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A blog, or weblog, is a webpage journal entry written by individuals, groups, or businesses on various topics. It can also be called an online article in most instances. Any language may be used to write a blog, but there are several considerations that should be made before starting one.

The blog should have good rankings to be displayed on the first page of the Google Search Engine. But to have an amazing blog, you must take care of a few things, which I will discuss in this article.

Here are the key distinctions between blogs vs vlogs.

Striking heading

Having a good topic to write about in a blog is the most crucial thing. If you search through Google, you can find millions of blogs on various topics. But the heading stands out the most; we always look for articles based on the title.

The title should be easy to understand but still attract the audience and make the reader check your blog. The heading should be brief about your article and expressed in a simplified manner.

Neat content

You do not need a degree in English literature to start your blog. Basic knowledge and simple English are all you need. Your reader should be able to understand the blog rather than keep a dictionary with them while reading.

People seek human-written content, so use your creativity and talent to write. Try to stick to simple language without any complicated sentences or vocabulary. Do not, at any instance, try to copy someone else’s work or use AI tools like ChatGPT.

Refrain from making grammatical, syntactical, and logical errors. Errors can always break the concentration of the reader, which we don’t want to happen. In the worst case scenario, the readers will stop reading all the articles on the website, which can include other writers’ blogs and negatively impact the website altogether.

Ensure that your paragraphs are brief. A reader can lose concentration if there are more than 5 sentences in a paragraph. But at the same time, do not make it too short. The optimum number of sentences in a paragraph is 3-4. Furthermore, keep the number of words in a sentence of around 20-25 and break them whenever needed. It is better not to add too many conjunctions and make the sentence lengthy and complicated.

Please stick to your content and do not divert from it. Also, be precise and only write what is needed. Repeating the sentences or adding jargon to the blog will negatively impact your article. People need more time and patience to read extra and irrelevant information, and their chances of abandoning your article are very high.


Keywords are another crucial part of blogging. The method through which Google or any other search engine presents content on webpages is known as search engine optimisation, or SEO. They rank you according to these keywords, which gives you a higher chance to display your website on the first page.

Many websites let us know the most searched keywords by people. Make use of that to the maximum and keep up with the trends. For example, this is the decade of shortened words and abbreviations.

While adding keywords, most writers tend to include the keywords in the first and the last paragraph. Try to avoid making this mistake because even though you have added keywords, the ranking criteria also check for the keywords in the body of the article. Therefore, include as many keywords as possible throughout the article, but do not make it sound automatic and artificial.

First-person narration

Have you ever wondered why people prefer in-contact learning to distance learning? People generally like to be addressed while being taught something. The same is the case for blogs.

It is easy to get the attention and interest of the readers if they feel that you are talking to them through your blog post. Use first-person and second-person narratives than third-person. This makes the article more human-like and not robot-like. Give narrations just the way you explain to someone directly.

Try to include your experiences in the blog. This way, people can connect with you easily and understand your idea and views how you want them to understand. This makes the blog creative and makes the readers rooted in your article.


Along with experiences, add examples. They can be general or personal. This way, the reader can get a clear picture of your idea and the different scenarios that could happen based on the view you expressed in the blog. This can also have the readers recommend your blog to their friends and family, increasing your popularity.

These tips and tricks make your blog amazing and creative and stand out among the crowd. Of course, there are more things that you can include or keep in mind if you are a pro-blogger. But, for a beginner looking to start your blogging journey, these are the key things you should know.

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