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Hub Planner Software

Hub Planner ranks among the top resource management solutions owing to its powerful capabilities. It’s a vibrant resource management virtual tool dedicated to meeting the needs of studios and agencies. Its focus is on analytics, reporting, time tracking, resource planning, and resource scheduling. In the virtual world, each agency has unique means of evolving. With custom planner solutions, your business will remain outstanding. The flexibility plus custom solutions make this tool one of a kind. Speaking of uniqueness, the platform offers you the longest trial period.

Hub Planner

Software Overview

Project planning, resource scheduling, time tracking, vacation leave, reporting, custom field, budget & billing management, smart groups, project phases, and tasks, are some of the words that describe the role Hub Planner plays. This tool is dedicated to project managers looking for efficiency when running several projects. It’s also the right pick for teams that need visibility, clarity, and transparency when running their projects.

Benefits of Using Hub Planner

Team Inclusion

The tool improves transparency and collaboration between your team members. Each member can view their schedule and identify the tasks at hand. Thanks to this, they can plan their time well, and ensure all their projects are completed on time.

Clear Capacity Overview and Team Activity

Planning and management of several projects are among the major challenges that project managers have to deal with. Furthermore, delegating tasks to various teams is essential when it comes to project finalization. Hub Planner makes it easy for project managers to juggle all their tasks. It gives them total control over the projects including task distribution and tracking. With a clear view of all the projects going on in the company, the manager can avoid booking conflicts. To lighten your load, the platform offers a heat map of your different teams. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly identify a project team that’s available during your specific project duration.

Budget Tracking

The tool provides you with total control over your budget. Remember, visualizing the budget is an important part of project planning. Hub Planner ensures your spending is within the budget limits.

Team Planning Transparency

It enhances transparency in your business by eliminating the mystery of who is doing what. With the help of Hub Planner, you can engage all your teams in the planning process. Not to mention, you will remain in charge of deciding who can edit and make changes. With this approach, you can have complete insight into resource utilization and project progress.

Additional benefits

With Hub Planner, you can easily perform planning and management of project pipeline. You can also do project Planning and make adjustments on the go. The platform also has several tools for project reporting and analytics.

Product Features

The following are some of Hub Planner’s incredible features:

  • Project Planning
  • Project reports
  • Resource scheduling
  • Timesheets and time tracking

The trial plan allows you to explore every feature this tool has to offer. Not to mention, you can run unlimited projects if you want to test its capabilities.

If your current plan doesn’t seem right for your business, you can choose to downgrade or upgrade.

After the trial period, if you choose a subscription plan, your data won’t get lost. You will still access it through your paid account.

Hub Planner Pricing

The platform offers simple pricing that increases as your business grows. There is also a free trial if you want to know what the platform is capable of. To make a good deal even better, you don’t need a credit card at the free trial stage. The following are the available packages:

Plug and Play

$ 7 / Month

• Free trial • It’s flexible and supports growth • GDRP ready • Add-on extension • Cancel anytime • M-F support • Complete access to all updates • Unlimited projects • Dashboard and reports • Resource scheduler


$ 18 / Month

• Free trial • An all-inclusive package • 24/7 support • Comes with a premium extension • Financial spending and budgeting • Resource requesting • Matching skills with personalized fields • Leave and Vacation management • Approval and Timesheets • Plug and play

Business Leader

This is the ideal package for big enterprises or businesses with massive capacity requirements. Reach out to the vendor for the monthly or annual rates.

• Free trial • Premium features • 2FA security • Premium services • Availability finder • Smart schedules • Services-level agreement • Exclusive support rep • SSO (Single Sign On)

Hub Planner Awards

  • Calendar & Scheduling Software Award 2022
  • Badge Leader in Calendar & Scheduling Software Award 2022

The Bottom Line

Let’s face it – managing an entire project and the teams involved is no easy feat. It’s even impossible if you are doing this offline. Hub Planner is the right solution for this use case. You can use it for resource scheduling, time tracking, project planning, reporting, budgeting, and billing management. Hub Planner also offers the ultimate transparency that you and your team might be looking for.