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There is no doubt that IT development software enhances collaboration among employees. These tools provide collaboration and workflow management resources, enhancing productivity. With the advancement in the business industry, organizations need a modern and reliable tool to help them accommodate particular solutions for various business needs. That’s where tailor-made tools such as Kintone come in. With Kintone, employees can build and maintain database applications without coding knowledge.

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Software Overview

Kintone is a tailor-made platform designed to organize data and workflow. The platform enhances centralized conversations for a more organized work experience. It primarily builds a generic application, allowing you to create your own apps with several incredible features in a user-friendly dashboard. Additionally, Kintone allows the creation of decentralized activities and reports. The platform allows you to be your own developer. This saves the organization precious time and outsourcing costs. Kintone’s services have been around for decades and have been applied by many companies. 

Flexibility is what makes Kintone the perfect resource management tool. It works perfectly for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. The user-friendly management tool allows you to create and use workflow tools within minutes. Additionally, Kintone allows you to develop tools required by CRM and sales. The platform allows you to specialize them for their particular use, customers, and partners.

Benefits of Using Kintone

High Productivity

Promotes Teamwork

High Revenue

Saves Time

Product Features

Kintone has many incredible features, including:

Kintone features a visualization system that works better than the standard static spreadsheet concepts. The platform allows you to automatically generate lively, colorful visualization along with charts and infographics. That’s achievable through modern hardware rendering. You don’t need animation knowledge to automate these generations. Although it seems like a gimmick, advanced visualization is smart and powerful.

Kintone is independent of any particular database’s special query languages and data structure, allowing you to create singular, consistent searches and complex, sophisticated filters. This allows you to search all data across different databases at once. Data navigation has never been easier.  

Kintone understands the importance of automating reminders, notifications, and other important conditions. The platform has a user-friendly interface, making it easier to specify custom conditions and reminders. 

Kintone features an intuitive interface in its build-in mobile app. Through mobile access, you can access your data whenever you want and from anywhere. This is a great feature, and one that is nearly impossible to go without these days.

Kintone system works with any platform you’d want to use.

Choose from a variety of templates and predefined workflows—also, take advantage of the available API and extension system to create your own.

Developers want their systems to be compatible with applications in different organizations. Kintone allows you to improve your experience with multiple third-party integration services. This includes a collection of APIs and plugins. The platform provides you with more options, whether you intend to connect Kintone to other systems or visualize your data within the platform.     

Kintone has a customizable platform that allows you to track and share your activities and data effortlessly. Kintone allows you to track any data, whether it’s sales leads, customer quotes, or employee information. The most interesting is that Excel sheets can be converted into business management documents like inventories and project reports. Additionally, the platform allows safe and secure sharing.

The Kintone platform allows data management from any device. This enhances collaboration between staff members, which in turn builds teamwork.  

With Kintone, you’ll no longer need to search your inbox or chat messages for the necessary details. Kintone allows communication alongside your data. This makes it easy to refer back to specific details later. 

Kintone allows you to choose who sees and edits each bit of information. This gives everyone access to the same data records without necessarily granting them access to the same thing. Revision history enhances accountability by letting you see all changes made. 

Kintone Pricing

Kintone system has done something unique that its alternative platforms cannot do – they offer a page with an informative price description. They provide three plans – professional, enterprise, and non-profit. Enterprise doesn’t provide a fixed price, which makes sense for large-scale deployment with several variables like scope, needs, etc. Additionally, the platform provides an extra pricing plan for add-ons. Many of these add-ons are worth the prices for small to medium-sized businesses. There is no doubt that the non-profit prices are a little high. However, given its yearly price, it’s not as bad as it seems. The professional monthly subscription requires a minimum of five users.

Despite the high prices, the platform has many positive reviews. The fact is, this cloud-based platform pays for itself. If you allow the platform to do what it was meant to do and eliminate unnecessary manual processes in your ecosystem, the cost will decline significantly.

Kintone Awards

Kintone has a trScore of 8.8 out of 10 and 40 verified reviews. The platform was recognized by the TrustRadius community as the best player in the no-code development software category.

The software has been awarded by TrustRadius for app development, no-code development, task management, and business process management. Reviewers speak highly of the flexibility of the platform for different cases. Kintone is beginner-friendly. Additionally, it has a drag-and-drop interface and an extensive library of pre-built applications.

The Bottom Line

Kintone is an award-winning platform designed to improve any organization’s workflow. It is a user-friendly software that can work perfectly for both beginners and experienced individuals. Although the prices are a little on the higher end, the benefits of using this incredible platform are unquestionable. It’s highly rated by clients who say that it’s one of the best solutions for data management.