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HubSpot Software

Managing customer relationships contributes to significant business growth. Many organizations are accomplishing this by turning to digital solutions. CRM tools such as HubSpot make this accomplishable by delivering several important tools to manage sales and marketing campaigns.
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Software Overview

HubSpot is a customer relationship management that is designed to help a business manage different sales functions from one platform. It offers several useful tools and integrations in marketing campaigns and sales management. Additionally, Hub Spot uses a friendly interface to track sales. This software is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Users can utilize features like the sales dashboard to better understand their sales process.

Benefits of Using HubSpot

Customizable Dashboards

This includes a tracking matrix, thus making it easy to follow leads.

Easy to Use

One can easily bulk-create and schedule social media content.

Free Tools for Business Owners

These include invoice template generators, free business templates, and email signature templates.

Simple and Usable Interface

This is ideal for integration and data automation.

Tracks Communication

It has various features that allow the user to document communication without a hassle.

Integration Capabilities

Users can integrate HubSpot into their organizations’ websites. Website integration notifies users when potential clients visit their website.

Product Features

HubSpot comes with several incredible features, including:

As mentioned earlier, HubSpot can be integrated into tools such as email integration. This integration keeps a record of sales, marketing, and customer services. Consequently, many reports are generated to provide users with accurate information on the organization’s progress. These reports can also be customized.

The dashboard feature is essential for a visual representation of the reports generated. HubSpot has a built-in standardized dashboard and a customizable dashboard that can be used depending on the type of business.

This feature provides a fully functional overview of the sales process. Additionally, it tracks the progress of new deals and the overall health of the pipeline using a customizable dashboard.

It is handy in tracking, managing, and reporting tasks in a business. It also streamlines tasks, saving time that would be used to navigate multiple windows. Therefore, this feature helps a business to create an effective framework for managing repetitive and one-time tasks without much manual effort.

Email integration allows users to schedule emails and reach potential clients promptly. One can also edit or modify scheduled emails since the emails are saved as drafts before being delivered.

HubSpot gives users the autonomy to schedule meetings automatically. Moreover, this feature allows potential customers to choose the meeting slot on the organization’s calendar.

Contacts are essential in an organization’s marketing and sales strategy. They determine the organization’s value and progress. The contact management feature helps to set the business and customer base up for success. Additionally, the contact management tool in HubSpot helps businesses in the following areas:

  • Updating the customer database
  • Creating segmented lists and features- HubSpot allows the segmentation of contacts in customised categories. This saves time in implementing the framework in the targeted groups.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot has three paid plans and a free version with limited features.

Below is a breakdown of the paid plans:


$ 45 / Month

This plan is designed for two users, and is ideal for sales teams that organize the sales process to measure a team’s success with period-based quotas. It offers the following:

• Organizing and tracking customer communications • Creating content and generating leads • Streamlining business outreach and connecting with potential customers • 1000 marketing contacts • Email and in-app support • Sales automation


$ 450 / Month

The professional plan provides tools to manage a growing sales team, personalize outreach and further automate sales. It offers the following:

• Creating content and generating leads • Tracking and improving performance • 2000 marketing contacts • Custom reporting • Omni-channel marketing • Sales analytics and automation • Forecasting • Phone support


$ $1200 / Month

This plan boasts the use of AI to gain insight into a sales team's conversions, score leads, and detailed reports to track revenue. It offers the following:

• 10,000 marketing contacts • YouTube analytic integration • Hierarchical teams • Predictive lead scoring • Behavioral event triggering and reporting

HubSpot Awards

HubSpot has won several prestigious awards over time. The following are some of the most recent awards;

  • # 2 Best global seller for 2022
  • Trust Radius ‘Ten most loved products of 2022
  • Best company perks and benefits 2022
  • Best sales team 2022
  • The best company for diversity 2021

The Bottom Line

HubSpot is a platform that offers a wide range of services and for businesses are looking to grow their customer base and manage their customer relationships. It has three pricing plans that organizations can choose from. This plan has several tools that help set up and track sales progress. Users also speak highly of HubSpot’s contact management feature that ensures seamless communication between the sales team and the prospects. This software is optimized to help small to mid-sized companies grow without worrying about platform migration. If you are looking for a platform to grow your business and improve relationships with clients, HubSpot is the real deal.