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Kantata Software

Project management software is designed to help organizations and professional service companies maximize resource utilization. These tools integrate data across the system while providing a detailed view of all aspects of multiple projects. Kantata enhances the quality and allows the organization to generate more profit with the right resources.

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Software Overview

Kantata is a cloud-based tool designed for professional services. The tool is designed for resource management, financial management, project management, and member collaboration. Kantata is built to meet the special needs of professional services organizations to help them field the ideal team.

Additionally, this multifaceted tool allows the organization to launch campaigns efficiently, predictably, and easily. Kantanta software helps organize all essential files associated with the project your team members are handling. 

Benefits of Using Kantata

Enhances Collaboration

Collaboration between staff members can help everyone on your team handle projects and ensure they are completed on time. Kantata has a collaboration feature that supports teamwork at all levels. The feature allows project managers to assign tasks based on members' availability and skills. Kantata software also has a few integrated platforms to allow public and private communication between members. Google integration also makes the user experience convenient and enjoyable.

Eases Project Management

The tool provides decision-makers with a clear insight into all aspects of projects that are underway. It allows them to compare the current projects with previous ones, ensuring quality. The tool also has a Gantt Chart feature that delivers a clear and understandable visualization of all ongoing projects.

Enhances Project Organization

Kantata keeps your project well organized. It also has a resource management feature that allows resource managers to assign particular tasks to members of the organization and rate each project. It is the easiest way to manage individual activities assigned to team members.

Eases Budget Tracking

Kantata has a project accounting feature that fully controls the expenses and financial aspects of each project. The platform also allows you to monitor billable hours or time to accomplish each task. This further helps you invoice your customers with transparency.

Helps Monitor Industry Trends

Kantata uses business intelligence features, which give you a clear view of how the organization compares to its competitors. Additionally, the platform gives views on industry trends and forecasts. Furthermore, the tool provides important reports with all the essential details and numbers.

Product Features

Kantata comes with several unique features, including:

Kantata software has several resource management tools to help organizations utilize their resources and get the most from them. Through the capacity forecast, you’ll access data from multiple systems in one place. This allows you to balance supply and demand, respond quickly, minimize staffing time, and improve forecast accuracy.  

Through its resource center, team builder, and resource dashboard, users can also effectively plan, take advantage of analytics, match skills, and forecast confidently. 

Financial management comes with incredible features to organize project accounting. The tool gives users deep insights and helps them achieve better control over ongoing projects. Additionally, the tool helps them minimize errors, improve billings and payments and get a clear insight into end-month revenue.

The software has project management features that allow you to plan and manage timelines, scope, and budgets. Additionally, access to project data keeps the project running and allows the organization to manage change effectively. The platform also features project portfolios and Gantt charts, providing users with the bigger picture while drilling down into details. Moreover, the software comes with reusable templates and workflow automation to organize the setup. 

Kantata software also has a PSA feature, enhancing collaboration between teams and clients. Communication is centralized, providing extended visibility and easy access to information.

The granular and role-based permissions allow users to enable private and public communication. These features provide the required controls to bring the team together, making assigning and managing tasks easier.

Kantata features an in-built business intelligence engine that allows you to utilize customizable dashboards and resource-intelligent orchestration. Additionally, you can create revenue forecasts, margins, and resource capacity. Kantata also makes decision-making easier by providing data recommendations.

The tool integrates with CRM, financials, HCM, and other platforms. It also allows API integration. The platform also features drag-and-drop tools to customize sustainable components.  

Kantanta Pricing

Kantanta has four pricing plans to meet the requirements of different businesses. However, among the four plans, two are custom plans whose cost depend on company needs. Here are the pricing details that they’ve shared.


$ 19 / Month

This is an ideal package for beginners in basic management and collaborative processes.

The plan includes collaboration tools and task management. This plan also offers a free trial.


$ 39 / Month

This is ideal for those who want to develop good project plans and monitor their time expenditure.

The plan includes collaboration, project management, and project accounting tools.


This is the best subscription plan for those who want to monitor their project progress, billable hours, and clients.

The package includes collaboration project management, project accounting, and resource planning tools.


This is an ideal plan for small and medium-sized businesses and large organizations that need more powerful, enterprise-specific tools for business intelligence, third-party system integration, and security.

The plan includes collaboration, project management, project accounting, resource planning, and business intelligence tools, in addition to other features.

Kantata Awards

Kantata has won 5 awards so far:

  • Best Company Outlook – 2022
  • Best Company for Diversity – 2021
  • Best Company Culture – 2021
  • Best CEOs for diversity – 2021
  • Best Company Outlook – 2021

The Bottom Line

Kantata can benefit organizations in a myriad of ways. The tool comes with several incredible project management features and a range of subscription plans.