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IntelliHR is a software platform that provides HR teams with tools to manage and automate various HR processes. These tools include employee onboarding, performance management, talent acquisition, and compliance management tools.
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Software Overview

IntelliHR is designed to help HR teams streamline their workflows, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions. You can access the software through the web-based portal or via mobile app.

Benefits of Using IntelliHR

Streamlined HR Processes

IntelliHR software automates many HR tasks, such as employee onboarding, performance evaluations, and time tracking. This helps to reduce administrative workload and increase efficiency.

Improved Communication

The software includes tools for communication and collaboration, such as team calendars, employee directories, and messaging systems. This helps to improve communication between employees and departments.

Better Data Management

IntelliHR software provides a centralized platform for managing employee data, including personal information, job responsibilities, and performance metrics. This helps to improve data accuracy and make it easier to access and analyze.

Increased Compliance

IntelliHR helps organizations stay compliant with employment laws and regulations by automating compliance-related tasks, such as tracking employee certifications and training.

Better Decision Making

The software provides powerful analytics tools that help organizations make data-driven decisions about their workforce. This includes data on employee performance, turnover, and more.

Product Features

The following are some of the incredible features from IntelliHR:

Automates the process of onboarding new employees, including paperwork, background checks, and training.

Allows employees to view and update their personal information, request time off, and access company documents.

Provides tools for setting goals, tracking progress, and conducting performance evaluations.

Allows employees to clock in and out, request time off, and track attendance.

Allows employees to view and enroll in benefits, make changes to their coverage, and access benefit information.

Automates payroll processing and tax filing, including direct deposit and compliance with local and federal laws.

Allows HR to store and access employee records, including resumes, job applications, and performance evaluations.

IntelliHR Pricing

IntelliHR offers several pricing plans for their software, including:


$ 0 / Month

This plan is free and includes basic HR management features such as employee records, leave management, and performance reviews.


$ 9 / Month

Includes additional features such as onboarding, employee self-service, and advanced reporting.


$ 19 / Month

Includes all the features of the Pro plan, plus additional advanced HR features such as compliance management and succession planning.


This plan is tailored to the specific needs of large organizations and is priced on a case-by-case basis. It includes all the features of the Premium plan, plus additional customization options and dedicated support.

IntelliHR Awards

IntelliHR has not received any official awards yet. However, the software continues to receive glowing reviews from HR professionals across different industries.

The Bottom Line

IntelliHR software is cloud-based, so it is accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device with an internet connection. This makes it easy for employees and managers to access the software from their office or at home. IntelliHR allows employees and HR specialists to access the platform from anywhere using a mobile device. The software includes tools for employee engagement, such as surveys, pulse polls, and feedback mechanisms. This helps to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.