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As a business owner, many active and churned users will access your products and services. Knowing the present size of your client base is essential. However, it can be quite challenging to know whether it’s growing or shrinking. Kissmetrics helps you visualize the size of the most crucial groups over time. Using this tool, you’ll get an overview of monthly active users and users who are logged in at any moment in time.

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Software Overview

Kissmetrcs is a web analytics software solution that aims to help users accelerate growth by viewing various activities on their sites and apps. The website is operated by a group of developers, entrepreneurs, and designers. The tool is designed for small companies. Kissmetrics takes a different approach to analytics by tying all information back to individuals instead of looking to population trends to track overall topic performance.

Additionally, it provides users with key metrics at a glance and an understanding of critical databases by identifying who they are, how they are acquired, and the features they use the most. Additionally, it helps identify what caused certain activities to increase or decrease. Moreover, the software saves you money and prevents tedious custom implementations.


Benefits of Using Kissmetrics

A Different Approach to Analytics

This tool ties information to individuals instead of looking at population trends to track overall performance. This is time efficient, allowing marketers to make the required changes early enough.

Performance and Reliability

The software is consistently available. It allows users to complete tasks quickly without delays.


Kissmetrics communicates with other platforms via API integration. This allows for the integration of data, logic, objects, etc., with other software applications.

Learn where your Best Customers Come From.

Kissmetrics makes it easy to find new customers and convert them into returning buyers. The platform makes this possible by giving a funnel report of the percentage of people who added items to their carts and completed the checkout process. It helps marketers build informed hypotheses on the best ways to convert leads into sales..

Find who Your Best Customers Are

This enables marketers to get their best customers to buy more from them.

Product Features

Kissmetrics has several unique features, including:

Kissmetrics provides a report to locate dropout points so that marketers can create a more effective sales funnel. It also gives an overview of the company data.

Kissmetrics configures and accurately measures engagement metrics such as average session length, page views per session, and scroll time. This helps users to keep track of their customers.

Kissmetrics provides insight on your entry and exit pages. This accurately determines where most people enter your site and the point at which they leave. It also presents data in a refined manner. The tool also comes with standard event tracking, which automatically tracks standard user actions.

Conversions aid in tracking the proportion of users that convert through a specific action.

The return feature identifies the user return rate, while custom event tracking sets custom variables to track any user activity on the site.

The software features a real-time reporting system. Additionally, live data is obtained to help build profiles for website visitors while they’re on your site.

The software gives insights into what is trending. These insights help you keep track of how user activities have changed over time.

Kissmetrics has a retroactive reporting feature that reports on past user activity and gives insights into the future.

It has a unification feature that can unify data across devices and recognizes returning users.

This enables access to user-specific data such as gender, location, and language and tracks their activities while on your site.

Kissmetrics is available as a code-based solution on all modern browsers. It has a unique way of focusing data collection and tying it to specific users.

Kissmetrics Pricing

Kissmetrics is priced per month and billed annually.

There are three available payment plans. These are:

  • Silver- This is the most basic plan
  • Gold – Gold has more users, more users, more seats, and more reports
  • Platinum– Platinum is a custom plan for larger companies.

Kissmetrics Awards

Kissmetrics software has not won any awards recently. However, the platform maintains an overall score of 81/100 in web analysis tools. The score is based on client satisfaction (82/100), press buzz (62/100), and other information gathered around the website.

The Bottom Line

Kissmetrics is a digital software tool designed to help users accelerate growth by seeing what is happening on websites and apps. The tool ties information back to an individual instead of an overall population resulting in more accurate reviews of company data. It also gives accurate reports on what caused certain activities. This gives users insight into the best measures to take.