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Infogram Software

Data visualization software plays an important role in presenting data without confusion. Data visualization tools such as Infogram analyze massive amounts of information and help make data-driven decisions. The tool allows you to present data in graphic format, which helps increase engagement.

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Software Overview

Infogram is a data visualization software that presents data in graphic format. The tool has more than 20 themes, making your data presentation easier. It also allows you to customize your theme with your favorite colors, logo, and fonts.

Benefits of Using Infogram

Incredible Features

Depending on your payment plan, Infogram provides you with many incredible tools and functionalities to create your content. The alternatives include interactive chats, map design, etc. Inforgram's pre-designed themes also come in handy on those days when you have a creative block or when you're in a rush. With Infogram, you don't need to rely on technical know-how. The platform offers a user-friendly interface to make your data presentation easier.

Drag and Drop Feature

The drag-and-drop feature makes Infogram even easier to use. This functionality allows you to drag and drop data into a project, making editing infographics easier. This allows you to choose the perfect display alternative to match the relevant information.


Infogram comes with multiple tools designed to boost engagement with your audience. It also keeps the data up to date. Infogram includes interactive maps and chats to allow visitors to explore data and drive traffic to your website.


Another important benefit you'll enjoy is analytics. With the analytic feature, you can monitor the performance of your infographics using embedded tools. The feature allows you to measure metrics, view informative demographics and monitor how many people can share your content.

Product Features

Infogram comes with several incredible features designed to simplify customization and interactive designs. The features allow you to create quality visuals and monitor your work performance based on metrics. With this functionality, you’ll know what content is more engaging and what content to push out. The following are the top features of Infogram:

The software gives you several alternatives to charts, graphs, maps, and other styles to improve your data visualization. These features give you access to over 35 interactive charts, bar graphs, column tables, word clouds, and more. The software also lets you style your brand theme with your favorite colors, logos, and fonts. This makes it easy to create unique designs.

The design functionality depends on the pricing plan you’ve subscribed to.

Infogram integrates with other applications seamlessly. Media personnel can publish their content through various platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare. You can publish your content via a variety of websites such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google analytics. Besides connecting you with a wider audience, several online channels promote engagement and conversation.

The software allows you to download your content in different formats. Additionally, exporting your data visualization in quality PNG, PDF or GIF is another benefit you’ll enjoy. This feature makes it easier to share your data visualizations with people outside your organization through multiple channels.  

The software has interactive dashboards, another important feature designed to capture the audience’s attention. This allows you to customize your content in whichever style you want. You can include animation, page links, hover tooltips, interactive charts, etc. Thanks to the variety of content formats, you’ll be able to provide valuable information to the audience and give them more opportunities to analyze the data quickly and easily. 

Infogram Pricing

Infogram has three subscription plans:


$ 0 / Month

This plan has limited features


$ 19 / Month


$ 67 / Month

Infogram Awards

Infogram was launched in February 2012. In January 2013, the tool emerged as the Hy Berlin pitch contest winner. The company CEO announced that they had developed more templates and were looking forward to integrating their platform with the newest version of Microsoft office.

Infogram also emerged as the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards winner. The main objective of the award is to celebrate the distinction and beauty in data visualization, infographic, interactive, and information art.

The Bottom Line

Infogram is a data visualization tool designed to help organizations make data-driven decisions. This award-winning software has several incredible features to improve customer satisfaction and promote efficiency. The tool is highly rated and has several positive reviews. There’s no doubt about it – Infogram is the ideal data visualization software for businesses of all sizes.