is an analytics software that helps you check your visitor’s behaviour, identify bugs in your website, and improve conversion rates. It helps you better understand your website visitors and solve their problems by generating recordings of their website visits.

Benefits of Using LiveSession

Track Web Visits

LiveSession can help you identify where your visitors drop off. This gives you insight into why they dropped off and where you can make improvements.

Identify Errors

LiveSession highlights both network and javascript errors that visitors run into.

Product Features

LiveSession software has several features that will help you improve your user interface. The features are categorized as follows:

LiveSession provides you with important tools to promote your user interface. These include:

Session replays

This feature enables you to track your users’ journey on your website. It can also show some of the obstacles they encounter while navigating the website. You can filter your tracking to focus on the main recording.


You can analyze users’ paths and organize them into funnels. These paths can be used to analyze each visitor’s journey from beginning to end.

Clicks and Heatmaps

With this feature, you can visualize the most frequented sections of your website. This will let you know the sections that can be efficiently converted into sales. You can dramatically increase your income by focusing on the hottest spots.

Dev tools

LiveSession helps you to detect errors that can affect your conversion rate. This tool will help you debug your website and eliminate errors using console logs.

The following features will help you focus on important things that will bring value to your website;


This feature will help you stay focused on one recording at a time. This will make it easier to focus on one recording at a time and evaluate it.


You can easily separate your visitor’s sessions and save your filters for efficient navigation. You can pick up from where you left off using the filter presets.

Segment notifications

You can set notifications on a daily or weekly basis. These notifications will help you know if any changes are made in the created segments. You will keep track of the changes.

Recording rules

With this feature, you can remove your focus from unnecessary traffic. This will help you filter what you are tracking and minimize the confusion in your sessions.

The following features will help you gather information on your visitor’s behaviour and check on their activities. The features include;

User identification

This feature will enable you to follow up on a single user’s session. You can also monitor how the changes you make on the website impact their purchases.

Custom properties

You can improve customer service by adding more information on the user’s sessions. This feature will also help boost your support team by giving them extra data to improve your visitor’s experience.

Custom events

LiveSession provides this amazing feature that will enable you to track your visitors’ actions and make them close to making a decision. You can prolong your filter list using customized industry-specific events to improve your needs.

Data protection and privacy

LiveSession enables you to make anonymous texts and images that have sensitive information. This feature will also help you manage your customers’ sensitive information.

Engagement score

With an engagement score, you can easily notice the engaging sessions without the need to watch them all. This feature will help you maintain your focus on the sessions and recordings with less or more user activity. The engagement score rating depends on several factors, such as the number of clicks or pages visited.

Users’ journey

The user journey is explained as the path visitors use when navigating the website. LiveSession enables you to track and analyze the users’ path, which will help you promote your sales funnel. You can also use the user’s journey to track the occasions that led to conversions, making you achieve your goals.

Rage and error clicks

Rage clicks signify the frequency of your visitor clicking on a user interface, indicating frustration. On the other hand, error clicks occur when a JavaScript error happens. LiveSession helps by automatically marking the errors, enabling you to tackle the most important concerns.

Inspect mode

This feature helps you interpret you’re A/B results and better understand how your visitors interrelate with your website.

LiveSession Pricing

LiveSession charges various prices, depending on the package you choose. You can opt to pay every month or annually. You will enjoy a free package of one month to determine how the website will suit you or operate. The following are the various packages offered:


$ 65 / Month

Or $54 per month, billed annually.

This package is ideal for novice companies that are in the early startup stage.


$ 99 / Month

Or $83 per month, billed annually.

This is the most recommended package and ideal for growing companies.


The enterprise package is tailored to best suit your preferences.

LiveSession Awards

LiveSession’s current score is 88/100 in the Session Recording Category. It is one of the leading analytics software solutions.

The Bottom Line

Get to boost your company’s efficiency using LiveSession This analytics software will help you monitor your visitor’s sessions and get to know what best leads to conversion.